Sunday, January 10, 2016

Alchemic Muse Valentine's Day Scents

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

These are the scents I picked up from last years Valentine's Day collection. I didn't grab all of the scents offered so there's a few that aren't reviewed here. This was my first time trying these and I'm hoping some will return in the near future.

Ordering from Alchemic Muse is always a pleasure. There's a variety of scents and top-quality products to choose from, everything is reasonably priced, there's no mad dash to complete your purchase before items sell out, and you have your order in a matter of days (assuming you're in the US). If you're looking for almost instant gratification this is a good place to shop.

Beguile - a tantalizing blend of strawberry, white peach, bergamot and African tamarind at play with apple blossoms and whispers of damask rose leading to a seductive base of tonka bean, coconut milk and white musk. In the vial I smell the strawberry, peach and bergamot with a touch of musk. It's very brisk and clean without managing to smell like a fruit basket. It doesn't morph much on my skin aside from the bergamot amping for an hour or so. It's a nice feminine scent that will work well in the spring and summer.

Nostalgia - step into the past with this relaxing present. Earl Gray tea with sweet cream and a wedge of lemon underscored by a fragrant bouquet of English rose and lavender with lingering smoky notes of tobacco, amber crystals and musk. This one has been discontinued due to a supplier issue. In the vial I get citrus (bergamot?) and tea. The roses are subtle and I think I smell the tobacco. There's something medicinal too, but I don't know where that is coming from.  The tea perhaps? I'm not familiar with Earl Grey. Anyway, on the skin the scent remains the same for several and bright with a cough drop type of aroma. After several hours it begins to soften slightly and the roses emerge. I really wanted to try this but it seemed better in my mind. It's not a bad scent, it's just not one I'll reach for.

Peach Bellini - fresh pureed white peaches and a smattering of fine white sugar topped with sparkling wine. Holy moly, I love this one. It smells just like the real thing. Juicy peaches and effervescent bubbles. It doesn't have a strong boozy note and it's a little bit tart. But seriously, I want to drink this. I want to love peach scents but they can be so hit or miss. This one is perfect and is that Holy Grail peach scent I've been searching for.

Sugar Shack - this delicious confection will make you absolutely edible. Freshly baked sugar cookies with crushed macadamia nuts topped with buttered toffee morsels and drizzled with white chocolate. In the vial it's very warm and buttery, and it reminds me more of bread than sugar cookies. I can smell the nutty aroma but no chocolate. There's a touch of smooth toffee but it's hard to detect. It smells the same on the skin for an hour or two until it begins to sweeten a bit. I think that's the white chocolate coming through but it's still very buttery. It's nice to see something different and I can't think of another macadamia nut cookie fragrance, but I expected this to be sweeter.

Voodoo - the sound of distant drums complement this lush and exotic blend of dark Madagascar vanilla bean extract with delicate floral undertones of vanilla orchids and a sensual background of amber and crushed cocoa pods. This is such a beautiful sweet vanilla with a touch of musk. It's not a foody vanilla but rather a more grown up vanilla. I don't smell the florals or amber. There's a depth to this that I think is from the cocoa pods but it's not chocolatey at all. It's all vanilla. This scent smells really familiar. I can't remember which one but it reminds me of either the Tihota or Vaniglia del Madagascar dupes I've tried in the past. If you're a vanilla lover you need to try this.

Final thoughts - Peach Bellini and Voodoo are my must haves. This collection doesn't scream Valentine's Day but there's a good selection of scents to choose from. I'm not sure which of these, if any, will be returning this year. The current Valentine's Day collection hasn't been announced yet, but you can sign up for a newsletter on the website to find out when it will occur.

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