Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Super Tarts Cyber Monday Sale

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Super Tarts did a huge ready to ship sale on Cyber Monday and my order arrived earlier this week. There was a large offering of clamshells, samplers, 1/2 Bam bags and also three piece bath & body sets that were offered.

The sale was pretty insane. There were supposed to be two releases during the day but because of the slow servers she decided to load everything onto the site at once. Then when the sale went live the servers crashed so it took around ten minutes to complete one small order. Once the web traffic died down I went back to order a few more things that were left over.

Some of these scents are brand new and inspired by various children's cartoons. I wasn't able to grab all of the new ones, but I did get a few. The rest of these are scents that have been offered before.

Some of these scents aren't pictured because the clamshells are almost empty.

New scents:

Creeper Status - green apple cake pops and strawberry milkshakes. It's an equal blend of tart green apple and strawberry but there's a little creaminess here. The green apple and strawberry are a bit tart but the cake note helps cut through that.

Curious - creamy banana pudding, neopolitan ice cream and cake batter fudge. There's a lot of sweet banana with a creamy fudge. Mostly banana though. I can smell the strawberry in the bottom layer but it's subtle. I was worried the chocolate would be the same one in Home Alone (from the Winter collection) but it's different. The chocolate fudge in Curious is less sweet and a bit more realistic than Home Alone.

Dream Girl - sugar dusted mandarin oranges and cotton candy mimosas. Tart oranges with a touch of champagne. It's a pretty tart scent and I don't detect any sweetness from the sugar or cotton candy.

Ferb - grape soda, mac apple and cotton candy. Or is it Furb? The packing slip says Furb but the label says Ferb. Anyway, it's mostly grape with the apple buried underneath. I don't smell any fizziness from the soda. Love this one.

Manny - hazelnut, almond, pie crust and vanilla pudding. It smells like pie crust with a touch of almond. It's a bit bland TBH. This one needs to cure because it's light on cold sniff.

These are some of the older scents that I picked up during the sale:

Bumblebee - nanner red berries. I'm so glad this one came back because I've been hoarding my one clamshell for the past year. Super sweet banana with a smooth red berry blend underneath. The banana is more of a candy type rather than the actual fruit.

Christmas Vacation - freshly cut Christmas tree and crisp snowy speatmint. I love this one. It's an equal blend of the two notes. It's a very cold, wintery scent that I keep reaching for over and over. And super strong in the warmer.

Cujo - warm vanilla sugar, brown sugar figs and blackberry jam. I got this in a 1/2 Bam bag because I've been hoarding my clamshell from over a year ago. It's a blend of two popular B&BW scents with blackberry. I mostly smell the Brown Sugar Fig and sweet blackberries. It's a warm and cozy sweet scent that is a must have.

Elsa - cotton candy ICE cream. Sugary sweet pink cotton candy with added creaminess from the ice cream. This one is super sweet.

Hotel Transylvania - kettle corn, gingerbread and ice cream scoop bread. A warm spicy bakery scent. I only smell the gingerbread and spices, but there's a subtle sweetness. I love this one, and the label and vampire fang imbed are adorable.

Optimus - raspberry zinger birthday cake. I mostly smell coconut and white cake. It's pretty light on cold sniff and I needed two cubes to fill the room. I wanted to like this but it ended up smelling like some generic plastic scent.

Star Lord - shaving cream, cream soda and lingonberry jam. I ordered this a while back because it seemed so odd. I mean, shaving cream and berries? But it immediately became one of my favorites, if not THE favorite from all the Super Tarts scents I've tried. It's tart lingonberries and plain ol' white shaving cream. The berries smell a lot like cranberries, so I hope to see more lingonberry blends in the future. I haven't liked any cranberry blend that Super Tarts has done so this is a great substitute.

I'm not sure when these scents will be available again but I believe the newer ones will be offered in a clamshell restock in the near future. Restock updates are listed in the Super Tarts Facebook group and there's also a swap group where you can find destashes.

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