Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Super Tarts Fright Night Collection

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Because it's never too early to think of Halloween! These are scents I've accumulated over the past two Fright Night releases. I've melted a lot of these so I'm only including pics of the brand new clamshells that I have.

These scents are released towards the end of summer. I've seen some of these offered throughout the year but most have only been offered in this collection.

28 Days - blueberry pumpkin patch, cake batter, vanilla ice cream and cranberry preserves. It's heavy on the cranberry with a little blueberry. I've mentioned in previous posts that the cranberry scent Super Tarts uses just smells off to my nose. It's smooth, buttery and lacking that zing that true cranberries have.

Addams Family - salted caramel, buttery pie crust and pumpkin cupcakes. I can smell a smooth caramel, pie crust and perhaps a pinch of spice. The caramel isn't sweet though, it's more buttery. Overall this has a buttery, bakery aroma. It's nice but TBH it smells like plenty of other bakery blends from Super Tarts.

Amityville - lavender, strawberry passion, and red Mac apple. Mostly red apple and sweet strawberries with a touch of herbal lavender. One thing this brand does well is apple scents so this is one I've repurchased a few times. It's sweet, fruity and calming all in one.

Beetlejuice - apple butter, oatmeal cookies with icing and buttermilk pancakes. I smell red apples, cinnamon and warm oatmeal cookies. It's heavy on the apples and cinnamon.

Body Snatchers - frosted banana cupcakes, sugar cookies and a caramel drizzle. This just smells like a mix of peanut butter cookie and sugar cookie dough. IDK, it's that cookie note that the brand uses. Sometimes I can tolerate it but most times I can't. This scent falls into the latter category. It's fine in the clamshell but once it starts melting...nope.

Candy Bag - cotton candy frosting, Sweet Tarts, watermelon Jolly Ranchers and so much more. Watermelon candy and pink cotton candy. It's a sweet and tart blend that will be great when the weather warms up.

Cousin It - Biolage type, watermelon and a touch of sweet pineapple chunks. The Biolage shampoo note is strongest here. If you're not familiar with that it's a very clean, eye-opening scent that smells a little green and a little citrusy. There's a pineapple candy note and a touch of watermelon that adds a very subtle sweetness but this blend is mostly the Biolage. This one is pretty strong in the warmer so start with one cube at a time.

Cujo - warm vanilla sugar, brown sugar figs and blackberry jam. This is one I reviewed previously but I'll include it here also. It's the B&BW Brown Sugar Fig scent with sweet blackberries. Warm, sweet and fruity. It's one of my favorites.

Friday the 13th - apricot, buttercream, ice cream scoop bread and red berry currant. Red berries but mostly a cloying, sugary apricot. It becomes creamier in the warmer but still sugary sweet.

Gremlins - lime smoothie, rock candy and fruit punch. The lime is tart and smooth at the same time and is the dominant note. The fruit punch comes through in the warmer but not on cold sniff.

Haunted Mansion - cinnamon bread pudding, sugar cookie dough and nutmeg dusted sweet cream. Damn this is good. Before I checked the description I thought there was something bubbly in here because it smells slightly effervescent. But that must be the nutmeg and cinnamon together. So the spices mixed with a sweet cookie dough is what I get. Thankfully this time it's a sugar cookie scent I enjoy.

Hocus Pocus - candy corn, fluffy cotton candy and butterbrickle. It's a buttery, warm bakery blend with the tiniest touch of sweetness from the candy corn. I'm trying to figure out what butterbrickle is and apparently it's toffee? But I know toffee to be sweet. This isn't. It's like a buttery dough.

Hotel Transylvania - kettle corn, gingerbread and ice cream scoop bread. I reviewed this one in the Cyber Monday haul post but I'll also include it here. Super Tarts has an amazing gingerbread scent that manages to be sweet and spicy all at once. It smells like gingerbread with icing. I don't smell the kettle corn or ice cream.

It - orange zest, frosted pumpkin roll, buttery brown sugar and vanilla ice cream. Oooh this one is good! It's very light on cold sniff and I haven't melted it yet, but I smell a orange creamsicle, brown sugar and a little bit of pumpkin pastry. The orange adds a nice twist. Hopefully this will smell stronger in the warmer than it does in the clamshell.

Jackyl - blackberry preserves, zucchini bread and toasted marshmallows. There's that bitter, burnt aroma from the toasted marshmallows that dominates this blend. The blackberry is strong and sweet while the zucchini bread is hard to detect. It's definitely there but it adds a subtle warmth to this scent rather than competing as a main note.

Lost Boys - pomegranate, fresh apple cider and toasted marshmallows. The toasted marshmallow note is the main note I smell, followed by the sweet cider. The pomegranate is in there but I smell more cider. Now the toasted marshmallow is another note this brand uses that I generally avoid..it smells more like burnt plastic rather than marshmallows. But for whatever reason I really enjoy this blend.

Mr. Myers - fresh fallen leaves, fireside and vanilla bean noel. I believe these are all B&BW dupes. It's a crisp autumn scent that reminds me of Miracle on 34th Street from the Holiday collection. I smell the dried leaves and a warm smoky bonfire aroma but combined they smell like a sexy cologne. This is one of my favorites to melt on cold rainy days.

Psycho - warm pumpkin bread, sweet raspberries and our spiced sour cream cake. Ok, this one is strange. It smells just like sour cream and light spices. There's a little raspberry sweetness but mostly sour cream.

Red Rum - combining a delicious pumpkin pecan waffle with a creamy butterscotch and sweet butterbrickle. This is like a less sweet version of Hocus Pocus (although Hocus Pocus isn't that sweet to begin with). The butterbrickle is the strongest note but there's also a waffle aroma blended in. I don't smell the pumpkin or butterscotch. I mostly use this as a blender, and it pairs well with Mr. Myers.

Saw - sweet cranberry preserves, buttery pie crust and smooth vanilla bean. I reviewed this one with the Holiday collection because that's when I purchased it. But it's that smooth cranberry that lacks any tartness combined with warm pie crust. Very buttery.

Silence of the Lambs - rich red Chianti, black cherry, blackberry, and raspberries. Smells like black cherries and red wine. I can smell all the fruits but mostly the black cherry. It's a dark, rich berry blend with very little sweetness.

Sixth Sense - fresh brewed coffee, sea salt caramels and almond butter cookies. Sweet almonds and a warm latte. The buttery cookies help smooth out the coffee. I love the coffee note the brand uses because I don't find it to be bitter at all.

Texas Chainsaw - caramel dipped apples, warm hot maple toddy's and just a touch of French baguette. I'm surprised to see caramel apples listed in the description because I didn't smell that at all. It just smells like yeasty, warm bread.

The Omen - ocean breeze, vanilla bean noel and red delicious apple. It smells like you're standing in the middle of an apple orchard after it rained. It's all wet, juicy apples...no vanilla. The aquatic note is slightly stronger than the apple.

Welcome Great Pumpkin - pecan bars, frosted pumpkin donuts and raw sugar crystals. A pumpkin-bakery blend with sweet pecans and a touch of spices. Smells like warm pumpkin bread topped with icing and caramelized pecans.

Final thoughts - there's some great scents in this offering that I'll definitely repurchase. At the top of that list are Cujo, Haunted Mansion, Hotel Transylvania, Mr. Myers and It. I've seen a few of these offered outside of the Fright Night restock but most of these only show up in the fall. You might find these available in the Super Tarts destash page on Facebook but you have to move fast because things sell quickly on there.

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