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Wylde Ivy Valentine's Day

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

These are all of the scents I grabbed from last years Valentine's collection. They're back this year (and currently available here and here) along with two new additions which I will be picking up soon.

Wylde Ivy offers each scent in a variety of products such as body butters, lotions, both oil-based and alcohol-based perfumes (sample sizes are available in the alcohol base), sugar scrubs and a dry oil spray. Everything will be available until the end of February or until they sell out.

I talked about the body butter a while back, so here I'm going to go over the hemp and green tea lotion. This is a lightweight moisturizer with a bit of a watery consistency. It glides on easily and soaks in almost instantly, leaving behind a powdery softness on my skin. If you're familiar with Moonalisa's Potion Lotion formula, this is very similar. It's a bit too light for my skin during this time of year, so I reach for this lotion in the warmer months. The fragrance lasts for at least an hour (usually a few hours), depending on the scent. This product is available in an eight ounce bottle with a pump for $10.50 and is listed as vegan, cruelty free and paraben free.

Scents -

Chocolate Rose Creme - smooth vanilla bean infused with elegant rose essence and encased in fine white chocolate. White chocolate? This smells like a snuggly, smooth milk chocolate covering delicate, pink rose petals. The rose is soft but detectable. On the skin, the rose amps immediately while the vanilla and chocolate dance around the edges. The chocolate and rose alternate as the dominant note over the next hour, but the chocolate eventually fades and leaves behind a soft vanilla rose blend. After around 3-4 hours, all I can smell is vanilla when press my nose into my wrist.

Crush - airy tendrils of sugar, hints of ripe blackberry bushes, the mingling of pink candy lollipops and pure vanilla, with just a touch of sheer musk bring visions of the sweet innocence of that first crush on a summer day. In the bottle I smell a lot of tart blackberry lightly accented with a touch of cotton candy. On the skin it's initially heavy on the blackberry, but the sugary notes quickly emerge and soften everything. The sweetness of the candy notes and the tartness of the blackberry contrast beautifully. Despite all the sweet notes, this scent is never cloying. As it dries down, the blackberry gradually fades and is replaced by a cotton candy-vanilla musk blend. I know Wylde Ivy has done a Blackberry Cotton Candy blend in the past, but I don't have it to compare; I imagine these two would be extremely similar though. This is an airy, delicate and youthful fragrance, and if you enjoy sweet scents, I highly recommend this.

Forgotten Rose - there is a forgotten rose garden, tucked away and hidden among the lush greens where the roses now grow wild and rowdy. The morning sun dances in the dew drops that are sprinkled on the heavy blooms. Notes of red rose, dew, green leaf and ozone. In the bottle I mostly smell a velvety deep red rose with leaves and stems and maybe a touch of citrus (there's something a little sharp, that could be the ozone). It smells like you're walking through a rose garden in the early morning hours when the bushes are still covered in dew. It doesn't morph much on my skin for the first few hours. The rose becomes a little softer to allow the damp green notes to come through more. Eventually the rose fades, and this becomes a clean, wet green scent. I don't know about Forgotten Rose. I think it's the wet green notes, but this scent just isn't getting along with my nose. But there's two other great rose blends in this collection that I'm happy with.

Isolde's Wish - Isolde's scent is the lingering warmth of Tristan on her skin, his love which gives her hope and destroys, white flowers, moonlight and love. Notes of dewy jasmine, cedar wood, sandalwood, faded rose petals, almond flowers, vanilla, saffron and musk. In the bottle I pick up on the cedar, saffron and almond blossom (I'm assuming that's what I's a powdery scent that is the same one I smell in Tristan's Desire). Isolde is brisk and woodsy, with a powdery softness. On the skin this transforms immediately. It becomes a delicate, white fragrance that reminds me of baby powder. There's the tiniest touch of saffron that fades quickly. The base is a very smooth blend of sandalwood and a pinch of cedar, but it's buried underneath the almond flowers. After several hours the powdery sweetness begins to fade and gives way to a soft cedar-vanilla aroma.

Sugar Rose - inspired by a recipe for rose sugar cookies. Sugar Rose is delicate rosewater, moist raw sugar cane, crispy cookie crumbs with just a touch of wildflower honey and tropical fruit nectar. This was the one I was dying to try. In the bottle it's a beautiful, velvety rose with a small touch of warm cookies. The rose is the dominant note, and I don't smell any honey or fruit. Actually I might be picking up on the honey. There's something lurking in the background that smells slightly medicinal or like vinegar, and I've experienced that same smell in a few other honey blends. I don't mind it here because it's subtle and mostly disguised by the rose; thankfully, it fades quickly. The rose fades gradually over several hours and leaves behind the perfect sugar cookie scent (one that actually smells like sugar cookie rather than buttery dough like most sugar cookie notes I've smelled). The cookie leads way to a fluffy, sweet marshmallow cloud that lasts until the fragrance fades completely. I was worried about that sharp honey note for a while, but it stayed in the background and disappeared quickly. Aside from that, I love this fragrance.

Slightly off topic...I was intrigued by the mention of rose sugar cookies, so I searched around and found a recipe here. They turned out pretty good!

Tristan's Desire - Tristan's scent is the comfort of the forest woods, the warmth of exotic saffron and cinnamon, a touch of dried rose petals. A treacherous tryst and undying romance, Tristan's Desire is wonderfully unisex. Notes of cedar wood, teak, sandalwood, faded rose petals, almond flowers, saffron, cinnamon bark, vanilla and musk. In the bottle it's heavy on the cedar with a pinch of cinnamon and saffron, maybe some vanilla to help smooth out the cedar. It's a fresh woodsy blend that reminds me of aftershave. On the skin the I'm surprised to find that the spices disappear (usually they amp immediately).  I'm left with a lot of cedar (and some rose?), but a soft, sweet note begins to emerge. Looking at the description I imagine that's the almond blossom. Whatever that is, it transforms into a powdery note that floats on top of the cedar. The woodsy base fades, and a vanilla-baby powder combo remains until it fades completely. Tristan is a real morpher - it went from masculine in the bottle, unisex when wet, and feminine on dry down.

Comparison -
Wylde Ivy Chocolate Rose Creme vs. Moonalisa Cocoa Rose - In the bottle the chocolate notes are very different. Moona's is more of a slightly boozy dark chocolate, while Wylde Ivy has a smooth milk chocolate. The rose and chocolate are equally balanced in both. On my skin these two notes alternate in both perfumes as the primary note, but Wylde Ivy's eventually dries down into a smooth vanilla cream whereas Moonalisa's is just rose and chocolate. There's no comparison for the longevity and sillage - Wylde Ivy wins hands down. These are both nice scents, but I would recommend Wylde Ivy for the longevity, ease of ordering, current availability, and shorter turn around time.

Final thoughts - my favorites here are Sugar Rose and Crush. Chocolate Rose Creme gets an honorable mention. Those two are scents that I would repurchase again and again. Everything here is now available on the website, so be sure to check it out if you're looking for some great Valentine's Day scents. There's two new scents that are also included in this years collection that I'll review soon.

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