Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Super Tarts - Fantastic

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Just a quick review of my recent order from Super Tarts. Last month there was an opening for 1/2 BAM! bars and this was the scent I grabbed. I believe it's a new one because I hadn't seen it offered in clamshells before.

1/2 BAM! bars are bags of wax chunks that weigh between 10-11 ounces each. Each bag is $11.75 and shipping this one item was $6.50 in a padded flat rate envelope. The website opens around every 4-6 weeks for pre-orders once all previous orders have been mailed out. I ordered on 10/22 and received this on 11/27 so turn around time was a month or so.  There were a dozen or so scents offered but this was the one I was interested in trying.

This is what the wax chunks look like. For size reference the smaller chunks above are about the same size as a cube of wax from a clamshell. There's a lot more wax in the bag...I just removed a few pieces for the pic. In the baggie is the free sample of Dr Who that was sent with every order.

Fantastic - pretzels, white chocolate, marshmallows and pumpkin mousse. I mainly smell salty pretzels with something sweet. I think it's the white chocolate but it smells more like marshmallows or vanilla. Eventually the salty note disappears and all I smell is warm dough and marshmallows. I was hoping to smell pumpkin but I never did. The throw was average and after around eight hours in the warmer I was struggling to smell this.

Final thoughts - I'll use it up but won't repurchase. I was hoping for a lot of pumpkin but thats the only note I didnt smell. I'm not sure when this will be offered again but you can always check the Super Tarts destash group on Facebook for a swap or destash.

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