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Super Tarts Harry Potter Scent Reviews

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Here it is! My massive order from the Harry Potter opening that Super Tarts did a while back. I went a little over board with this order because...Harry Potter! But I have no regrets. I love the series, and I especially love the thought that went into a lot of these blends. A lot of them tie into the characters in some way. Sirius Black is blackberry and black pepper, Trix cereal for Bellatrix, herbs for Neville, a Twilight dupe for Luna. I would've bought many of these just for the theme alone, but the creativity behind these blends was a big driving force behind this order.

After looking through the list of all the Harry Potter scents, aka Muggle Melts, I realized that I've tried them all. Some of these I've reviewed before on cold sniff, but since I've melted them, I'm including them here with updated thoughts. And a few that I've reviewed in the past I no longer have, so I'm leaving them out of this post. But between this post and my previous ones, you'll find all of the Muggle Melts reviewed in one place.

I'm doing things a little differently with this collection. A lot of Super Tarts blends smell very different in the warmer than they do on cold sniff, so I've taken the time to melt every one of these before posting.

Always - this is a secret Severus Snape tribute blend. Predominantly spa green with a touch of soothing lavender underlying to finish it off. I get a lot of lavender in here with a  delicate green undertone. I expected it to be a little sharp since it's an herbal blend, but it's surprisingly soft in the warmer. The lavender is the same as the one used in Brandy's popular Go to Sleep blend, so if you're a fan of GtS, you'll probably enjoy Always. This is a very comforting spa scent that would work well for the evenings.

Bellatrix - Pink Sugar and Trix cereal type. On cold sniff I get Pink Sugar and nothing else, but in the warmer I get a fluffy, warm marshmallow type of scent. I thought Trix was a fruity cereal, but I'm not getting fruit. Just marshmallows, slightly sweet cereal and a touch of Pink Sugar. It's a delicate fragrance and has a light throw in the warmer, so I go with two cubes.

Cedric - house scent Hufflepuff (sweet bananas, buttery crust, and sweet cream) blended with almond macaroons and kettle corn. I love Brandy's Hufflepuff scent so I was really excited for Cedric. I smell a sweet banana pudding but mostly a toasted almond and coconut blend. Imagine a pie crust made with toasted almonds and coconut with a spoonful of banana pudding, and that's what Cedric is. If you want more banana and more sweetness, you'll want Hufflepuff. If you're looking for a warm, toasted bakery blend, go with Cedric. My recommendation? Just get both!

Dobby - linen sock, ocean mist, and dune grass. Whoa! Major regret for only buying one clamshell! It's a clean grassy blend with a powdery quality to it. I mostly smell the linen but also pick up on the dune grass. It's different than the smell of fresh cut grass...dune grass smells softer and a little sweeter. And then there's something that smells almost like baby powder to sweeten everything. It's a very unique blend and incredibly strong. I melted half a cube and it was still throwing like a champ over 12 hours later.

Draco - a smoldering house blend of Dr. Doom (creamy patchouli, vanilla, and black pepper), lavender Bedtime Bath, and Clementine peels. This one is much better than I expected! I didn't like Dr. Doom (a Lush Lord of Misrule dupe), and I don't go for lavender-orange blends, so this is surprising. It's heavy on the orange but it's a soft, relaxing blend. I consider this a spa blend. The lavender is subtle but helps soften the zesty citrus, and the Dr. Doom blend adds a little creaminess. It's difficult to describe but it's a must have if you're looking for a good evening melt.

Fred & George - funnel cake, bubble gum, and orange julius. In the warmer, this is mostly pink bubble gum with a touch of orange sherbert. I'm not picking up on the funnel cake. The bubble gum gradually fades until all I smell is the smooth orange by the end of the day.

Ginny - Smoky Poppy (Body Shop type) and Celebrate (Lush type). This was my wild card pick since Smoky Poppy and Celebrate are both new to me, but I wasn't expecting to love this as much as I do. It has an orange blossom type of smell on cold sniff and in the warmer. It's a little soapy and clean smelling, and one cube is pretty strong. I'll be stocking up on this one the next time it's available, and I'm crossing my fingers this will eventually be offered in some bath and body products because this is a scent I'd wear.

Gryffindor - frosted lemon meringue cheesecake with raspberry glaze. This is an equal blend of lemon and tart raspberry, and I don't smell any trace of cheesecake. This is more of a fruity blend rather than foody. Very tart and refreshing, throws well with one cube. It's very similar to The Bathing Garden's Cheshire Cat fragrance so you probably don't need both.

Hagrid - shaving cream and Tinsel (berries, vanilla peppermint and pomegranate). I mostly smell peppermint and shaving cream. You know the cheap Gillette stuff that you can buy for $1? That stuff. There's a touch of berries in here that adds a little complexity. Similar to Brandy's Star Lord blend but with the addition of peppermint. It's a very mellow blend.

Harry - Magically Delicious and French baguette. I think I did a cold sniff review on this one before, but since I've melted this a few times, I'm reviewing it again. Smells a lot like warm, fresh-baked bread with a touch of marshmallow to smooth it out. It smells a little yeasty on cold sniff, but in the warmer it's much softer and a little sweeter. One cube was a little lighter than I prefer, so I'll melt two cubes next time.

Harry's Holiday - combining our much loved house blend Harry (Magically Delicious and French Baguette) and Blue Sugar crystals. This is an equal blend of the bakery notes and Blue Sugar. It's a woodsy-musky cologne blend with a smooth, warm bread note. I love Blue Sugar and I love Harry, but I'm not feeling this combo. The two scents don't compliment each other very well.

Hedwig - chai tea, creamy cheesecake, and clove. In the clamshell this is entirely chai and clove, like sipping on chai tea while smoking a clove cigarette. But in the warmer the cheesecake comes through and mellows out the spices. It's still a spicy scent but the cheesecake adds a unique twist by softening everything.

Hermione - Magically Delicious and strawberry filled cannoli. This one is so delicious that I tossed one cube in the warmer as soon as I received it. On cold sniff, it's heavy on the strawberry with a cream cheese type of note. Very fresh, fruity and smooth. But in the warmer, it's mostly cannoli. It has a warm pastry note with smooth cream cheese and a light touch of sweet strawberries. It was on the light side, so next time I'll use two cubes. I do think this should've been spearmint, parchment and grass (this needs to be a thing!), but who can complain about strawberry-filled cannolis?

Hufflepuff - sweet bananas, buttery pie crust, and sweet cream blended together to make this delicious banana cream pie. This is the one that started my love affair with Brandy's banana blends. It smells exactly like instant banana pudding with the slightest touch of pie crust in the background. It's very sweet like a banana flavored candy, but the creaminess makes this more like a pie filling. One cube in the warmer throws extremely well and lasts several days.

Luna - lemon curd, French vanilla, and Twilight (herbal lavender Lush type). This is mainly a tart lemon blend with a strong vanilla note and a touch of soft, woodsy lavender. The lavender is strong in the clamshell, but it doesn't add much in the warmer.

Minerva - Pink Sugar and laundry. I tossed this into my order for the sake of saying that I tried it and not expecting to like it as much as I do. It's very clean and fresh, but also pink and sugary. It doesn't quite smell like Aquolina's Pink Sugar but more of a pink cotton candy type of sugar. It's very feminine, innocent and clean, and reminds me somewhat of Haus of Gloi's Milkmaid scent.

Moody - black cedarwood, rain, and juniper berries. I was really excited for a Mad Eye scent. It's extremely masculine, like a cologne type of blend. Mostly woodsy and musky, slightly wet., but fresh at the same time. It reminds me of Ezra from the Pretty Little Liars sampler. They're not dupes but have similar qualities. Both are fresh and clean smelling in a cologne type of way.

Neville - fresh herbs, grapefruit, and marshmallow fluff. Smells like tomato leaf with something else perhaps. Rosemary? I smell the grapefruit on cold sniff, but it smells almost sweet and doesn't add much in the warmer, so this is mostly a sharp green blend.

Remus - mahogany teakwood, cardamom, apple, and rum cake. This is all red apple with a spicy kick from the cardamom. It reminds me of Haus of Gloi's Apple Milk scent from the autumn reverie. Eventually the cardamom disappears and this becomes a sweeter blend with the addition of the cake note. I don't smell the rum or woodsy notes. I love this one, and I'll be reaching for this a lot in the cooler months.

Sirius - blackberry, sandalwood, and a hint of black pepper. This is like 99% blackberry. I smelled a touch of sandalwood in the clamshell, but it didn't add much in the warmer and I couldn't smell the black pepper at all. Very sweet and fruity, slightly perfumey. I would've liked Sirius to be another Omen blend since the grim was a bad omen in the story, but this one turned out nicely.

Snape - Magically Delicious, warm sugar cookies dusted with sweet cinnamon sugar. I reviewed this one before on cold sniff, but now that I've melted it I'll go over it again. It's a warm fresh-baked bread type of scent, but it has a thick, sweet note in here that makes me think of molasses. Very similar to PF Changs from the holiday-themed collection. I don't smell the cinnamon unless I put my nose up to the warmer. It's really nice, but I prefer PF Changs.

Soul Suckers - Death and Decay (Lush type) and strawberry slices. This is a white floral blend (lily, to be specific) mixed with a sweet strawberry. It's about a 50/50 blend of the two fragrances. I've only smelled a Death & Decay dupe once before, and I remember it being a very haunting and intoxicating scent. It's pretty on it's own, but with the added strawberry it smells more like an aerosol air freshener you'd use in the bathroom. This isn't a scent I'd buy again, but it does throw extremely well.

Tonks - Magically Delicious, raspberry and Pink Sugar. In the warmer I get a soft raspberry and marshmallow blend. It has a warm, almost bakery undertone from the Magically Delicious, but thankfully I don't smell that sharp peppery note that I pick up in a few other MD blends. It has a perfumey edge from the Pink Sugar but is predominantly raspberry and marshmallow.

Umbridge - tea and cakes, sugar dusted roses, and cotton candy. There's a lot of rooibos tea as the main note with an artificial rose coming in close behind. My first thought is how similar this is to another Super Tarts blend called Dr Who, which is also a rooibos blend. In the warmer, this smells completely different. Yogurt is what I get, like sour, slightly curdled dairy. I expected this to be sweet from the description, but it's not at all.

Voldemort - the Omen blended with cactus and sea salt. A soothing spa blend. It's a little green and a little fresh, but I can still smell traces of the rain and red apple notes from The Omen. Mostly the cactus though. It's a little lighter than I prefer, so I'll use two cubes next time.

Final thoughts - I knew this collection would be a huge hit, but I was surprised at how many I fell in love with. It's really hard to narrow my top favorites down, but I'm going to go with Ginny, Remus and Dobby as my top picks. These scents are no longer available on the website, but they will return in future restocks as Brandy cycles through the scent list. If you can't wait to try these, I suggest searching for a destash in the Super Tarts Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook.

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