Thursday, February 11, 2016

Haus of Gloi Valentine's Day 2016

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Here's a quick review of the two new (or new to me) scents that were included in the recent Valentine's Day collection. These weren't available last year so I'm doing a second V-Day post to include them. Most of the items I ordered were scents that I already reviewed, but I did grab some butterbombs that were new to me.

According to the newsletter that was sent out a couple weeks ago, there has been a formula change to Risque. I reviewed the 2015 version already, but since I received the reformulated version as a free sample, I figured I'd do a comparison.

Dank Chocolate - bitter chocolate, blood orange, patchouli, labdanum, a dark ruddy amber and benzoin. I know the description says this is a bitter chocolate, but I don't find that to be the case. Instead, the chocolate in this blend smells like Tootsie Rolls lol. So, in the vial I'm smelling Tootsie Rolls and nuts with a light touch of orange. On my skin the orange and chocolate amp briefly before disappearing entirely after 20 minutes. What I'm left with is a sharp, earthy patchouli that hugs close to my skin throughout the remainder of the wear. Sillage was moderate for the first half an hour, but I was pressing my nose to my wrist after that point. Total wear time was around four hours.

Super Freak - rich vanilla, heady incense, and a trace of red wine. This should say a trace of vanilla instead of red wine because all I smell on cold sniff is wine and incense. It's strong and intoxicating in the vial but quickly softens once it's on my skin. Initially I smell both wine and incense equally before the wine becomes the dominant note. Once the wine fades, I'm left with a very soft incense that I had to press my nose into my wrist to smell. I never smelled the vanilla at any point. Sillage was moderate until the wine note faded; after that it hugged close to my skin. Longevity was around 3.5-4 hours before I needed to reapply.

Chamomile Oak - blue chamomile, white oak and soft vanilla bean. I can smell all three notes, but mostly the chamomile and vanilla. The vanilla doesn't sweeten this blend, but instead it helps tie everything together. Very soothing and comforting.

Hot Wax - warm sweet beeswax. This is good! It's pretty straightforward, just a soft, warm beeswax scent. It almost reminds me of a honey aroma, minus the sweetness. This was my favorite of all the scents in this review.

Milk and Carnation - a blend of soft milk and carnations. I don't smell any milk in here. Just a soft, haunting carnation.

Pink Champagne - bubbly champagne with strawberries and pink grapefruit. You know Zazz from the summer release? That's what this smells like. Efferscent and fizzy with a sparkling citrus note, but mostly effervescent. I don't smell any strawberry.

I mentioned above that Risque was reformulated this year. I reviewed it in my first HoG V-Day post, but since I received a free sample of the new version, I'll do a comparison here.

Risque - red musk, leather, black vetiver, and red rose (2016 version). The two versions are very different scents even though the notes remain similar. This new version is heavy on the rose and musk with a dirty edge that must be from the vetiver. It's a little more feminine compared to the 2015 version, which was more smooth and heavy on the black leather. I like to think of the 2015 version as a men's fragrance and the new version as a women's fragrance, although they can certainly be considered unisex.

On my skin, the new version is a more complex, perfumey blend with the rose and musk being dominant for the first hour or so. After that, the leather slowly takes over, and it eventually smells identical to the 2015 version. As the leather fades, it gives way to a sharp, earthy scent that lasted until I washed it off around the 5 hour point. The 2015 version doesn't morph as much. The leather is the dominant note, but the rose manages to squeeze through to make an appearance. I'm unsure whether this is the same rose used in the newer version since it smells slightly different. As it dries down, the scent morphs into a soft incense aroma that hugs close to the skin. I wore both versions for 5 hours, and the sillage and longevity of the 2016 version were better than the older version.

Final thoughts - neither of the new perfume fragrances nor the reformulated Risque are up my alley, so those three get a pass. However, these butterbomb scents are a different story. Chamomile Oak, Pink Champagne and especially Hot Wax are my top picks here. All of these fragrances are still available on the website aside from the butterbombs, which sold out in the last 24 hours. There will most likely be a restock in the near future, so there may be one more chance to grab the butterbombs if you missed out the first time.

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