Friday, December 18, 2015

Moonalisa Hallows/Fall Part Two

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Moonalisa's Halloween collection was divided into two parts this year and here's the second half of my order.

Turn around time seemed a bit longer than usual this time; I ordered on 10/17 and received a shipping notice on 12/3. Multiple orders are always combined so you receive everything at once. Shipping overages for multiple orders are refunded, however, it's a lengthy process. I believe she is still working on refunds from the Yule release in 2014 so if you place multiple orders be prepared for a long wait.

Moona uses a fulfillment company to package and ship her orders, and they did such a great job. Everything was packaged securely and items that are prone to leaks are sealed inside plastic bags to prevent any damage to other items in your order. I've never experienced leaking products but it's great that they take that initiative.

Included with every order is a gift bag with candy and a sample product. Every launch has a different freebie item so it's always a surprise to see what you'll get. This time I received a handmade potpourri that you simmer on the stove.

Two of the scents I ordered (Halloween Hayride and The Rumpkin) were reviewed in my first Moona Halloween post so I won't include them here.

Halloween Hayride Sugarload Scrub, Black Mamba lip butter, Salted Honey Caramel Apple soap

Forest Fig, Lavender Vanilla Bourbon, The Rumpkin perfume oils

Candied Apple 8 oz conditioner, Black Mamba lotion, Hocus Pocus and Cinnamon Blackberry Crunch room sprays 

Free sample potpourri and goodie bag

Black Mamba - delve deeply into the dark and exciting aromas of Caribbean rum, rich hazelnut dusted marshmallow cream, black vanilla, simple syrup and dark freshly brewed coffee. I smell hazelnut and marshmallow with a touch of coffee. It's a soft, creamy scent which is surprising since dark coffee is listed in the description. I figured this would be heavy on the coffee note but it isn't at all.

Candied Apple - spicy hard candy outer shell encases a moist, fresh, crisp green apple. This smells like a cinnamon candy, being both spicy and sweet. I smell a little apple in here, but mostly it's a cinnamon candy type of scent.

Cinnamon Blackberry Crunch - a delicious blend of cinnamon sugared blackberries topping an irresistible confectionery crunch. A full-bodied blackberry scent with a touch of cinnamon and a hint of bakery far in the background. I've tried blackberry scents from a couple other vendors and sometimes they smell too plastic-y, but not this one. Very realistic. This is making me hungry! Sadly this was only offered as a room spray because Moona was worried the cinnamon may cause skin irritation.

Forest Fig - earyhy figgy goodness blending with the moisture of a dank twiggy forest, highlighted with harvest fruits, caramel and subtle spice and a hint of fresh roasted coffee grounds. Smells like a Christmas tree with a touch of a warm fruity note. That must be the figs. I don't smell any spices or coffee. It smells exactly the same on the skin. It's a nice woodsy unisex blend and I imagine this would smell great on a guy. It reminds me a bit of another Moona scent called Starlight Woods, which I reviewed a while back.

Hocus Pocus - take a walk in the wooded forest near the three sisters' house. Breathe in the fresh sweet aroma as you brush by the balsam pines and wild growing blackberries, mulberries and cloudberries. As you get closer you get whiffs of their smudging sticks made of red clover and sweet grass. Puffs of their magic incense and potions fill the air with tuffs of sweet amber, French vanilla, cinnamon and caramelized sugar.  There's a lot going on in this scent but I'm mainly picking up a blend of woods and earth with a touch of berries. I only have this in a room spray so I can't say how this will develop on the skin; I dabbed a little on my wrist but it faded within a few minutes. If you like earthy-woodsy blends this might be one you'll like.

Lavender Vanilla Bourbon - lavender essential oil and a deliciously boozy new vanilla fragrance I have found. In the bottle the lavender stands out, but the vanilla is fighting to take center stage. It's an herbal lavender as opposed to the brighter scent of sweet lavender that I recognize in The Rumpkin. On the skin the lavender begins to disappear and within a few minutes all I can smell is a lovely boozy vanilla. I was worried the lavender would be too strong on the skin but it fades quickly.

As a side note this was only available in the smaller 3 ml perfume bottle instead of the standard 5 ml bottle. The cost is the same but the quantity is less because some of the oils are more expensive. The 3 ml bottles come with a wand applicator instead of a rollerball, and they can be pretty hard to remove without the bottle flying out of your hands. I also noticed that every 3 ml bottle I have has an excess of oil inside the outer cap. I don't think the bottles leak per se...instead I think some oil may spill out when the wand caps are applied. I'd rather see these bottles come with a roller ball; it would be easier to apply and there wouldn't be excess oil on your fingertips.

Salted Honey Caramel Apple - the same salty mouthwatering confection as Salted Honey with added rich notes of caramel and vanilla and juicy apples. Smooth and creamy caramel blended with apple. Both notes are equally balanced. This immediately reminds me of Wicked Apple which I reviewed from my first Moonalisa Halloween order. The differences are subtle - they both smell like the most delicious caramel apple, but Wicked Apple has that touch of amber to dirty it up a bit. The amber doesn't overwhelm the scent, but rather gives a darker edge. I love both but I think Salted Honey Caramel Apple is slightly better.

Final thoughts - Black Mamba was a surprise favorite and one I'll be looking forward to in the future. Cinnamon Blackberry Crunch is another one I'll certainly repurchase if I ever finish the bottle; I just wish it was available in more products. A lot of her scent offerings are done by customer request so if there's a Halloween scent you'd like to see just leave her a message on her Facebook page. There's also a lot of Moona items for sale on EBay, and destashes are listed daily in the Moona Facebook fan group.

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