Monday, February 22, 2016

Wylde Ivy Blush Apple and Neroli Creme

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

A while back when I reviewed the Wylde Ivy Valentine's Day collection, I mentioned that there were two new scents available that I didn't have. These two sounded right up my alley, so I had to try them out. I'm not sure whether these are new or returning scents, but since they're limited edition, I grabbed them right away.

Apple Blush - crisp green apple peels, lush apple blossoms, and a hint of sweet summer blackberries and white musk. In the bottle, this is an equal blend of apple and tart blackberry, but there's a soft floral undertone to it. I can't get over how true to life the apple is. Juicy, crisp, tart green's like Ashlee squeezed an apple straight into the bottle. I can even smell the skin of the fruit. Initially on my skin, this is almost entirely green apple with the blackberry playing more of a supporting role at this point. After around ten minutes, the apple blossom emerges and combines with the apple to create a beautiful, feminine blend that just screams springtime. It's soft and innocent, but bright and fresh at the same time. The apple eventually fades and is replaced with the blackberries, which are very tart and smell realistic. Towards the end of the wear time, I was still smelling blackberry with a very light touch of musk. Total wear time was around six to seven hours, and sillage was moderate.

Neroli Creme - the timeless, graceful scent of orange blossoms meets the simplicity of pure vanilla cream. In the jar, I'm picking up an equal blend of the vanilla and neroli. It's a very soft scent, with a citrus-like top note. The vanilla is more smooth and creamy rather than sweet. On my skin, the citrus note disappears pretty quickly, and the neroli lasts for around thirty minutes before the vanilla is all that remains. This is a very clean type of fragrance, like the scent of freshly washed skin. Very sensual and comforting. The wear time was only around an hour, and I suspect it would be much longer if I had the perfume format. Sillage was low so this hugs close to the skin, but again, that may be because I have the body butter rather than the perfume.

Final thoughts - I expected Neroli Creme to be my favorite, but instead it's Blush Apple. The apple blossom really sets it apart from all of the other apple scents I have. I only reach for apple scents in the autumn months, but the apple blossom makes this perfect for spring. Both of these fragrances are currently available through the Wylde Ivy website and Etsy shop. They are both limited edition and are available through the end of the month, or until they sell out, whichever occurs first.

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