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The Bathing Garden Winter Collection

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

The Bathing Garden quickly became my favorite brand ever since I placed my first order two years ago. I swear I feel like a kid on Christmas morning every time I have a package out for delivery. The incredible scent blends and beautiful products are unlike anything I've found so far, and I've yet to find a scent that I wouldn't consider repurchasing.

The company mainly offers wax melts and sugar scrubs but also offers a small selection of lotions, hair & body mists and whipped soaps. New collections are added to the site about every two months and are available for several months. Items are made to order so there's no worry about things selling out. Turn around time is listed at six weeks from the date of order. It's a bit of a wait but remember this is basically a pre-order so nothing will sell out.

The owner Shannon always includes tons of samples with every order. Samples include both wax and two ounce bath & body samples like sugar scrubs, whipped soaps, scrub parfaits and lotions. I've even received full size lotions and whipped soaps (which are four ounces), extra large scrubs (I'm guessing ten to twelve ounces) and a hair & body mist. There's a note on her site saying she will include a full size item of her choice if your order ships in a large flat rate box...and this is in addition to the usual samples she includes with every order.

While most of these scents are on the website there's a few from last year that I'm reviewing. I'm sure they will make a return in the near future.

A few of the clamshells I ordered

Sugar scrubs and parfait scrubs

Free wax samples

More free samples

More samples...a full size lotion and sample scrub

A Snow Globe World - buttermint candy canes, salted caramel, brown sugar and roasted chestnuts. Creamy peppermint with a hint of brown sugar. I have this in a scrub from last year and it's become a staple scent for winter.

Aunt Bethany's Jello Mold - Aunt Bethany brought lime Jell-O to the party, but this Jell-O mold is a combination of cranberry, apple and orange without the cat food on top. Zesty orange and tart cranberries but I'm having a hard time picking out the apple. Even though the description doesn't mention spices I'm smelling a lot of cinnamon.

Bah, Humbug - meager coal from Ebenezer's fire, frosty snow, pinecones and sugar dust. Pine and a dirty "black" note that may be the coal with a smoky note around the edges. The contrast of the warm coal and smoke with the cool pine makes this an interesting blend.

Christmas Thyme - thyme essential oil adds depth to the winter-y scents of bayberry, pine, cinnamon and apples. Mostly thyme but I get hints of pine and fruit. I love her herbal blends like this and wish she did these more often.

Cranberry Lane - ripe cranberries, soft frozen woods and a hint of citrus notes (2014). This is **the** perfect cranberry scent ever. Tart and juicy, and as it burns for a few hours I can smell a woodsy note peeking through. As a sugar scrub and whipped soap (which were offered last year) this is all cranberry. This is one of my all-time favorites and I was a little sad it didn't return this year.

Elf Morning Blend - a coffee blended by elves! Dark rich coffee beans, candy cane pieces, milk chocolate, fluffy marshmallow and peppermint bark. Just like a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. I get coffee, chocolate and mint. In the wax tart the coffee is a little too bitter for my nose but the scrub is just right.

Flowers and Frost - beautiful powdery white flowers are kissed with a hint of clover honey and mild greens (2014). This smells like straight up baby powder. I dont smell any florals or honey, just sweet and delicate baby powder. This one is pretty strong too so one cube was plenty.

Frost Everlasting - white vanilla, sugar cookie dough and mint candy sprinkles (2014). This is so unique but lovely. It sounds pretty straightforward but I didnt find this to be a bakery scent at all. The mint is barely detectable and I ccouldn't smell the sugar cookie dough at all. I mostly smell what must be vanilla. It's not the typical Vanilla Bean Noel foody-type of vanilla...this vanilla mostly smells clean with a touch of sweetness. It's one that you'd have to smell for yourself because I have nothing like it to compare.

Frozen Cookie Buttercream Parfait (with avocado oil) - sugar scrub smelling of crushed candy cane, sweet baked cookies and a buttercream marshmallow drizzle next to a side of whipped soap scented with buttercream frosting. This scent is only available in the scrub parfait format. The whipped soap side includes crushed vanilla beans and smells like rich buttercream; the scrub side is made with jojoba beads and mostly smells like peppermint with warm sugar cookies in the background.

Gingersnap Pie - flaky pie crust, cookies, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and a milky vanilla (2014). I smell gingerbread that is smoothed out by the vanilla and a touch of warm pie crust. Not too heavy on the spices.

Grinch Cake - sweet apples, butter, caramel, cake, vanilla bean and maple syrup. I really like this but all I smell is caramel apple and maybe a touch of maple syrup. The apple is the strongest note but there's a creaminess underneath from the caramel. Very rich and smooth.

Lady of Winter - a top layer of sugar plum fairy over a bottom layer of crunchy candy cane pieces (2014). I get a strong whiff of peppermint and perhaps red fruits with a touch of woods. It's hard to tell because the peppermint is so strong that it dominates everything else.

Mr Cratchit's Cider - cinnamon apple cider, winter garland and sweet sugar. Oh I love this! A strong apple cider scent with a pinch of cinnamon lurking in the background. This is my new favorite cider scent and it's pretty strong on cold sniff so a backup is needed.

Mrs Cratchit's Christmas Pudding - rich cake, plums, raisins, shredded carrots, brown sugar and cinnamon with vanilla brandy drizzled over the top. I smell plums, raisins and brown sugar. Oh, and booze! Lot's of booziness in here but that's the sugar scrub I bought last year. The clamshell smells exactly the same minus the brandy. It's pretty light on cold sniff so it will need to cure.

Mulberry Cabin - juicy mulberry, a walk in the woods and earthy spices. A tangy berry with a touch of woods and maybe mint far in the background? Or maybe pine? No spices that I can smell but there's a coldness underneath the berries. This is so complex and my favorite from this year's offerings. Yep it's backup worthy.

Pearls of Winter - red apples, sweet strawberries, pink cotton candy and raspberry ice. I get cold red apples and tart raspberries. This scent is pretty strong and one cube lasts two days. The Bathing Garden does apple and raspberry scents like no other so this is the best of both worlds.

Plum Ballet - dark blackberries, sweet vanilla sugar and sugar plums dancing. The most delicious blackberry scent. No vanilla, no sweetness...just tart, juicy berries. If you're looking for a great berry blend, give this a try. It's backup worthy.

Russian Ice Bath - peppermint, menthol, spearmint, eucalyptus, lemon and a touch of vanilla. A great scent to have when you're congested. I mostly smell the menthol and mint with a touch of lemon and eucalyptus. This one is pretty strong on cold sniff. Somehow it manages to be warm and cold at the same time.

Winter Apothecary - ribbon candy, spiced tea, a hint of cinnamon and a flower shop in the snow. I swear I smell carnations. And spices. Creamy and spicy with a hint of florals. I'd love to see this in a scrub sometime. This reminds me of Solstice Scents Winter Dove which is a carnation and eggnog type of blend. It may sound like a strange combo but it works.

Winter Palace - French lavender, winter berries, vanilla, pomegranate, strawberries, icy peppermint and hints of tea and pink sugar. This smells a lot like her Tinsel fragrance (which is a mint and berries blend) with lavender added. Peppermint, lavender and a hint of berries is what I smell. This one is strong so one cube is all I needed.

Winter Woodland - Siberian fir, white pine, clove buds, and mistletoe berries are blended with subtle citrus and florals for a strong and complex pine scent. Smells just like a cold forest. The pine is pretty strong. I don't smell any citrus, berries or florals.

Like I mentioned above, I haven't found a scent from The Bathing Garden that I wouldn't consider repurchasing. But there's only so much wax I can melt in one day. I love everything here but my top picks are Mulberry Cabin and A Snow Globe World. The majority of these scent are currently available on the website until February. Again a few of these are from last year but Shannon is really good at adding scent requests so if there's something you'd like to see, don't hesitate to ask!

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