Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Moonalisa Spring Collection

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Here are the fragrances that I picked up from last years spring collection. This was a large restock because it also included the Let Them Eat Cake collection, but I'm splitting those up into separate posts.

Moona hasn't announced the spring collection yet, and I believe the next restock will be the Valentine's Day/Mardi Gras collection. But the spring restock should be happening in the next month or two.

Bali Cloud - essential oils of sweet orange peel, ylang ylang and fragrance oils of sandalwood and creamy vanilla. A mix of my Orange Cloud and Bali scents. In the bottle this is a blend of zesty orange with a heavy hand of vanilla. I'm not picking up any floral or sandalwood notes. On my skin the orange amps immediately, but quickly softens into a smooth vanilla with a very light touch of sandalwood. Even though it's heavy on the orange and vanilla, this isn't a creamsicle type of scent at all; it's not as sweet and there's too much zesty orange. Think of this as a grown up version of a creamsicle scent.

Bee's Knees - honey, honeysuckle and hyacinth. In the bottle I mostly smell honey, but there's a light note of hyacinth lurking around the edges which I suspect it helps prevent this scent from being too sweet. The honey is a true honey scent with no sharp medicinal quality. On my skin the honeysuckle and hyacinth blend together evenly. It's a soft floral blend that is nicely balanced between the sweet floral and green hyacinth. It makes me think of Easter for some reason. I wasn't sure how much I would like this, but it's one I will definitely repurchase in the future.

Brazilian Mango Lime Smoothie - a juicy cocktail of natural fruit oils with a splash of rum and coconut. This is mostly sweet mango with a light touch of bitter lime. I'm not picking up on the coconut or rum. Usually I find mango notes to be green and bitter, like an underripe fruit, so the sweet mango in here is a nice change.

Coconut Madness - coconut so tropical it gives you a fever. This is an extremely buttery coconut, and there's not much more to it than that. It's pretty straightforward. I consider this to be more bakery/foody than tropical. I've smelled this same coconut fragrance in a few other Moona blends like Rum & Coconuts and Tahitian Gardenia.

Frejya - goddess of magic, beauty, and love. A sweet and gentle blend of sweet orange peel and French lavender oils. I believe this is an all-natural blend. I get more lavender in this, but the orange is detectable and helps brighten the blend. I only have this as a detangler, so I can't comment on how it smells on my skin.

Honey Cakes and Wild Flowers - earthy, buttery corn cakes drizzled with golden honey, a touch of golden frankincense in a meadow full of blooming wild flowers. In the bottle this is a warm cornbread scent with an almost smoky incense quality to it. It doesn't morph much on my skin, but a true honey note does emerge after a few minutes to add a little sweetness. I don't pick up on any floral notes in here. It's a foody, unisex blend that I love reaching for in the cooler months. I wasn't sure how much I would like this, since I generally don't gravitate towards cornbread or frankincense blends very often, but this is one of my all-time favorite Moona scents.

Indigo Wine - a fresh blend of various hues of blue hydrangeas and hyacinths.This is a very fragrant green blend, perfect for spring. I mainly smell the hydrangea with the hyacinth playing a supportive role in the background. They're similar fragrances in that they're both green and fresh smelling, but hydrangea is a little more sharp and slightly dirty. This scent remains the same on my skin throughout the dry down with the hydrangea being the dominant note. This is a clean, fresh, green and slightly earthy blend that works well for spring.

Moonlit Garden - jasmine, gardenia and ylang ylang. A blend of fragrant white flowers that is exotic, sweet and heady. This is mostly jasmine to my nose, but I can detect a bright gardenia note as well. It's a very sensual, somewhat tropical blend that is long wearing with a strong sillage. It didn't morph  at all on my skin even after a couple hours. I tend to avoid jasmine blends because it can go horribly wrong on my skin, but this one is nice. It's not a scent that I would repurchase (white florals just aren't my thing), but it's one I'll still use.

Tahitian Gardenia - sweet and heady gardenias blended with tropical coconuts and a twist of fresh ginger. Heavy on the gardenia and ginger, but I don't smell any coconut in the bottle. Very zesty. I wasn't expecting there to be so much ginger in this, but it helps accentuate the gardenia and they complement one another. On my skin, a buttery coconut appears and helps ground this scent by adding a subtle depth. The gardenia and ginger are still the strongest notes, but the coconut helps soften them. It's a wonderful summertime scent, but because of it's strong sillage, I wouldn't choose to wear this in the workplace.

Wild Raspberry Lemon Tisane - various raspberry fragrance oils and lemon essential oil. This one is lovely. It's heavy on the lemon but there's a sweet raspberry trailing not far behind.  There's something else far in the background that I can't pinpoint, but it's vaguely floral. On my skin the lemon and raspberry are equally balanced until the lemon slowly fades after approximatly an hour. As it wears, that floral note that I detected in the bottle becomes stronger as it combines with the sweet raspberry. Apparently a tisane is a type of tea, and I certainly get a tea-like aroma here. This scent is much more complex than the description lets on - tart, sweet, fruity and floral all in one.

Final thoughts - I love most of these scents, even though only a few of these actually make me think of spring. Bee's Knees, Honey Cakes, Wild Raspberry Lemon and Tahitian Gardenia are my top picks here. Moona is currently closed for orders, but she should be opening very soon. Announcements are made on the Moonalisa Facebook page, so make sure you follow her there to stay up to date on restocks. You can request fragrances you'd like to see in upcoming restocks, so if you see anything here that you'd like, make sure to let Moona know.

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