Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mooscents June Opening

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

This is how I've been feeling since the last MooScents restock a few months ago. The waxxie guy, Paul, has been helping Moona fulfill orders over on the regular bath & body side of Moonalisa so it has taken some time to get new tarts made. But all good things are worth the wait. There was a restock last week with some returning scents and a batch of new scents as well. This package arrived on Wednesday so the shipping is lightening fast as always. 

Each clammie is $5.49. I've been melting through a couple after a short cure time and have gotten a consistently strong throw from just one cube. She mentioned that the current wax she uses has been discontinued by the supplier and will be switching over to a paraffin blend in the near future, but that change hasn't happened just yet. In my experience, paraffin tends to throw stronger than soy so I don't expect there to be a noticeable difference.

Bees Knees

Honey, honeysuckle and hyacinth keep you buzzing all summer long

An old favorite that I'm happy to see return, this is thick golden gobs of honey, slightly powdery, but balanced nicely with the clean, green smell of hyacinth. 

Berry Bomb Cake

Juicy ripe medley of bursting berries placed on a cloud of cream and cake

A new scent from her latest restock, I just couldn't wait to try this out while waiting for her bath & body stuff to ship. It smells just like the Knott's boysenberry jam smeared on top of a fluffy slice of white cake. Similar to a blackberry but sweeter, it's dark and tangy and oh so good.

Caribbean Coconut Cakes

A tropical paradise of sun kissed mangos and pineapple soaking into decadent, rum-spiked coconut cakes

Yellow cake topped with tons of toasted coconut shreds and a few slices of mango and pineapple on top. Her coconut leans very buttery and I get a lot of that here. It's a little different than I remember - the perfume seemed to be more mango and pineapple while the wax is more cake and coconut. Both versions are outstanding.

Lavender Shortbread

A buttery shortbread cookie blend with just a touch of lavender essential oil

I reviewed this one before but had to grab another because it's just that damn good. The lavender stands out strong, fresh amd herbal without any of that icy camphorous note I sometimes get, with a golden bakery just beneath the surface.

Strawberry Milkshake

Old fashioned deliciousness in a frothy, juicy, creamy strawberry milkshake

Moona is the only vendor I've found that consistently does a true strawberry scent, so I had to try this one. A little bit of thick vanilla milkshake and a dollop of whipped cream in the background, but this is primarily strawberry. Deliciously juicy, tart summer strawberries. 

Pleased as always with everything Moona does so I'm happy to add these new scents to my collection. There are a bunch of clamshells currently available on the website along with room sprays so head on over and check it out. She posts restock announcements on the Mooscents Facebook page and also through email newsletter so you can follow both ways. 

Nene's Kitchen Melts

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

It's been ages since I last ordered from Nene's Kitchen but long overdue. She has tons of scents all broken down into easy to find categories on the website (vanilla, fruits, drinks, etc), the prices are low and the turn around time fast. I happened to catch a 10% off code a few months ago and placed a small order. Shipping was about two weeks later with a sample included.

Most of what I ordered are wax shapes called Snap Ems ($1.10 each) that look like small Hershey bars that you can easily snap apart and toss in the warmer, which also makes blending easy. I've melted through a couple and have consistently gotten a strong throw with 2-3 pieces. The one clamshell is called a Baker Bar for $3.50, and the two cupcake shapes in the drink section were substituted for Snap Ems. I'll split all the scents up into the categories they fall under on the website for easy searching.

And this is the cute shopping bag with the wax inside, perfect for storage.


Papaya Clafoutis - tropical papaya, passion fruit and vanilla sugar baked into a rich pastry. This one is going on the reorder list. All fruit and no bakery, this is like a blend of peach and passionfruit bursting with sweet nectar.


Godiva Chocolatini- sweet Godiva chocolate liqueur with a rich cream and vodka note create this amazing scent. It smells just like a chocolate glazed donut. Sweet milk chocolate icing with soft hints of buttery bakery notes. And it makes me realize that I need to hunt down a bottle of chocolate liqueur.

Hurricane Cocktail - rum, fresh fruit and sweet syrup. A citrus-heavy blend featuring orange and lime up front against a smooth mango background.

Mai Tai Twist - fresh papaya, mango nectar with hints of tropical pineapples and star fruit. Sweet papaya leads this blend with a soft tang of something citrusy like orange and a base of smooth mango.

Peach Bellini - white peach nectar, juicy orange and crisp champagne. A bubbly mimosa served with a side of peaches picked straight from the tree. The peach is juicy and true with an orange tang and a soft tickle of bubbles from the champagne.

Raspberry Cordial - sweet and tart and wonderfully aromatic. Delicious. Tart raspberry candy against a chalky base like those Flintstone kids vitamins.

Sparkling Limoncello - a blend of fresh Sorrento lemons, cane sugar and a hint of lemon zest inspired by Italy's limoncello drink. Extra tart lemon rinds that comes close to that chemical smell of cleaning products. It's not quite there, but nearly so.


Calacas (Lush type) - I can't find a description because it isn't listed on the website, but this was a free sample. An old favorite, it's an orange and lime blend smoothed out by a soft woodsy base of sandalwood.

Kashmir (Archipelago type) - a blend of orange blossom, sandalwood and kashmir vanilla. This one is much different than I expected and I love it. It's a soft, snuggly blend of delicate florals and sugary vanilla. It reminds me of a commercial brand of bar soap, Camay I think? The peachy pink one.

Sugar Blossom (Fresh type) - white jasmine, lily of the valley, vibrant citrus elements and whispers of caramel and vanilla. The name is a little misleading because there's no sweetness to be found here. I get a strong white lily with citrus and clean musk accents.

Vanille Abricot (Comptoir Sud Pacifique type) - a fresh, fruity fragrance consisting of jack fruit, apricot, tropical papaya sprinkled with sweet vanilla and sugar candy. Sweet apricot jam topping a sugary vanilla ice cream. It's a lighter scent but oh so dreamy, like floating on a fluffy cloud.

Vanille Banane (CSP type) - direct from the French West Indies, white rum, banana cream, sweet vanilla pod and hints of orange make for a super rich and surprising fragrance. Sweet banana and vanilla but I get something bitter and plasticky underneath.

Vanille Coco (CSP type) - sweet Tahitian vanilla mixed with fresh, creamy coconut milk. It's more complex than the description and smells like a summertime smoothie. There's a creamy orange and banana that stand out against a base of vanilla and sweet coconut shreds.

Vanille Peche (CSP type) - luscious peach juice, sweet toasted vanilla cream, brown sugar, coconut and Tahitian vanilla on a bed of light sweet musk and heliotrope. Fuzzy peach skin and bitter green leaves with white musk. I'm not really feeling this one.


Hibiscus & White Peach - fragrant hibiscus flowers and juicy, ripe peaches create this awesome combination. No peach that I can smell, just the beautiful aroma of hibiscus flowers. It will transport you straight to an island paradise. 

Hyacinth - one of my favorite florals, ever. So strong and beautiful. Reminds me of spring. I've been melting through this lately and it is indeed strong in the warmer. Sharp, green and clean.

Tulips - smells like you are walking through tulip fields in Amsterdam. A clean type of floral similar to hyacinth but softer. Very pretty.

Violet Fields - smells like a field of sweet blooming violets. Powdery sweetness perfectly balanced with an almost green freshness. It's spot on to the violet note that Haus of Gloi uses.


Blackberry Tangerine - ripe, sweet blackberries and delicious tangerines. Sunny tangerines meet the unmistakable aroma of dark, tangy summer blackberries. The citrus is pretty strong here, and the blackberry is probably the truest one I've found. This note tends to be sweet like syrup with floral tones, but this one is full of tang. 

Good Day Sunshine - an energizing blend of mandarin, kumquat, tangerine and grapefruit with a hint of strawberry. An orange and lemon blend similar to tangerine, but this one is more lemon with a sharp green note. They're pretty similar though. 

Mandarin Orange - delicious and unmistakable. Juicy, sweet and tangy at the same time, with a soft hint of green leafy freshness. 

Mango Sorbet - mango, raspberry and lemon curd are blended to sweet perfection. A fun, vibrant blend of creamy mango and a touch of ripe raspberry. The mango is a little tart but not at all bitter and unripe smelling like many mango scents I've tried. This one is really good. 

Tangerine Dreams - zesty citrus fruits including tangerine, mandarin, bergamot and orange. It smells like an orange and lemon blend. Compared to mandarin orange above, tangerine is more tart and bright. They're both great but I slightly prefer tangerine. 

There are so many great scents here that it's hard to narrow down a few favorites but I'll go with Papaya Clafoutis, Tulip, Violet Field, Mai Tai and Vanille Abricot. There are so many more scents that I had to pass on for now including an entire section of vanillas, but I'll be going back soon once these are all melted. 

Website @ Nene's Kitchen

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cosmic Cleanse March Pre-Order

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

This was my second time ordering from Cosmic Cleanse during the last preorder back in March. I've had such great luck with the CBD infused products that Heidi offers that I went ahead and made a larger order. This time she also included several wax samplers and individual scent shots that I had to try. The turn around time was approximately two months so it's a long wait but well worth it. Shipping came out to $11 for a priority 2 day box.

 There was a small mix up with this order when I received a whipped soap instead of a sugar scrub, but I emailed Heidi and she promptly sent out a replacement along with a few more wax cups.

Dracula's Drank
Blood orange champagne fizz

A deep, bold orange with a generous amount of champagne and a tickle of fizz

Hoochie's Palace
Pink Sugar, lavender and peppermint

Peppermint and sweet, musky pink sugar are what jump out here, but a relaxing herbal lavender is what remains on my skin after washing off this sugar scrub.

Janine's Pink Cupcakes
Peppermint x Birthday Cake

I'm so surprised by this that it's my favorite from this batch of bath & body scents. A thick and gooey vanilla cake with mounds of vanilla frosting garnished with tons of crushed peppermint candies.

Poolside Enjoy-Mint
Cucumber, blueberry, mint mojito

Sometimes the blueberry is stronger and other times it's the cucumber that sticks out. It's sweet, green and calming all at once, and I'm pleasantly surprised by this one.

Snow Cone for a Unicorn
Cherry slushy, blue raspberry slushy and fizzy soda

Sweet and syrupy blue raspberry meet tart cherry candies with a trace of citrus fizz to brighten things up. All of my kids loved this one.

Block Party with Heidi

This is a wax sampler that features six scent shots with the popular Party with Heidi blend (described as a fruity and fizzy house blend). It's been a while since I smelled that one, but I remember it being a blend of fresh orange, lemon and lime with effervescent soda bubbles. This was $10.50 for the set, glitter optional.  

Cocktails with Heidi
PWH x Blonde Moment

Grape-leaning Blonde Moment with lots of fizzy sweet orange like grape popsicles and orange soda.

Ice Cream Date with Heidi
PWH x rainbow sherbert

This is all effervescence and fresh orange with the faintest hint of a creamy base.

Ice Skating with Heidi
PWH x Snow Fairy Lush Dupe

Pretty much the same as her Fizz Fairy scent, although I no longer have that to compare. It's mostly Snow Fairy which is like a blend of cotton candy and crunchy, sweet pears with some fizzy 7-Up soda to add a bubbly citrus freshness.

Laundry Day at Heidi's
PWH x fresh clean cotton

Fizzy sweet orange with a hint of starchy laundry for an extra clean blend

Star Gazing with Heidi
PWH x blood orange

This is a fizzy tangerine just like the Jarritos soda.

Vacation with Heidi
PWH x fresh pineapple

YESSS! The best one here. The pineapple really stands out as tangy and fresh with just the perfect amount of sweetness followed by a sweet orange effervescence. I'll be in trouble if she ever offers this in the Miracle Budders.

Single Scent Shots

And more wax because you can never have enough. These were $1.75 each with glitter optional for no additional charge.

After Party with Heidi
PWH x Volcano type

An extra citrusy Volcano blend. Fresh orange stands out against fizzy bubbles and a creamy vanilla base. 

Cherry Laffy Taffy fizz

Like a Shirley Temple <3 Sweet cherry syrup and zingy 7-Up soda with tons of bubbles and that one lone cherry at the bottom of the glass.

Edge of Seventeen
Salt water taffy x cotton candy

Mmm! This is exactly like pink saltwater taffy candies - a sticky sweet strawberry with rich vanilla. I was surprised to like this so much.

Cotton candy, cherry slushy & Volcano

A fruit punch type of scent. Red and sweet with a blend of berries, tropical fruits and citrus.

Orange Appeal
Satsuma, blueberry, 7-Up poundcake

Grapefruity satsuma with a touch of buttery cake far in the background

The Lorax
Satsuma, peach, pear, apple & yuzu

I keep sniffing this one because I can't really nail down this scent. It's strong on the yuzu and satsuma, like an orange and grapefruit blend, but then I smell each of the other notes at different times. Sometimes there is more peach, sometimes it's apple, and other times it's pear. It is incredibly complex and unique.

And now how about some product reviews? I went over the Miracle Budders in a previous post (quick recap - you need them! They sink in quickly, are easy to spread around and really help relieve minor aches and pains), so I'm going to focus on the scrubs and whipped soaps that I hadn't tried before. These are all infused with 800 mg of CBD oil, although I am unsure whether that is the amount per ounce of product or the amount in the entire jar. She also offers uninfused products at no additional charge.

Original Shea / Sugar Scrub

Sugar, shea butter, safflower oil, coconut oil, silica, polysorbate 80, vitamin E, BHT (preservative), phenoxyethanol, mica, fine iridescent glitter, fragrance oils. 

Mini 2 oz travel size - $4.75; 6 oz original - $13.00

The first of two sugar scrubs that I have today, this is Heidi's emulsifying scrub that will leave lots of moisture on your skin without any foaming soap to clean. The first thing I noticed was that there is tons of oil in here (see that sheen in the pic?) but everything is mixed well and even after a month it hasn't separated. The sugar appears small and is hard to see in person, but it really packs a punch. It's a gentle exfoliation but it takes a while for the sugar to dissolve so I can take my time. After rinsing, the oils and butters sank into my skin and there was no grease to rub off onto clothing. I did notice some teensy tiny blue glitter in the jar but that rinsed away as well. The scent left behind is strong and hangs around for around 15 minutes.

Whipped Soap / Shampoo

Coconut oil, deionized water, glycerin, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sorbitol, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium chloride, tetrasodium EDTA, phenoxyethanol, fragrance oils, mica, colorant. 

Mini 2 oz travel size - $4.50; 6 oz original - $12.50

This is a heavy, dense soap that has a similar feel to cake frosting, so I'll call it more of a cream soap instead of whipped. I only need a small amount to create an ultra luxurious lather although there didn't seem to be many bubbles. Shaving is what I've been using this for - the razor glides easily, razor burn is minimal and  my skin was soft and moisturized afterwards. I did experiment using this as a shampoo and it left my strands soft and manageable without feeling overly stripped and squeeky although I needed to use a bit more to create enough lather. The scent is strong in the jar but doesn't linger long on hair and skin.

Whipped Soap / Sugar Scrub

Coconut oil, glycerin, sorbitol, purified water, myristic acid, stearic acid, sodium glyco isethionate, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium chloride, diazolidinyl urea (and) iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, tetrasodium EDTA, fragrance oils/essential oils, mica, fine iridescent glitter, body safe glitter, colorant. 

Mini 2 oz travel size - $4.25; 6 oz original - $12.00

This is the foaming sugar scrub and like the whipped soap shampoo above, the base is very thick. However, this one has more of a rubbery feel to it and it takes a bit more effort to get it to lather. There was a "skin" on top that I had to dig my nails into in order to break through, and it took some effort to scoop this out of the jar. Rubbing my hands together left a clump in my palms so I have to smoosh it between my fingers to break it up and get the lather going. It creates the same thick lather as the whipped soap but with more bubbles. The sugar is small and sparse so exfoliation is minimal, and the scent hangs around lightly for ten minutes of so. It's more drying than the whipped soap though and left my skin feeling more tight than I would prefer. This will probably be the only time I say this, but I much prefer the "oily" original scrub over this foaming scrub.

It's always a good day when a box full of Cosmic Cleanse goodies shows up. The CBD infused products are a nice way to help unwind after a long day and the scents she offers are fun and playful. I would like to see more scent categories offered such as bakery, earthy and florals since most of the scent blends are some variation of fizzy pop, citrus and candy, but I'll keep ordering whatever she makes. The website is currently in maintenance mode as she gears up for the next preorder on July 9. You can join the Facebook group for more announcements and a scent list.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sniff My Tarts Mystery Bag

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

I've been wanting to order from Sniff My Tarts for eons now but always miss their openings. I did catch a custom opening a few weeks ago but the wait will be awhile, so I jumped on a mystery bag order that had a shorter turn around time. This was $36.50 and arrived around two weeks later. 

Pink Sands Type (pink flip flop) smells just like the Yankee scent. It's a dainty springtime floral blend with a sugary "pink" feel. I always think this is more like pink sugar than the Aquoline Pink Sugar perfume. It's very strongly scented and I can smell it through the bag. 

Cinnamon Roll (brown pop tart) is sweet, golden bakery smothered in icing and a strong dose of cinnamon. A perfect home-sweet-home scent for the kitchen.

Mexican Fried Ice Cream (brown ice cream scoop...or boob, according to my daughter) makes me realize that it's been too long since I last had this yummy treat. Smooth vanilla ice cream is at the heart of this scent with soft hints of warm bakery and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

Marshmallow Cake (white happy faces) smells vaguely of vanilla cake but the scent is so light that it's hard to pick out anything at all. This may work as a blender to add a touch of creamy sweetness, but I don't see this being strong enough as a stand alone scent.

Berry Bellini / Passion Fruit / Lemonade (yellow) is all tangy, astringent lemonade with some red berry notes far in the distance. The lemonade is really strong and hides the other two scents. 

Green Apple / Pie Crust / Buttery Caramel (green) is green apple Jolly Ranchers with a heavy base of flaky pastry crust. A little more pie crust than apple. 

Sugared Violets Type / Birthday Cake (purple & white) is one that I was excited to see because I ordered a few violet blends in the latest customs opening. The violet is sweet and powdery with a subtle green freshness and a bit of musk mixed throughout. I don't get the birthday cake though but that's a note that tends to be light to begin with. 

Starfruit & Mango / Plumeria / Strawberry / Cotton Candy (pink & purple) - the plumeria comes on strong followed by a sweet and punchy blend of strawberry and mango. This one is really good and I'll probably order it sometime. 

Ocean / Spearmint / Salty Sea Air (blue) smells just like a day at the beach with briney ocean water, murky seaweed washed ashore and a chill in the air from the spearmint. All 3 notes stand out equally. 

Pink Sugar Type / Fresh Picked Strawberries / Fresh Squeezed Orange / Vanilla Waffle Cone (pink & orange) is almost entirely Pink Sugar with a touch of orange zest trailing behind. This one is nice and I'd probably reorder it in the future. 

Serendipity / Peppermint Swizzle Sticks (white & pink) smells like peppermint candies, milky vanilla and a super sweet maraschino cherry. Serendipity can be hit or miss depending on what it is blended with because it is sooo sweet, but I like this one. 

I'm pretty happy with everything here and it's a nice introduction to the brand that leaves me super excited for that custom order coming soon. The website is currently empty while they catch up on orders, but you can follow their Facebook group for future availability of customs, ready to ship and mystery boxes.

Website @ Sniff My Tarts

Monday, June 12, 2017

Candy Panda May Restock

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

Hi guys! How's your month going so far? This month has been busy with doctor appointments for my daughter and trying to get a diagnosis for her arm and leg. Her new specialist wants to run a bunch of tests and have her see different specialists because they aren't certain her previous diagnosis is correct, but things aren't moving as fast as I would like. Blah. We just want answers and treatment.

Today I have a new Candy Panda order from the opening late last month. This is what I was able to check out with after a few items flew out of my cart.

They recently switched over to a new and smaller cup for the wax melts. These hold approximately 0.8 ounces of wax and come in 5 packs for $5 with shiny gold labels. They're much more sturdy than the larger cups and not one lid cracked in transit or fell off. These are adorable and the perfect size to pop in the warmer.

Day of the Dead
A sweet zest of fruit pastilles and fresh lime slices (inspired by Lush Calacas)

The first of two free samples. An old favorite that smells of limes and oranges smoothed out by a soft woodsy base of sandalwood.

Honey Pear Cider
Juicy pear, sweet honey and homemade cider

I want to say this is a Scentsy dupe. It smells like crunchy yellow pears with a generous dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg. It's really good but I'm going to set it aside for now because it reminds me of autumn. 

Just Peachy
Creamy peaches, raspberry, coconut and vanilla

A fresh peach with green accents and a fuzziness about it. Occasionally there is a whiff of vanilla, but it's very muted. 

Lily Lavender
Lavender soda

Fizzy lemon lime soda with the faintest hint of herbal lavender. It's pretty much all citrus and barely any lavender. 

Rice Flower & Shea
Delicate petals + creamy shea butter (inspired by B&BW)

I'm going to be very nitpicky with this one. It's an old favorite that was discontinued years ago and I haven't shopped at B&BW ever since so when I see a dupe, I get ridiculously hopeful. I've yet to find a true dupe and this one also falls short. It is supposed to be a milky, creamy scent with delicate floral accents, but this one has a heavy sandalwood base with an underlying bitterness. The search continues. 

Tea & Cakes
Warm rich tea steeping beside a fresh slice of cake

The second free sample. I'll be totally honest, I've smelled this scent many times and it's got to be one of my least favorites ever. It's black tea and thick yellow cake, but it always makes me think of stale urine. I just can't do this one after many attempts.

So that's all I have for now. I'm kinda underwhelmed by this order overall, but the Just Peachy scrub is nice and I'd consider reordering. Did you get anything from this last restock? 

Website @ The Candy Panda

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Future Primitive Summer

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me

I was planning to sit this release out because I have most everything from last year but damn, Tiggy introduced a new scent that I just had to have. It doesn't make sense to order just one thing so I added a few others. The order seemed to arrive faster than normal. Usually it takes around two weeks but this one came in around 10 days or so. 

Two bath truffles and two free samples Tiggy included. Cold Pillow is reviewed below and Wild Grass & Quince Jam is one I reviewed last year but to recap, it's a sweet grass and tart red fruit blend. 

Cold Pillow
A cool, cotton pillow filled with Cotswold lavender buds, scented geranium leaves and Indian vetiver grass. 100% essential oil blend. 

Herbal lavender accentuated by a heavy hand of something sharp and green with hints of lemon. I believe that is vetiver. I had expected this to be more of a bedtime scent, but it's an eye-opener that would probably be better suited for the mornings. 

Cottingley Beck

Fresh-picked heirloom mint & basil sitting in a vintage flask of cool, crisp water from Cottingley Beck. 100% essential oil blend

This one is a flip flopper, sometimes smelling like spearmint gum and other times smelling more like sharp, bitter basil straight from the garden. It's fresh and stimulating, perfect for when you need that morning pick me up.  

Rosa Passiflora
Sun-ripened passionfruit, raspberry jam and a scattering of rain-soaked roses. Fragrance blend

I couldn't resist. Fruity rose blends are a favorite and this one is so yummy because it smells just like the Starbucks Passion Tea (iced, venti with extra sweetener, thank you). The passionfruit is sweet and smooth without the sharp green bitterness that I usually get from that scent with just the softest touch of florals in the distance. This was only offered as a whipped soap, but I believe Tiggy said it would return in other products. I will be waiting patiently. 

These are the two bath truffles that I grabbed up as well. I love these things. They're huge and I only need a small piece to get lots of moisture and delicious fragrance that fills the bathroom. 

Custard Cream
A sweet sugar cream sandwiched between two crunchy sweet biscuits

Smells like an macaroon. Or is it macaron? The lumpy one is what I'm talking about. Sweet almond, cookies and coconut all mixed up into one yummy bakery scent. 

Oatmeal Milk & Honey
Warm oatmeal flavoured with creamy milk, honey and almond

A rich, comforting blend of sweet honey and soft milky nuances. It's a scent I've smelled many times before but it's a classic I keep coming back to.

That Rosa Passiflora is really something else. I don't think I've encountered a tropical, summery rose blend before but it's well done, unique and a welcome addition to my stash. Did you pick up anything from the summer restock? 

Website here

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Alchemic Muse Summer

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

It's been a long time since ordering from Alchemic Muse, but once the summer newsletter hit the inbox, I was done for. Old favorites like Tiki Moon and Pineapple Milk made their return along with a batch of new scents and salt bars that I was eager to try. A few of these have been reformulated but they're pretty close to the older versions aside from one that has received a complete overhaul. I had a shipping notice within a couple hours and the box arrived just a few short days after that. 

Bali Ha'i
A tempting blend of effervescent tropical fruits and exotic flowers - juicy acai berry, mango zest, tart passionfruit, yuzu zest and sweet pineapple with a touch of pink hibiscus, jasmine and lily. 

This is a completely different scent than it was in previous years. I remember it being more of a watermelon scent, but now it is tangy pineapple and tropical florals. It's a scent that I've encountered from a few vendors, but I still love it. 

Be you a pirate or a tourist, this soap speaks across the ages - a stimulating cocktail of tangy key lime spiked with fresh ginger and cardamom. 

Fresh, zesty lime and an additional brightness from the spicy cardamom. It's a true lime rather than a bakery key lime pie. Had this been offered in products other than bar soap, I would've grabbed more.  

Lost in paradise - creamy, ripe banana amidst a light breezy veil of island orchids awash in the salty, summer essence of sand and sea. 

A reformulated version but similar to the one offered in the past. I only got this in a salt bar and like I mention below, the scent is really light, but it has a sharp, almost chemical smell to it just like sunscreen. The older version is the same but the coconut and banana were more present. I'm not really feeling this reformulation but I'll grab a sample perfume eventually to get a better feel for the scent. 

Sexy...not your ordinary banana. Creamy, ripened banana marbled with buttered rum and vanilla bourbon grounded in an enticing, warm base of soft sandalwood and amber musk. 

So this is a general catalog scent, but since it's summery and part of the order, I'll include it here. It's a true banana scent (no artificial sweetness like candy) blended with a thick vanilla cream and just the lightest touch of rum and sandalwood. Think of a banana version of Pineapple Milk down below and that's what this is. It's a favorite that I keep coming back to time and time again. 

Garden Party
A soft and feminine blend of wild orchid and peony blossoms touched with bergamot, white patchouli and sheer musk. 

A soap sample that was generously included, this is a clean and fresh blend that mostly smells of bergamot with a gentle touch of peony underneath. It's part of the spring collection.

Mango Tea
Drink in the aroma and the atmosphere of the islands. Sweet, juicy mango fruit immersed in iced sweet tea softened with a touch of sultry vanilla bean and creamy white musk. 

Reformulated. I no longer have the older version to compare, but I remember that one having a sharp green aroma that I sometimes notice in mango scents. This new version is a little sweeter without the green notes, and is stronger on the tea. It's summery and fresh just like a cold glass of sun tea. Delicious and better than before. 

Peach & Cream
A refreshing summer dessert that soothes your taste buds. Ripe, juicy peaches enveloped in fresh sweet cream. 

This appears to be new. Lots of cream folded into fresh picked peaches. The peach is a true one and not too syrupy sweet. Slightly fuzzy with hints of fresh greenery underneath. It stays close to the skin and wears around three hours. 

Pineapple Milk
Evocative of gentle south sea breezes, swaying palm trees and flowing grass skirts. A perfect blend of fresh, tangy pineapple enveloped in rich and creamy milk sweetened with raw sugarcane. 

I just can't get through summer without Pineapple Milk. It's just perfectly delicious. The pineapple is both sweet and tart and blended with a thick vanilla ice cream. Sometimes these cream notes go wonky and turn sour, but this one holds up nicely. 

Sea Moss
Herbal green tea and a blanket of verdant ocean moss under a gentle wave of bergamot, orchid, jasmine and violet in an undercurrent of sandalwood and musk

It starts out smelling just like moss - a heavy, wet green scent - but eventually a sharp, chemical smell begins to emerge and I can only guess it's from the bergamot. The drydown becomes rather soapy and I swear I've smelled this scent recently but can't figure out where. This one didn't work out too well but I figured that would be the case. It wore for six hours with strong throw. 

A lush and tropical deluge of fresh lemongrass and coconut milk with sweet orchids, smoky vetiver, and ocean drenched driftwood creates an exotic, alluring scent. 

I'm kicking myself in the arse for not testing this before placing a second order because I would've grabbed a few things in this scent. It opens with a sharp burst of lemon for the first couple minutes before settling into a crisp blend of sea spray and a fresh green note. Vetiver? I recognize the primary fragrance in here from other vendors (like The Bathing Garden's Calypso) and I've come to love it for summer. Medium throw that lasts around five hours. 

Tiki Moon
Straight from the islands to entice your senses - creamy coconut floating on a faint undercurrent damp moonlit sand and salty driftwood will have you dreaming of the tropics. 

A reformulated version that smells identical to previous years. If anything, this one is a tad more sharp from the salt, but it's very hard to detect any difference. This is a sultry, tanning oil type of coconut that makes me think of bronzed skin and warm summer breezes. Medium strong throw that lasts around four hours. I went with a sample to compare to the older version that I love, and because they're so similar, I've already ordered a body whip to wear this summer. 

Sea Salt Soaps

Mediterranean sea salt, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, distilled water, coconut milk, sodium hydroxide, ricinis communis (castor) seed oil, olea europaea (olive) oil, mangifera indica (mango) seed butter, fragrance. $6.50

I want to say that this is a new product, and the idea of a scrubby bar of soap sounds appealing, so I grabbed a few in different scents. The first thing I noticed is that they are more lightly scented compared to her regular bar soaps. The scent is still noticeable, but a few of these like Pineapple Milk and Castaway leave me struggling to smell anything at all. The first few uses give a gentle exfoliation but after that, it's basically a regular soap. The salt is definitely there because these sting like a mother when they touch razor burned areas but the scrubbiness is gone. The soap itself leaves a slight lather that seems to dry my skin out more than regular soaps, but since I use lotion right after, it doesn't bother me. I'm still pretty happy with these salt bars and will reorder them again but I think I'll rely more on sugar scrubs for exfoliation. 

Great stuff as always. The summer lineup is a favorite with a few staple scents like Pineapple Milk and Tiki Moon that I reach for every year, but it's even better now with the addition of Thaiphoon and Caribbean. This collection is still available on the website so check it out while you still can. 

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