Friday, March 25, 2016

Arcana Fancy Boy and Coquette

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

This is the second part of Arcana's Valentine's Day release. There were four scents total, but I only grabbed two decants through Ajevie. I reviewed the first part of the Valentine's collection a while back, so this post will only cover the two new ones I picked up.

Coquette - a flirty blend of honeyed strawberries, pink cotton candy, Tahitian vanilla, French cognac absolute and balsam of Peru. In the vial I'm getting strawberry candy with the lightest touch of a boozy undertone. It's a little thick and syrupy, like the strawberry syrup you drizzle on shaved ice. This scent is pink, pink, pink. Sugary sweet, feminine, youthful, candy-like. On my skin, the cotton candy immediately takes over and this becomes much sweeter and lighter. The strawberry is still present, but Coquette is now fluffy and much sweeter from the cotton candy. As it dries down, I begin to pick up traces of a soft vanilla that transforms the strawberry syrup/candy into more of a strawberries and cream. The longer it wears, the sweeter it becomes. The strawberries and vanilla eventually disappear, leaving behind the pink cotton candy. If you enjoy girly pink scents, I highly recommend this. But I can easily see where this one may be too sweet for some folks.

A little observation on the sillage and wear time - I had to apply this scent three times within the hour. The first two times, it disappeared completely after twenty minutes. I applied it to the back of my wrist like I always do, and almost immediately I was pressing my nose to my wrist to smell it. I had better luck with the third application though. Sillage was still low, but I was able to get around five hours of wear. I'm not sure what happened the first two times, but this may be a scent that benefits from liberal application. Either way, I'll most likely order another decant or two because this one is delicious.

Fancy Boy - so indulged! A slice of warm bread smothered in golden honey, white chocolate, almond bits and rich vanilla. In the vial I get a lot of warm bread and almond extract wrapped in a cozy blanket of smooth white chocolate. It's a snuggly type of scent, and very comforting. On my skin, it's become a sharp almond with a touch of slightly yeasty bread. The chocolate has completely disappeared while the bakery note takes a back seat. The sharpness from the almond fades rapidly and is gone in the first half an hour. At this point, the bread begins to pull forward as the main note with the almond adding a soft sweetness. At around the two hour mark the bread disappears, leaving behind a sweet, powdery white blend of vanilla and white chocolate. It's very soft and delicate, similar to powdered sugar, and this is what I continued to smell when I washed off Fancy Boy after 6.5 hours of wear.

Comparison - 
When I first saw the description for Fancy Boy, I immediately wondered how close this would be to Arcana's Vanilla Craves Bread. They both have similar notes and since I have both, I figured a comparison is needed here.

On cold sniff, Vanilla Craves Bread (VCB) is a smooth and golden scent. I smell a heavy dose of honey and the bread note is closer to corn bread. Fancy Boy (FB) is sharp and sweet from the almond while the bread is more of a warm yeasty dough rather than corn bread; it lacks the smoothness that makes VCB so appealing to me.

On my skin, Fancy Boy was heavy on the sharp almond for the first 30 minutes before the bread began to play a stronger role. As it dried down, it began to morph into a fluffy white blend with a powdery quality. The bread note in Vanilla Craves Bread is always detectable but the honey is the dominant note. Again, FB is a yeasty bread while VCB is more like corn bread. During the dry down, VCB transformed into a honey-vanilla blend as the bread gradually disappeared. It also began to take on a powdery quality like FB. Sillage was moderate for both scents, but the wear time on FB was slightly less than VCB.

Final thoughts - these are both great additions to the Valentine's Day collection, but my favorite is Coquette. Fruity, feminine, sweet...all the qualities I prefer in a fragrance rolled into one bottle. Both Coquette and Fancy Boy are currently in stock at Pretty Indulgent. Arcana's EBay shop is currently in vacation mode while she catches up on orders, so I can't check the current availability. The Rhinestone Housewife has Fancy Boy in stock but Coquette is sold out. And if you're interested in trying samples, Ajevie has both fragrances currently available and ready to ship.

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