Friday, December 25, 2015

The Bathing Garden Holiday Collection

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

This is my most recent order that I received earlier this week from The Bathing Garden. These are from the most recent Holiday collection, although I did grab one extra scent from the Winter collection that I'll review here.

The turn around time for The Bathing Garden is normally six weeks but I received this one a little sooner. Any order placed before 12/1 was guaranteed to ship by 12/18, just in time for the holidays. Everything was wrapped in tissue paper and as always there were generous free samples.

I didn't include pictures of a few of these. A lot of these scents were ones I've purchased over the years and they've been used. I just prefer to include pics of brand new products. But you can find pics on the brand website.

Buttermilk Rosewood - a strong woodsy cedar blended with creamy vanilla and real buttermilk. This is only available as a sugar scrub, no clamshells. It's heavy on the rosewood so it leans a bit masculine. While I can't smell the vanilla or buttermilk they add a creaminess to this scent.

Chestnuts and Pinecones - sweet vanilla, cream cake, holiday spiced chestnuts and woodsy pine. I mainly smell chestnuts and cream but there's a little spice and pine to brighten things up. It's neither too foody nor woodsy, but rather a nice blend of the two. Cold and warm at the same time. It's a really unique scent and I'm debating whether I need a backup.

Cinderella Would Be Jealous - almond cake, marzipan and vanilla icing. This is a Lush Snowcake dupe. I can't say how they compare because I've never smelled the original, but this is a very sweet and creamy almond scent. I could swear I smell a touch of spice but mostly this a sugary sweet almond cream.

Cranberry Fig - tart cranberry is balanced with sweet figs and a touch of citrus. I just love TBG's cranberry scent and I love the smell of figs, so this was one I was excited to try. I figured this would be similar to last years Cranberry Lane but it's not. It's a much darker cranberry with a zesty citrus...I smell the figs but mostly cranberry. It's nice but I prefer Cranberry Lane.

Crystallized Spearmint and Peppermint - a layer of sweet spearmint topped with sparkling peppermint. Just like it says, spearmint and peppermint. It makes a great blending scent.

Frosted Fruitcake - fruit, nuts, cake and drizzled with cream cheese frosting. This is a creamy red berry scent with a hint of cream cheese frosting. I don't think this smells like fruitcake, but it smells better than the real thing.

Ginger Velvet Cake - a split parfait with one side sugar scrub scented with gingerbread cookies next to a side of whipped soap scented with rich chestnut velvet cake. This is only available as a parfait, which is an eight ounce jar with half sugar scrub and half whipped soap. The scrub side smells of soft gingerbread spices and warm shortbread cookies. The whipped soap has a smooth, nutty aroma and I smell a slight touch of chocolate. It's a warm and cozy blend that is perfect for the winter months.

Jack's Apple Frost - green apples, white vanilla, sugared meringue and a blast of peppermint. Tart, juicy green apples and peppermint. I think I can smell a smooth meringue aroma but it's subtle. The apples are the strongest note here.

Parisian Strawberry Fields - ripe strawberries blended with vanilla, mango and peaches. I smell a lot of peach in here with some strawberry and mango. This scent makes me think of summer somehow. Maybe that's because of the mango but it smells more like a freshly picked juicy peach.

Pumpkin Masquerade - a unique combination of confections with spiced pumpkin, pralines, butter and cream. This is a great one and I'm happy to see it return. It's a buttery smooth pumpkin with a little spice and pralines. I keep thinking of a frosted pumpkin cupcake so that's what I'm going with. This is my favorite pumpkin blend for wax melts and one I'll be stocking up on for next year.

Raspberry Stockings - a bottom layer of sweet floral vanilla and strawberries topped with a layer of raspberry vanilla ice cream. Tart raspberry with a touch of floral and musk. The vanilla adds a subtle creaminess and the strawberries sweeten things up a little. More fruity than floral.

Rosemary Mint - rosemary essential oil blends with garden grown peppermint and spearmint leaves. Heavy on the rosemary and I smell more peppermint than spearmint. It's a fresh green blend that would work well in the bathroom or laundry room.

The Sweetest Thing - red berries, cherries, peaches and citrus, and a faintest hint of a walk through a garden. This is another Lush dupe...I believe it's called Yummy? Again, I've never tried the original so I can't say how close the dupe is. It's mostly a tart citrus blend with some red fruits and subtle woodsy notes. I was expecting this to be sweet but it was heavy on the tart citrus.

Winter Masquerade - a celebration of vanillas, sweet chestnuts, sugar and cream. This one is lovely. It's a beautiful vanilla cream with a touch of chestnuts adding an interesting depth. It doesn't lean too sweet and in fact, it reminds me of Chestnuts and Pinecones minus the icy pine and spice. Sadly it's only available as a sugar scrub, and I would love to see this as a lotion and body mist. If you like vanilla you'll need to try this.

Winter Mint Cake - rich hot chocolate, dark chocolate cake and fresh peppermint meringue. A creamy milk chocolate fudge scent with mint. The peppermint is the strongest note in this blend.

Yuletide Trimmings - apples, peaches and spices.This is like hot apple cider with a touch of peaches. This reminds me of Mr Cratchitt's Cider, which is also available on the website. Yuletide is more spicy while Mr. Cratchitt is more apple cider. They're pretty similar scents so you probably don't need both. If I had to choose one I would pick Mr. Cratchitt.

And here's a quick review of the free samples I received. I only have a scent description for one of these so the rest is just a guess.

Circus Cake - blue raspberry shaved ice, powdered sugar and white vanilla velvet cake. This one has been offered before and pops up frequently. It's a sugary sweet blue raspberry with a hint of vanilla. And when I say sugar, I mean sugar. Like, super sweet.

Frosted Candy Donut - smells a lot like Circus Cake so I'm guessing there's blue raspberry in here. It's not as sweet though. And maybe a pastry note? I mostly smell something sweet and fruity though.

Starlight Soda Pop - effervescent bubbles and a soapy aroma underneath. Hmm, I'm not sure what that is but it makes me think of generic hotel bar soap.

The Illusionist - orange and orange blossom? It has a bright zesty note that reminds me of orange, and then there's something that smells like a clean floral mixed in. Heavy on the citrus.

Final thoughts - another outstanding order from Shannon. My top picks are Winter Masquerade, Jack's Apple Frost and Pumpkin Masquerade. I'd love to see The Illusionist offered in a future restock since I can see this being a good scent to transition intonwarmer months. All of these scents (and many more) are still available on the website and will be taken down sometime in February so you have plenty of time to order.

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