Thursday, March 3, 2016

Super Tarts Primetime Scents

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

The Primetime collection was offered in early January, and these are all of the scents I have from the collection. I think I've reviewed a few of these in previous posts, but for the sake of consistency, I'll go over them again here.

90210 - peach coconut smoothie, cotton candy and seaside. This is heavy on the peach with a sharp ozone type of note, which must be the seaside. I don't know if seaside is supposed to be an aquatic scent and it doesn't smell aquatic to me, just sharp. I don't pick up on any coconut, and this isn't sweet at all even though cotton candy is listed as a note. This is very fresh, like a clean fruity blend.

Beauty and the Beast - sweet blackberries and Magically Delicious. This is an equal blend of sweet, jammy blackberry and the cereal note. I think this is the only Magically Delicious blend I've tried that actually reminds me of cereal. It smells like you just opened a box of the Crunch Berry cereal.

Big Bang - pumpkin pecan waffles, hot toddy and butterbrickle. I don't even care for the PPW scent so I don't know what's going on here, but I love this one. This is a warm bakery type of blend, but it's also rich and sweet. I smell a good amount of the PPW (which mainly smells like waffle to me) and butterbrickle, with a maple syrup sweetness. It's very similar to Red Rum, which is another PPW/butterbrickle blend, but Big Bang is more sweet.

Carlisle - soothing chamomile blossoms and sweet huckleberries. I get an equal blend of chamomile and fruit in here. I don't think I've ever smelled huckleberry before, but it makes me think of blueberries and it compliments the chamomile nicely. This is a very comforting, herbal blend that would work well for the evenings.

CSI - mango, marshmallow and cotton candy frosting. This is a very sweet, candy-like blend. The mango scents I've tried from various vendors tend to be tart and green smelling, but this one is very sweet and ripe. There's a lot of cotton candy in here that ups the sweetness factor. It's nice, but I find it to be a bit cloying.

Dexter - fresh picked strawberries, sweet pineapple and tangerine slices. I get a lot of pineapple and tangerine in this, but not much strawberry. The pineapple is extremely sweet and more like a candy than the actual fruit, so the citrus is a nice touch to balance that out.

Fresh Prince - orange slices, coconut cream and gardenia. I don't know why I didn't pick this up in the first Primetime offering almost two years ago. It sounds dreamy, and it really is. It's mostly coconut and orange. I can barely pick out the gardenia, but it's there. This makes me think of an Orange Julius with the coconut adding a tropical twist. I love this one, and I hope it will be available as a Bam bag because I need more.

Heart of Dixie - pink peonies, vanilla bean buttercream and pink sugar. This reminds me of another Super Tarts blend called Black Widow, which I'm guessing is because of the peonies. I was expecting Hart of Dixie to be a sweet foody floral, but it's more sharp and fresh. I don't smell the Pink Sugar or buttercream. The peony smells more like a sharp rose scent with the leaves and stems included.

How I Met Your Mother - watermelon, sweet white wine and pomegranate. Heavy on the watermelon and wine. It's more of a fruity watermelon rather than a Jolly Rancher watermelon like the one used in Candy Bag, and the wine gives this a clean, crisp edge. It reminds me of another scent called Iced Berry Tea. This will be a nice blend to melt in the summer.

Invisible - cactus & sea salt, pear slices and crisp white tea. This was a free sample that was included with every order. It smells a little perfumey on cold sniff, but it's different in the warmer. I have it melting right now, and I get the white tea and cactus sea salt, but not the pear. It's a crisp spa blend that is refreshing and comforting.

Mama's Family - blackberry jam, Gain Laundry type and lemon curd. There's a lot of lemon and a laundry note in here, but I don't smell the blackberry. It's very tart and fresh smelling, and super strong in the warmer.

Mindy Project - blueberries, mango chunks and a crisp white sangria. I get a lot of the sangria, which makes this a very crisp and effervescent blend. I don't smell the blueberry, but I do get a lot of mango, so it's very tropical and fresh. I'm wishing I had grabbed two of these.

New Girl - violet, sweet lolli and cupcakes. This is heavy on the violet and lollipop notes. It's powdery and very sweet, practically candy like. Occasionally I can pick up the cupcake note, but it's so subtle that it doesn't add much to this blend. It's very similar to another Super Tarts blend called Fluffy Violet Candy, which I reviewed previously.

Orange is the New Black - orange juice, burnt marshmallows and pomegranate. Heavy on the orange juice, but the pomegranate helps darken this scent. Thankfully the toasted marshmallow is so subtle that it doesn't bother me (it's sharp and almost peppery in other blends). I'm so glad this was offered again because I've been saving my last two cubes for the past year.

Revenge - fresh picked strawberries, black rose jam and vanilla bean. There's a lot of sweet strawberry and rose in here. It's the Lush Rose Jam dupe, so it has a sharp citrus edge to it that contrasts with the sweet berry smell. This one is nice, and it's very strong in the warmer.

Scandal - Channel No. 5 and rose petals frosted with vanilla bean noel. Not my typo, I just copied it from the scent list. Or is it a typo? IDK. Anyway, I smell that same sharp, generic rose scent that is in Frosted Tangerine Rose but no vanilla. The Chanel #5 is dominant in this blend so!

SHIELD - pina colada, passionfruit nectarine and rainbow sherbert. I don't smell much of the passionfruit nectarine; it's lingering in the background and adds a little depth. This is mostly a very sweet (almost cloying) pineapple scent, and a little powdery. It smells a lot like another pineapple blend called Genosha. Between the two, I prefer SHIELD.

Vampire Diaries - strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and sweet cake bites. This is all berries and no cake. I mostly smell a sweet strawberry like the one used in Flash and Revenge, but I also get a touch of raspberry.

Wicked - pistachio, toasted marshmallow, and signature sugar cookie. This is almost entirely sugar cookie. There's a sweet pistachio note, but I mostly smell a smooth, buttery cookie. The toasted marshmallow is difficult to pick up on, but I occasionally smell it. It's a nice scent, but not the most unique.

Final thoughts - there's a lot of great blends here that I enjoy. My top picks are Big Bang, OiTNB, Fresh Prince, Mindy Project, and Mama's Family. The website is currently closed for orders, but will be opening in the near future with a Lord of the Rings themed clamshell restock. You can join the Facebook group for restock announcements and general discussion, along with the separate destash group to scoop up any scents you may have missed out on.

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