Friday, March 4, 2016

Solstice Scents Lavender Raspberry Truffle

Disclaimer - all product were purchased by me.

This is one of two new scents that was released as part of the Valentine's collection for this year. It sounded like something I'd enjoy, so I placed a small order and grabbed this as a free sample. It's described as a "natural botanical blend" and is an alcohol based fragrance instead of oil based. Currently this is listed as a limited edition fragrance but may go into the general catalog if there is enough demand for it.

Two quick notes before I get into the review. There's been a couple of important changes made recently at Solstice. The standard 10 mL bottles are no longer being offered due to many complaints of leaking roller balls, so all oil-based fragrances are now available in 5 ml bottles instead. Even though Lavender Raspberry Truffle is an alcohol-based fragrance, it is only available in the 5 ml rollerball bottle instead of the larger 60 mL spray bottles that the EdP's come in. The second big change concerns the rewards program. Angela has determined that she will be unable to offer this program anymore effective May 15th, so any purchases made after that date will no longer accrue points. Luckily she has given her customers an advance notice, so I recommend stocking up now to get that $20 gift certificate before the program ends.

And now the review -

Lavender Raspberry Truffle - white chocolate, French Lavender, Bulgarian lavender, tonka, cocoa absolute, raspberry. In the vial this is almost entirely lavender. It's very herbal and soothing, and it's one of the more pleasant lavenders I've smelled. I can pick up on a smooth white chocolate in the background that isn't too sweet, but it does lend a soft creaminess. On my skin, the lavender disappears within a minute, and the white chocolate comes through more along with a sweet raspberry note. I know Angela mentioned that this is more of a raspberry jam than a fresh picked fruit note, and I can see that. The fruit has a sugary sweetness but still smells authentic. After around an hour or two, the raspberry has disappeared, and there's a soft white chocolate that is left behind. As for the sillage, this hugs very close to the skin once the initial burst of lavender fades (which is pretty much immediately). Even within the first twenty minutes of application, I was shoving my nose into my wrist to smell it. Total wear time was less than three hours, and even then, I was only able to pick up a whiff of fragrance here and there. 

Final thoughts - I have mixed feelings on this scent. On one hand, it's a great blend if you enjoy sweet fruity fragrances. The raspberry and white chocolate are on point, and this truly smells like a raspberry-filled truffle. However, this scent is not up to par with what I've come to expect from Solstice Scents. One of the many reasons I enjoy the brand is because of the complexity of the fragrances offered, and that is lacking here. Once the floral note fades, this is raspberry and chocolate - and that's it; I don't pick up any other notes that play a supporting role and help create multiple layers. Also, the sillage is poor and the wear time is very short, which was indicated in the product listing on the website. I'm OK with that by itself, but when I get low sillage and short wear time combined with a more simplistic fragrance from a brand like Solstice, I have to give this one a pass.

In any case, this scent is currently out of stock on the website but Angela is good at restocking items frequently, so I imagine it will be available again soon.


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