Friday, November 27, 2015

Arcana Princess Minnie

Disclaimer - all products purchased by me.

Earlier this year I discovered Arcana Perfumes & Soaps and I couldn't be happier. Julia creates some of the most complex blends that I've found since venturing into the world of indie perfumes and I was immediately hooked after my first bottle.

A couple months ago Julia created a very limited edition perfume for her U.S. distributor Jeanine from The Rhinestone Housewife. Jeanine's dog Minnie was ready to celebrate her 10th birthday but unfortunately Minnie had just been diagnosed with a form of cancer. 100% of the proceeds for this  perfume went towards chemotherapy treatments for Minnie.

Princess Minnie - in honor of Princess Minnie's upcoming 10th birthday. Pink birthday cake with vanilla frosting, cassis berries, sugar cookies, pink musk and pearl musk. In the bottle I smell berries, cake, frosting and pearl musk which is a note I recognize from a couple other Arcana scents I've tried. Basically it's a clean musk with a fuzzy quality to it. On the skin it smells the same for an hour or two. The sweetness of the cake and frosting help lend a nice balance to the slightly tart cassis berries. The musk adds a bit of sensuality. Once the fruity note fades I begin to smell a sugary sweetness and it begins to remind me of Aquolina's Pink Sugar a little. I was still able to smell it on my wrist after six hours so longevity is pretty good.

This is such a beautiful feminine fragrance and I'm so happy I was able to nab a bottle to help with Minnie's treatment. Unfortunately it is no longer available and I don't believe it will be offered again. I have seen a few bottles pop up on EBay so be on the lookout if you are searching for this scent.

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