Monday, December 14, 2015

Solstice Scents Winter Collection

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Solstice Scents is a small perfume company run by a newlywed couple named Angela and Greg. They're based out of Florida and offer a wide range of hand-blended perfume oils along with a smaller selection of EdP's and bath & body products. There's a general catalog offering that is available year-round along with limited edition seasonal collections. Their perfumes are the most elaborate scents I've found as they continually morph to reveal the many different notes in each fragrance.

The turn around time is extremely fast, and I usually get a shipping notice within a few hours of ordering. The perfumes are packaged inside boxes with handwritten labels, and the body care products are shrink wrapped and wrapped in tissue paper. A free perfume sample of your choice is included in each order. There's also a rewards program that allows you to earn a free $20 gift certificate for every $200 you spend.

These are some of the items that were included in the winter collection that is currently available on the site. Some of the scents I have are currently sold out, but most will be restocked in the near future. Angela is very active on the Solstice Scents Facebook page so you can follow her there to get restock updates.

Buttered Rum Mallow - rum, marshmallow, nutmeg, cardamom, clove, butter, cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar and allspice. There's an abundance of spices (mostly clove and cardamom) and rum that really smack you in the face. There's nothing subtle or smooth about this one, and it leans quite masculine. The clove takes over as soon as it touches my skin, but it quickly mellows out into a smooth buttery rum. The spices are still present but they've faded into the background, and the scent gradually becomes sweeter as the brown sugar and marshmallow begin to emerge, I was really put off by this in the vial and for the first 20 minutes on my skin, but now it's a much more wearable unisex blend.

Chocolate Peppermint Bark - milk chocolate, cool peppermint, dark chocolate and white chocolate. It smells equally of bitter dark chocolate and peppermint. I don't smell any white chocolate or milk chocolate, but this smells like real peppermint bark. This was only offered in whipped soap and is now sold out on the website.

Gingerdead Man - gingerbread cookies crash into a dark earthy corruption of patchouli and vetiver essential oil and a woodsy-earth musk. This has been discontinued due to a component issue so it was only available in limited quantities and has since sold out. In the bottle it smells like just like gingerbread, but this gingerbread is all grown up and has a darker element to it from the patchouli and vetiver. The spices and ginger amp on my skin, and I can barely smell the earthy notes that help darken this scent. I'd consider this more spicy than foodie. As it fades the earthy notes become easier to detect as the spices receed but I begin to smell something a little sharp and almost medicinal. At this point it becomes a little unpleasant so this is when I reapply.

Lemon Ginger Creams - gingersnap sandwich cookies filled with vanilla-lemon cream. I only have this in a whipped soap so I can't comment on the dry down, but it's a tart lemon blended with a creamy bakery type of scent. The lemon stands out the most and I'm guessing there's a lot of vanilla in here because the gingerbread spices are very subtle.

Snowmint Mallow - peppermint, vanilla cake, sugar cookies, flaked coconut and marshmallow creme. There's a lot of peppermint and coconut with a touch of vanilla cake in the vial and on the skin. It takes a few hours of wear time before it begins to morph, but eventually this becomes sweet vanilla cake and marshmallows with a creamy peppermint that slowly fades. It's one of the more simple Solstice Scents blends but it's great nevertheless.

Snowshoe Pass - white amber, white musk, vanilla accord, peppermint cream and cold winds. In the vial it's all white musk with a hint of peppermint. It starts out smelling like a clean skin scent. On the skin the peppermint amps for a few minutes before it fades, leaving behind a somewhat sweet vanilla musk. The vanilla gradually fades, leaving behind that clean musky aroma that I initially smelled in the vial. This one was starting to grow on me when it was a vanilla musk, but the white musk by itself just didn't do much for me. It's a best seller though so if you like clean musks this one is worth checking out.

Spiced Cranberry and Spruce - tart plump sugared cranberries with a whimsical whisp of spice in the background and a soft and subtle spruce essential oil. This was only offered as a whipped soap which is now sold out. It smells like fruit punch spiked with a Christmas tree. The spruce is pretty strong so that's the main note I smell.

Sugarvale - candied pecans, butterscotch, buttered rum, brown sugar, maple syrup, hot pralines and milk chocolate cocoa. I can smell the butterscotch and pecans with a mild chocolate aroma. The chocolate may be from the cocoa butter in the body ganache (body butter), but I don't have the perfume oil to compare so I can't say for sure. It's a warm, golden scent with a lot of sugary sweetness. If you're worried it might be too cloying, I'd suggest a sample size first.

Final thoughts - there's a lot of great scents in this collection but the ones I'd repurchase are Snowmint Mallow, Spiced Cranberry & Spruce, and Lemon Ginger Cream. Some of these will not be restocked so your best bet is to search the Facebook group for a destash.

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