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Super Tarts Scent Reviews

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

These are scents that I've accumulated from various restocks over the past two years. There's no particular theme going on here, so this is more of a mish-mash of scents that have been offered.

Most of these scents I'm reviewing here only have one or two cubes left, or I've used them up lately, so I'm only including a handful of pics.

Batman - frosted blueberry cheesecake garnished with lemon peel curds. This is all lemon and cheesecake. Very creamy and smooth. There's something else I smell, and I'm guessing that's the blueberry, but it smells more like plastic.

Bella's Blood - pomegranate, Mac apple and sweet lolli. One of my favorites. It's a cold, juicy red apple with a touch of red fruit. I don't smell the lollipop, and the apple is dominant. I normally save apple blends for the autumn months, but this is one I melt year-round.

Black Widow - sweet blackberry and pink peonies. I'm not familiar with the smell of peonies, but this almost smells like roses. Like the rose used in Frosted Tangerine Roses. It's a little sharp and green. Combined with the blackberry this scent is tart with a darker vibe. It's interesting, sexy and unique. The fruit and floral notes are equally balanced.

Butterbeer - sweet butterscotch topped with a dollop of sweet cream. This was the scent that caused me to order from Super Tarts for the very first time. I'm obsessed with butterbeer scents and always curious to see someone's take on what it would smell like. I've tried four butterbeer blends from different vendors, and this was one of the least favorites. It's plain butterscotch, and not sweet like the real thing. Just a creamy and warm buttery scent. There's a plastic tone to it as well. It's very light in the warmer; I melt two cubes and the fragrance is gone by the end of the day.

C3POhh - honeyed toffee chunks and buttery brown sugar cookies. This is made with a dupe for Honey I Washed the Kids by Lush. I recognize the scent in's warm and sharp like there's a citrus note. It doesn't make me think of honey or toffee at all. But the brown sugar and cookies are what save this blend. It's a little sharp from the HIWTK dupe, but overall it's a warm bakery blend with a touch of citrus. I don't even like HIWTK but I love this blend.

Carol - black currants, cotton candy and a bottom note of sweet pomegranate. One of the fragrances used in this is a Lush Comforter dupe. I've tried that scent from a different vendor, but I don't smell it in Carol. This is a bitter, sharp scent. I'm guessing that is the pomegranate, but it doesn't smell like the pomegranate I smell in other Super Tarts blends. I can smell the dark fruits, but I get a strong woodsy note in here. It didn't smell anything like the description, but it throws pretty strong in the warmer.

Darth - The Omen blended with rosemary mint. The Omen is a  red apple, ocean breeze and vanilla bean noel scent I reviewed previously (the Halloween collection, I think). So combine that with rosemary mint and you have Darth. I'm getting a lot of green mint and rosemary in here. There's an aquatic note in the background, so this is mostly a green herbal-mint blend.

Doctor Who - red rooibos tea, shortbread cookies and creamy custard. It smells like a smooth, mildly sweet bakery blend mixed with red tea. I'm not sure how to describe that note since I'm not a big tea drinker, but it's a mellow scent. Very calming, maybe slightly fruity. This one is an equal blend between the tea and bakery note.

Dr Doom - combining patchouli, Madagascar black pepper and a super creamy vanilla bean. This is supposed to be a Lush Lord of Misrule dupe. I've never tried the real thing so no comparison here, but I've heard a lot of great things about LoM. The notes aren't my thing, but the hype won me over. I can smell the pepper and patchouli...the vanilla adds a soft creaminess but I don't actually smell vanilla. Overall this scent is sharp, earthy and dirty.

Dumbledore - apple slices, Pink Chiffon and blue cotton candy. This is a very perfumey, musky blend...heavy on the Pink Chiffon (it's a B&BW scent). The apple is there, but these two scents just aren't working well together IMO. It's strong in the warmer so I only use one cube. IDK, I never imagined Dumbledore smelling like a woman who drenched herself in perfume.

Edward's Promise - Pink Chiffon, gardenia, Pink Sugar and Vanilla Bean Noel. Another perfumey, musky blend. It's mostly Pink Sugar and Pink Chiffon, but there's a light touch of gardenia. It's very feminine and throws strong in the warmer.

Emma Frost - sparkling ginger, vanilla bean noel and sugar crystals. I love this one. Smells just like ginger ale, effervescense included. I don't smell any vanilla.

Gambit - raspberry and So White dupe (orange, apple, rose and neroli). I'm not familiar with the Lush So White dupe, but this is a complex red apple blend with some sweet raspberry mixed in. There's some perfumey floral undertones, but it's heavy on the apple.

Gamora - Pink Sugar, mac apple and ice cream scoop bread.  Mostly Pink Sugar and a light touch of bread. The apple is there but it's buried under the other notes. I don't smell the ice cream. I wasn't sure I would like this at first, but it turned out pretty good.

Gryffindor - frosted lemon meringue cheesecake with raspberry glaze. Heavy on the lemon but there's a tart raspberry mixed in. It's more of a fruity blend rather than a dessert blend. It's pretty zesty so it makes a great kitchen melt.

Hufflepuff - sweet bananas, buttery pie crust and sweet cream. Wow! It's like banana instant pudding with a touch of pie crust. It's super sweet, and more candy-like than the actual fruit. If you like banana scents, you need this!

Indiana Jones - red currant berries, raspberries, Egyptian musk, sweet honey cream. One of my favorites. It's heavy on a tart berry note, which smells more like red currant than the sweet raspberry that Super Tarts uses. I can smell a good amount of the musk, but no honey or cream. It's a sexy blend, and I'd love to see this made in a body cream.

Joker - fruit punch, bubble gum and mango. Tangy, tropical fruit punch (smells the same as the one used in Gremlins) and a touch of pink bubblegum. It's a nice summer blend, but this one just doesn't throw well for me. I can barely smell it after a few hours. I got this almost two years ago so that may be why it's lighter, but I have a lot of wax that old that still throws just fine.

Katniss - eucalyptus and lemon curd. I mostly smell tart lemon curd but the eucalyptus is not shy at all. This is a very fresh scent that would be a good melt when you have a cold or a congested airway. However, this one is super strong (I venture to say annoyingly strong). If I ever bought this again, I'd cut the clamshell cubes in half and melt those one at a time.

Loki's Tricks - lemon ice box pie, Trix and frosted Rose Jam. This is mostly a Lush Rose Jam dupe with an extra kick of lemon. I don't smell the Trix. It's a bright, sunny floral and if you like rose blends, I highly suggest this.

Middle Earth - Lush Dirt dupe, rosemary and fresh mint leaf. Mostly dirt and green mint with a touch of herbal rosemary. I don't think I've ever seen a dirt scented wax melt aside from this. Somehow it manages to be extremely soothing and might help on those days you're congested. This was one of those blends I figured I'd dislike but tried it for the sake of trying it. And now I'm afraid of running out.

MODOK - creamy peach and blackberry sorbet stacked on top of a vanilla sugar waffle cone. This is mostly a fruity blend and I'm not smelling any waffle cone. The blackberry is tart, but once again the peach managed to smell a bit plastic-y.

Mother of Dragons - satsuma and sweet pineapple. It's a sweet, cloying pineapple with a citrus-y twist. It's a very tropical type of blend, and strong in the warmer.

Mouse Ears - sweet lollipops, iced lemonades and funny ears. I wasn't expecting to like this one as much as I do. It's all lemonade, no lollipops. It's almost effervescent, maybe like a hard lemonade. It's a really good scent and super strong in the warmer.

My Precious - blood orange, tangerine, strawberry, raspberry with a hint of bergamot. This is all citrus, I don't smell the strawberry or raspberry at all. Just bright, zesty citrus with the bergamot standing out.

Nova Prime - bakery shop, sweet lemon meringue and blackberry cream. Tart blackberries and zesty lemon with a warm pie crust note. It's a really tart blend, not sweet at all. There's also a slightly perfumey note that I'm picking up on. If you like tart fruit blends, you need this.

Peeta - French baguette, butter brickle and coconut shavings. I think this is mostly butter brickle, which I recognize from a lot of other Super Tarts blends (it's a warm, smooth, buttery scent with a little sweetness). There's a very subtle baguette note and occasionally I can pick up on the coconut. I wish the coconut was stronger, but this is mostly a creamy bakery blend.

Planet of the Apes - Biolage, pomegranate and blue raspberry.  This is made with a dupe for the Biolage shampoo, which is a clean spa-like fragrance. It's an extremely strong scent that dominates this blend, but I can also pick up a fruity sweetness from the blue raspberry. It's clean, tart, a little sweet. I didn't like Cousin It (which was Biolage + tropical fruit), but somehow I really like this one.

President Snow - peppermint cream, white rose and vanilla ice cream. It's a sharp rose with green undertones like the one used in Frosted Tangerine Rose and Wolverine's Woman. There's a touch of green mint but I'm not getting any vanilla. This seems to be more green than floral to my nose.

Prim - lavender, violet and cucumber mint. This one's pretty different. I mostly smell sweet, powdery violet and cucumber, but there's a touch of lavender to prevent this from becoming too sweet. The mint is extremely subtle and I don't smell much of it. It's a spa scent with a twist.

Ravenclaw - blue raspberry and lavender. This is all herbal lavender, like the one used in Go to Sleep. I really didn't smell the blue raspberry. I figured it would add some sweetness, but I didn't get that at all.

Red Room - Blue Sugar, Love Spell and leather whips. Hmm, yeah. I recognize the masculine Aquolina Blue Sugar and the leather is certainly there. I'm not familiar with Love Spell, but there's a generic fruity floral I'm picking up. I'd say it's an equal blend of the three notes. It's like this scent is trying to be sexy but falling very short. It's off-putting to my nose, and even more so because it's one of those annoyingly strong scents.

Ron - Magically Delicious and creamy orange sherbert. This is an equal blend of both notes. The orange is soft, not tangy at all, and I can smell the marshmallow-cereal notes but the Magically Delicious has a sharp note in there. I don't know what it's from, but I smell it in every MD blend I've tried.

Sam's Shire - Fresh cut grass, watermelon and rock candy. Heavy on the tart watermelon Jolly Rancher candy note. There's a green note that must be the grass, but it doesn't smell like freshly cut grass to me. It's still a nice scent and one that I enjoy, but I've also found better watermelon-grass blends.

Saruman - sandalwood, Black Amethyst and Floating Island (Lush type, creamy vanilla sandalwood, slight lemon notes). I can smell the Black Amethyst (B&BW dupe, it's a dark and sultry fruity floral), but this is mostly sandalwood. I haven't tried Floating Island so I'm not sure what that adds to the blend. I don't smell any lemon though. I expected to love this since I loved Black Amethyst, but there's too much sandalwood in here for me to really enjoy.

Slimer - green apple Jolly Rancher and sweet tarts. It's heavy on the candy-like green apple note, but I can also smell the sweet tarts. It's more tart than sweet. This one is really good!

Slytherin -honeydew melon, blackberry and white tea. I mostly smell honeydew and white tea. It's a very sweet blend with the white tea adding a refreshing element.

Snape - Magically Delicious, warm sugar cookies dusted with sweet cinnamon sugar. A smooth bakery blend that is not sweet like I expected from the description. I smell the Magically Delicious, but that sharp note I smell in MD blends is very subtle here. I don't smell any cinnamon at all. This reminds me of the butter brickle note that Super Tarts uses.

Snow - spearmint and Mac apple. This is heavy on the red apple, but the spearmint is certainly present. It's a pretty straightforward scent, but it's really good.

Son of Odin - pomegranate, sugar cookie, and fresh picked strawberries. Heavy on the strawberry so this is fruity and sweet. I don't smell the cookies at all. I think it's the same strawberry used in Flash and these scents are pretty similar, so if you have one you really don't need the other. And it's incredibly strong in the warmer.

Swan - blonde moment, lemon and Pink Chiffon. A tart, perfumey blend. The lemon and blonde moment are competing to be the dominant note. The Pink Chiffon is subtle and stays in the background. It's a zesty fresh blend.

The Force - caramel macchiato, orange juice cake and gooey marshmallows. This is a strange blend but I really like it. It's heavy on the orange juice with a soft coffee note underneath. It's more tart than sweet. It's unique and I recommended this if you like citrus/orange blends.

The Thing - cornbread, fresh picked peaches and cream. It's heavy on the peach but I can also smell the warm cornbread. The peach note that Super Tarts uses isn't one of my smells musty and plasticy. The cornbread note smells more like corn chips. It's pretty strong in the warmer so one cube is all I needed.

Tie Me Up - vanilla bean champagne and strawberries. Heavy on the champagne with a lot of effervescense. I don't smell any vanilla, but I can smell the strawberry. I'm not sure if it's the same strawberry in Son of Odin and Flash. This one seems to be less sweet and more tart.

Tonks - Magically Delicious, raspberry and Pink Sugar. I get an equal blend of Pink Sugar and a sweet, creamy raspberry (the same one used in Zerbert Kisses). The cereal note is there but it's difficult to detect. It's a perfumey, fruity blend that is really good.

Vigo - sweet banana rock candy. Smells just like banana Runts. It's a super sweet banana with an almost fizzy note thrown in. You know when something smells so strong that you can taste it? That's what is going on here. I start coughing if I sniff it too long. It smells so good, but I'm almost afraid to melt it. Almost.

White Walkers - spearmint, peppermint, fresh mint leaf and vanilla bean noel. There's a lot of peppermint in a smooth vanilla base, but I can also pick up on green spearmint. It's a relaxing scent that would be a good melt for when you have a cold.

Zombie Brains - key lime, pomegranate and fluffy cotton candy. Heavy on the lime but I can detect the cotton candy as well. This has a candy-like quality that reminds me of lime sweet tarts.

Final thoughts - there's a lot of great scents here, but my top picks are Mouse Ears, Emma Frost, Gambit, Indiana Jones, Bella's Blood, Middle Earth and Hufflepuff. The website is currently closed for orders but will be opening in the next few weeks for another round of clamshell offerings. You can follow the Facebook group for restock updates and flash sale announcements, and the website to order from is here.

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