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Super Tarts Classics

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Here's my recent clamshell order from Super Tarts that I received the other day. These are from the Classics collection, which are the original scents offered when the brand first opened two-ish years ago. The Classics restock takes place towards the end of the year when Super Tarts celebrates their annual anniversary.

I ordered towards the middle of November and received these a day or two ago. The turn around time is normally 4-6 weeks but there was a small delay because of the holidays. A free sample of a new scent called Revenge was included, and I'll review it here. I'm not sure if any of these will pop up in restocks prior to the next Classic restock, but the website is currently open for preorders for other scent selections.

I'm only including pics of the unused clamshells I have from this collection. The rest of the scents have been used and I'm not keen on posting used stuff.

Fake and Bake - blending zucchini bread, our signature sugar cookie and our sweet cream. I shouldn't like this but I do. Normally I avoid zucchini bread scents and the sugar cookie note Super Tarts uses doesn't mesh well with my nose. But I don't smell either of these here. Instead this smells like warm peanut butter cookies fresh from the oven.

Flash - fresh picked strawberries, sweet lemonade and a creamy cake. Sweet strawberries and a touch of zesty lemon. The strawberries are the strongest note and they're almost candy-like. The lemonade is subtle but helps brighten this blend. I don't smell the cake.

Fluffy Violet Candy - cotton candy, violets and rock candy. This one is powdery violets and a touch of cotton candy. It's extremely sweet, and for some reason it makes me think of Mr. Bubbles (remember the children's bubble bath? Yeah, that stuff). It's nice to see a violet blend offered because it's not something I see much of from the wax vendors. This is extremely similar to another scent, New Girl, that is currently available on the website. They're both very sweet and powdery, but New Girl is slightly less so and has a very subtle (and I mean VERY subtle) cupcake note. They're practically identical and you don't need both. Personally I prefer Fluffy Violet Candy.

Frosted Tangerine Rose - buttercream, tangy tangerine and rose cream. I love rose and fruit blends so I had to try this. I don't smell any buttercream, just tangerine and rose. The rose is dominant. But it's a synthetic rose scent that smells sharp, like a blend of petals, leaves and stem.

Go to Sleep - Pink Sugar blend with our sweet lavender cream. This is probably the most popular scent from this brand and it's offered in just about every other opening. It's the sweet, musky Aquolina Pink Sugar mixed with herbal lavender. I know the description says sweet lavender but it smells herbal to my nose. The kind of lavender that is calming and soothing instead of the brighter, more eye-opening sweet lavender that is used in Love Actually.

Iced Berry Tea - combining vanilla bean noel, our house sweet berry fragrance and white tea. Sweet, creamy berries and white tea. The fruit is strongest here. It's a pretty scent but it reminds me of air freshener.

Lavender Orange Dream - sweet lavender mixed with our orange sherbert. Again, this is an herbal lavender (rather than sweet lavender) combined with an orange creamsicle. The orange is slightly tangy and the lavender is the strongest note.

Mango Pink Champagne - a sweet blend of bubbly vanilla champagne, raspberry, cranberry and mango. I wouldn't call this sweet but rather tangy and a little effervescent. It smells a lot like the popular Blonde Moment fragrance that a lot of wax makers carry. I mostly smell champagne and tart cranberries. Real cranberries, not that weird cranberry that Super Tarts uses.

Morning Monster - combining Starbucks fresh roasted coffee, sweet butterbrickle and creamy cheesecake. This is heavy on the coffee but it isn't bitter at all, and it's smoothed out by the cheesecake. There's a little sweetness in here on cold sniff but in the warmer it's all coffee.

Orange You Fiesty - orange, lime and lemon with a buttery, sweet birthday cake. This one is heavy on the citrus. It's an equal blend of all three so they balance each other out. The vanilla cake is there and it smoothes out the citrus but only slightly.

Passionfruit Nectarine - passionfruit, juicy nectarine and bottom notes of lemon zest, mango, sweet apple and plumeria. I mostly smell the passion fruit and citrus but there's a touch of plumeria in there too. It's smooth but citrusy, and reminds me of a tropical drink.

Phoenix - a pineapple cream pie topped with sweet whipped cream and toasted marshmallows. Now this is one is nice! It's similar to a pina colada that is heavy on the pineapple. This scent is equally sweet and tangy. I can smell the toasted marshmallow but thankfully it is subtle here.

Posers Spa - combining our sweet cucumber mint, seaside and spearmint. I smell the cucumber and spearmint but there's something that adds a little sweetness. It reminds me of the old B&BW Cucumber Melon scent with green mint added. I'm looking forward to melting this.

Raspberry Peach Sangria - sweet raspberries, Georgia peaches and a crisp chardonnay. I mostly smell fresh picked peaches but I also pick up on the chardonnay. It's a crisp fruity blend that is great for the warmer months although TBH, I'm not a big fan. The peach note that this brand uses smells a little...IDK.  Musty? Plastic-y? I can tolerate this scent because of the chardonnay, but other Super Tarts' peach blends turn my stomach a little.

Revenge - fresh picked strawberries, black rose jam and vanilla bean noel. This was the free sample that is currently available on the site. It's heavy on the strawberry and I can also smell the Lush Rose Jam fragrance. I don't smell any vanilla but it helps make this a creamy blend. This is pretty similar to Wolverine's Woman so you don't need both. A quick comparison between the two...Wolverine has that same generic rose note that Frosted Tangerine Rose has while Revenge has Lush Rose Jam, which is a brighter and slightly citrus-y rose. Revenge is more fruity while Wolverine is more floral.

Sand Dollar Cookies - cotton candy, Pink Sands and our signature sugar cookie blend. In the clamshell I smell the cotton candy and Pink Sands (it's a Yankee Candle dupe). It's like a sweet pink floral blend with a lot of cotton candy. But then in the warmer that dreaded sugar cookie kicks in and overwhelms everything. I was super excited to get this and I couldn't use it up fast enough once I had it.

Stark - vanilla champagne with sweet berries floating at the rim, being sipped by a smoking' hot babe wearing cotton candy lip gloss. Smells like a fizzy berry blend with a touch of cotton candy sweetness. This is basically a dupe to another Super Tarts blend called Tie Me Up. They're both effervescent berry blends but Stark is a little brighter and slightly sweeter. Tie Me Up is more fruity and stronger on cold sniff. There are very subtle differences but they're so similar that you don't need both.

Storm - combining our ocean rain and peppermint blend. I want to say this is the same ocean scent that's in Finnick. It's a crisp aquatic with a touch of icy peppermint. I thought I would really like this because I enjoyed Finnick but this one has a plastic type of aroma. It's basically a dupe of The Bathing Garden's Eye of Newt fragrance.

Strawberry Lilac Candy - fresh picked strawberries, sweet lilac and our rock candy blended together in this sweet/floral combo. I was wary of this because I loathe lilac but it was worth trying. Thankfully I don't smell much lilac and the little I smell is tolerable. I mostly smell a sugared strawberry with a soft, clean floral.

Wolverine's Woman - sweetness from our house berry blend, the warmth from our sour cream spice cake and a hint of femininity from our rose cream. I smell a lot of rose and sweet red berries, not much sour cream cake. The sour cream is there but thankfully it's buried under everything else. It's a soft scent on cold sniff so iI'll be using two cubes when I melt this. It's a nice blend of florals and fruits but it's heavier on the floral.

Zerbert Kisses - blending our sweet raspberry and creamy cinnamon buns to perfection. I smell a lot of raspberry with a subtle bakery warmth. No cinnamon but I think I smell a little bit of icing. The raspberry is very sweet and smells almost identical to the strawberry in Flash.

Final thoughts - Phoenix, Passionfruit Nectarine, Fake and Bake and Fluffy Violet Candy are my favorites from this collection. There's a good variety here but I'll say this: I'm a bit let down that some of these are so similar to other scents within the brand. I basically consider these back ups. Super Tarts is currently open for orders but none of these scents are listed on the website. The current scent offerings are from the Primetime collection, which I'll review when I get my order. If you can't wait for these Classic scents to return you can try the Super Tarts destash page on Facebook.

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