Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Alchemic Muse Spring Collection

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Spring collections are right around the corner, and I figured I'd do some reviews since I've been reaching for spring scents lately. I love florals so this release was right up my alley.

Just a quick note - two of these fragrances were discontinued last year due to a supplier issue. I'm including them here just for the sake of consistency. There were also two new scents that were introduced, but I didn't grab them last year so they aren't included in this review.

All of these fragrances were available in a variety of products (perfume, sugar scrubs, cream soaps, body whips, etc). The spring lineup hasn't been announced for this year, but I'm assuming many of these scents will be returning.

Ambrosia - surround yourself with the food of the gods! Luscious nectars of apricot and white peach amidst intoxicating mimosa and plum blossoms accented with a splash of ruby red grapefruit and a faint breath of spring air. This is one of the two scents that was discontinued due to a supplier issue. In the vial, I mostly pick up the peach, a touch of citrus, and a lot of ozone, but there's also a clean element to this like a skin musk. Fresh, crisp, and clean is how I'd describe this. Feminine but could also pass as unisex. The citrus and ozone amp on my skin, but I'm also getting a soft floral element along with the musk. Towards the end of wear time, the florals and musk faded but I was still left with that bright ozone note until the scent faded entirely. Sillage was moderate and total wear time was around six hours. Again, it was discontinued last year, but you may find this scent in destashes.

Cloud Nine - an ethereal clean and creamy white floral blend with billowing white blossoms of Victorian lilac and wisps of sweet jasmine, white rose, white violet and cherry heliotrope. Floating beneath is a thick layer of fresh cream raining onto a bed of white raspberries. This is almost entirely lilac, but there's a very subtle sweet note that I suppose is the raspberry. On my skin it's all lilac, and I lose that fruity aroma that I smelled in the vial. There's something almost sharp and green in here, but I can't pinpoint what it is by looking at the description. I think I'm picking up hints of the jasmine, but it's difficult to say because all I really smell is lilac. As it dries down, that sharp note fades and it becomes a little more smooth as the fresh cream note blends with the lilac. I agree with this being a clean scent, but it doesn't become creamy until towards the end of wear time. Sillage was moderate, and it lasted around six hours until I needed to reapply.

Dreamcatcher - snare your dreams, no matter the time. Wild honeysuckle flowers with sugared citrus notes of lemon and bergamot peel at play against a sheer base of orange blossoms, muguet and crisp green leaves. In the bottle it's a pretty equal blend of the honeysuckle and lemon. I think I'm picking up on a touch of orange blossom in the background as well. It's a very fresh, clean floral and I can't wait to wear this. It's beautiful. On my skin the lemon amps immediately, and I'm getting a much stronger orange blossom note than I picked up in the bottle. Eventually the orange blossom takes a back seat, and this is all fresh lemon and honeysuckle. It didn't morph beyond this point. I expected the citrus to fade quickly since it's a top note, but I could still smell lemon all the way through the dry down. Sillage is moderate, and I got about four hours of wear from this. I plan on doing a comparison between this and Haus of Gloi's Honeysuckle Lemon Curd in the near future, but for now I'll say that Dreamcatcher has a lot more depth to it while the HoG scent is much more simplistic.

Fable - choose the path to your own happy ending by virtue of sweet wild strawberries intertwined with wild roses underscored by mysterious woods, forest earth and a hint of animal musk. I swear I've smelled something like this before. It reminds me of the Lush Sultana dupes I've tried. Not exact, but along those lines. In the vial I smell a lot of musk and some strawberry, but I'm also picking up on what smells like lilies. This is a very sensual floral blend, albeit a bit too mature for my preference. On my skin I'm picking up more strawberry and now there's an almost boozy, intoxicating quality to this scent. I don't know what that's about, but that's what I smell. The musk and lilies are still present in the background, along with the wild roses. After a few hours the strawberry and rose fade until the lilies and musk remain throughout the dry down. Sillage was moderate and total wear time was around four hours.

Orange Blossom Tea - an exquisite, sultry scented blend of orange blossom petals with bergamot, muguet lily and fresh green notes over a heart of robust black tea accented by a sheer, earthy base of oak, sweet hay and light musk. In the vial this is heavy on the bergamot and black tea, but I can detect a soft orange blossom weaving in and out. It's sharp, a little sweet, very bold. On my skin the orange blossom and tea share the spotlight as the dominant notes, but the tea gradually recedes, leaving behind a soft orange blossom. The scent didn't morph beyond this point. Sillage was moderate at first, but stayed close to the skin after the first hour or so. Total wear time was around five hours. I'm torn on this scent. On one hand I love the orange blossom, but on the other hand the strong tea note took away from it.

Ostara - the eternal embodiment of spring pays tribute to you with a mix of hyacinth blossoms, myrtle and wild heather fused with the soft green foliage of moss and ivy, gently grounded by a warm and earthy base of clove, cinnamon and myrrh. To describe this scent in one word - green. This is what the color green would smell like. It makes me think of laying in an overgrown meadow, watching the butterflies dance overhead. In the bottle, I mostly smell the hyacinth and maybe some ivy, with a very subtle touch of cinnamon and clove. There's something sharp in here that helps brighten this blend. This scent doesn't morph on my skin aside from that sharp note receding fairly quickly. I expected the spice notes to amp, but they never did. Sillage is strong on initial application, but quickly softens to hug close to the skin. Wear time was four to five hours. This was such a surprise favorite and one that I am utterly in love with, which means only one thing - this scent is now discontinued. Apparently there was a supplier issue that affected the availability of this scent, but I've got my fingers crossed that this will be reformulated at some point.

Final thoughts - Dreamcatcher is my top recommendation here. Ostara is actually my number one, but since it was discontinued, Dreamcatcher is my top pick of the remaining available scents. The spring collection hasn't been announced yet, but I imagine it will be available in the next few weeks. You can follow Alchemic Muse on Facebook for restock updates, or sign up for a newsletter through the website.

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