Saturday, March 5, 2016

Arcana Fille de Joie

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

This is one of the scents offered in Arcana's recent Prynne collection for Valentine's Day. This is an exclusive to Arcana's Canadian supplier Pretty Indulgent, who is currently sold out but should be restocking soon. I figured this would be similar to Haus of Gloi's First Blush fragrance, so I did a comparison of both.

Fille de Joie - delicate lavender marshmallows and yellow peaches cured in a vanilla absolute bottle. In the bottle I get an herbal lavender with a smooth, but not sweet, vanilla base swirling underneath. The lavender is very sharp and has an almost camphorous quality. I don't smell the peach just yet, so hopefully that will come out later. On my skin, that camphorous note in the lavender becomes even stronger, creating a slightly cooling sensation in my nose, and this scent smells very medicinal. After around an hour, the lavender has taken a backseat, and the peach and marshmallow are dominant. The peach has this strange musty quality, and at this point it reminds me of a slightly sweeter version of Solstice Scents Chantilly Cream. The peach note is very similar, and I believe it's the same one used in Nocturne Alchemy's Adele scent. I didn't care for either of those, so I'm not really feeling Fille at this point either. There's a heavy hand of marshmallow that helps sweeten everything, but this scent isn't cloying at all. The peach-marshmallow combo is what I continue to smell after around eight hours on my skin when it faded completely. Sillage is moderate for the first hour, but low once the lavender fades.

Arcana Fille de Joie vs. Haus of Gloi First Blush - despite having similar notes, these scents are very different. In the bottle, Fille is heavy on the lavender with a touch of vanilla cream, while First Blush is predominately peach and white tea with a subtle lavender note in the background. This is a crisp and bright smelling blend, whereas Fille is more comforting and soothing. The peach in First Blush is realistic and sweeter, more like syrup, while the lavender lacks the sharp medicinal quality of the one used in Fille. The peach note used in Fille is less sweet and contains a musty undertone.

On my skin, First Blush is the same for the first few hours until the lavender fades, followed by the white tea, leaving behind a sweet peach aroma. Fille is all lavender for the first hour until it is replaced by a blend of peach and marshmallow. At this point, it's much sweeter than First Blush due to the sugary marshmallow rather than the peach. The overall sillage of Fille was lighter than First Blush, but Fille had a slightly longer wear time.

Final thoughts - I figured this would be a safe blind buy since I loved the peach-lavender combo of First Blush, but I was mistaken. The peach had an odd musty, stale aroma and the lavender was very medicinal, so this one gets a hard pass. As I mentioned above, Fille de Joie is only available through the Pretty Indulgent website but is currently sold out. I saw it mentioned on Facebook that it's supposed to be restocked, but I'm not 100% certain whether that has happened yet.

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