Friday, January 22, 2016

Arcana Yules

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Arcana released their Yule collection a while back and these are the few scents I picked up. Sample sizes aren't available, so I ordered these through a decant circle instead of picking up full bottles. All of these fragrances aside from the Rhinestone Housewife exclusive are currently in stock at Arcana's Ebay shop.

Glittering White - an opening of cold peppermint settles into a heart of sugar cookies, marshmallow, white chocolate and vanilla musk. White chocolate and peppermint in the vial. It's not too sweet, but rather comforting and smooth. On the skin the peppermint amps a bit and a buttery cookie begins to mix with the white chocolate. After about an hour the peppermint and chocolate fade, and a sweet marshmallow begins to merge with the cookies. A little while later the cookie disappears, and I'm left with a sweet marshmallow-vanilla blend that lasts until the fragrance disappears completely.

Nordri - white amber, almond, coconut, vanilla, pearl musk and French cognac absolute. In the vial I'm immediately hit with a boozy, cloying almond aroma. The cognac is actually burning my nose a bit and reminds me of rubbing alcohol. I can pick up on the coconut weaving in and out, but this is almost entirely alcohol and almond. On my skin it's initially heavy on the coconut and cognac with the sweet almond pushing towards the forefront. The alcohol is still stinging my nose but quickly mellows out. The dry down reminds me of a tropical drink, like rum and coconuts. Sweet, boozy coconuts. I wasn't sure how long I was going to be able to wear this at first, but it turned out pretty nice once the cognac softens a bit.

Rhi HoHoHo - a festive blend of yellow cake, rich eggnog, black cherry, sweet cream and a smidgen of crushed candy cane. This is an exclusive scent to The Rhinestone Housewife although it is currently unavailable. In the vial this is a slightly boozy eggnog with a touch of black cherry and a blast of icy peppermint, but that cherry note is dangerously close to cough syrup territory. On my skin the peppermint sits on top of the eggnog, and the cherry disappears within minutes. As the peppermint fades over the next hour I can pick up on soft spices mingling with a realistic eggnog note. Eventually a soft yellow cake note emerges that gradually gives way to the sweet cream; however, I wouldn't call it sweet since it turns a little sour on my skin. Aside from the cream note, this was a surprisingly good blend. I've tried a few eggnog blends this season, but this is one of the better ones.

Sudri - sheer rose over sparkling grapefruit, yuzu, champagne, nectarine, blood orange and a faint fougere. There's a lot of grapefruit and orange with a touch of effervescence from the champagne. I'm not picking up much rose, if any. On my skin the champagne comes out more so this becomes a fizzy (but not boozy) citrus. The champagne quickly fades as the rose begins to emerge and remains through the dry down. The citrus loses it's zestiness but never seems to disappear entirely. I can still smell traces of it mingling with the rose hours after applying it. The rose itself is a little generic and old-fashioned smelling. I was excited for this one, but the rose note just wasn't doing much for me. I'll use the sample, but I don't see myself needing more than that.

Thundersnow! - black amber, dark caramel, swirling snow, sugary frosting, white cake and cognac. In the vial I smell a lot of dark caramel and cognac, but there's something dirty that must be the black amber. It's very boozy and sweet but with a darker edge. On my skin the cognac amps immediately, and it's difficult to smell everything else. It's basically all alcohol at this point, and it burns my nose a bit. The caramel gradually emerges as the cognac softens so this becomes sweet and boozy once again, minus the amber. I expected to like this one more, but the cognac was too heavy handed.

Final thoughts - my top picks here would be Glittering White and Rhi HoHoHo. Nordri turned out nice in the long run, but the beginning was very off-putting. These five scents are nice, but I wasn't blown away by anything here; I'm glad I tried them but samples are enough for me. Four of these are available through the Ebay shop I linked to above...Rhi HoHoHo is only sold through The Rhinestone Housewife, but it's currently sold out and I'm unsure whether it will be restocked.

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