Sunday, March 13, 2016

Super Tarts Tarty Little Liars Sampler Review

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

This is the latest Super Tarts order to arrive. This is a sampler set based on the Pretty Little Liars show. There was a second sampler available based on the 50 Shades of Grey series, but I passed that one up. This was my first time buying a sampler because there were so many scents here that sounded too good to pass up.

The samplers went on sale in early February, and I received it within the month, which was much faster than I expected. The set was $21 before shipping and includes a selection of ten different scents poured into scent shots rather than clamshells. I also received a sample of an upcoming scent that I will review in this post.

Ali - ginger ale, satsuma and dark boysenberry. Strong on the ginger ale and satsuma so this one is very bright and effervescent. I was hoping to smell more boysenberry because it's a scent I don't see often, but it's hard to detect here. I still love this blend though. It's very fresh and uplifting, and it will be great for summer.

Aria - lotus blossoms, Pink Chiffon, sea salt and blackberry.  This one is really nice. It's heavy on the blackberry with a soft floral undertone. The Pink Chiffon is very subtle, and I don't smell any sea salt. It's very sweet and feminine.

Emily - rainbow sherbert, crisp Mac apples and chlorine. Emily is heavy on the red apple with a subtle note of smooth citrus. There's a sharp chemical note from the chlorine that adds a unique twist, and it enhances the citrus notes nicely, making this a very fresh scent.

Ezra - rain drops, cucumber, earl grey tea and a slight musk. This is a very masculine, cologne type of blend. It's a combo of all four notes, but the rain and earl grey stand out the most. There's a crisp citrus top note from the tea that contrasts nicely with a soothing watery note. It's fresh, musky and aquatic all at once, but mostly a citrus scent.

Hannah - 1000 Kisses (Lush dupe - mandarin blossom and apricot), strawberry glace, apricot slices and cake. I smell a lot of orange and apricot with a touch of floral that is along the lines of orange blossom. It's a little sweet but more of a soft citrus blend. This one is really good. I don't normally care for the smell of apricot, but the orange and floral notes balance this out nicely.

Radley - pear slices, brown sugar and chamomile. This one is really interesting. The chamomile is the strongest note here, so it's very herbal and soothing. I don't smell the pear, but there's a strong note of brown sugar that helps sweeten everything and gives this a unique twist. This is one I'll definitely repurchase when it's available in clamshell form.

Rosewood - rosewood, lemon zest, musk and orange slices. This is heavy on the citrus, particularly the orange, but I also smell the rosewood which has a very musty quality. This one is unique, but I'm not feeling the stale vibe I get from it. It makes me think of walking into an old, dusty attic with an orange note thrown in.

Secret Keeper - fresh cut grass, elderberry, dirt and sweet vanilla. This one reminds me of Sam's Shire from the LotR collection that Super Tarts has. Heavy on the grass and fruit notes with a touch of moist dirt. I don't smell any vanilla. I'm not really sure how to describe the elderberry, but I'd say it's a darker berry scent that doesn't have much sweetness; it smells very artificial and plasticy though. I do like the summertime vibe I get from the grass, so I may repurchase this in the future.

Spencer - French vanilla, textbooks, raspberry glace and orange zest. I get a lot of raspberry that is smoothed out with a heavy amount of French vanilla, but I also pick up a dry, bland smell that must be the textbook note. This is mostly a creamy berry blend, but it has this musty undertone to it.

Who's A? - blood orange, guava, fig and ice cream scoop bread. This one is heavy on the orange and bread notes, and it makes me think of toast with jam on top. The ice cream helps blend these two notes together so it's a little smooth, but the orange is still bright and zesty. I can smell the other fruit notes, but they're mostly in the background.

This was the free sample that was included in my order -

Leonardo - blue cotton candy, blackberry jam butter cookies and sweet tarts. I mostly smell the sweet tarts and cotton candy, but I also get a hint of buttery cookie that helps balance out the sweetness of this scent. It's very candy-like, but not cloying. If you like sweet scents, you'll need this.

Final thoughts - overall, I'm pretty happy with this collection of scents. Ali, Hannah, Leonardo and Radley are the ones I would definitely repurchase if they're ever sold in clamshell form. Secret Keeper and Aria are potential repurchases. This sampler is no longer available, but all of these scents will eventually appear in a clamshell restock. The Super Tarts website is down at the moment while current orders are being filled, but it should be open in the next few weeks for a Lord of the Rings themed restock.

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