Thursday, April 14, 2016

Arcana's The Rhinestone Housewife Scent Review

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

This is a fairly recent exclusive that Arcana did for The Rhinestone Housewife. I was curious about the blueberry and banana combo because I haven't seen anything like this before, but I was wary of the patchouli and amber so I went ahead and grabbed a sample vial through Ajevie to test things out.

The Rhinestone Housewife - caramelized banana trifles and blueberry cakes are deepened with dark, resinous amber and soft, creamy patchouli. In the vial, the banana is what stands out the most. It's a Runts candy type of banana, not a fruity one. It's very sharp and sweet. I pick up on a hint of warm blueberry and a touch of patchouli to dirty things up, but it's hard to smell anything aside from the banana. On my skin the blueberry immediately comes out and is grounded with a barely discernible touch of patchouli that gradually becomes stronger. I was expecting the banana to be present but it completely vanished from the moment I put it on. After around an hour, it's almost entirely patchouli. The blueberry continues to weave in and out throughout the duration of wear and adds a unique contrast. It's a very mellow and comforting earthy blend, and what I consider to be a "hippy" scent. I wore this for around eight hours and would say it has a moderate sillage. It would certainly last longer than that, but I washed it off at that point because of the patchouli. I was hoping this would be more of a fruity blend, but the patchouli took over and that isn't a note that I'm entirely onboard with.

Final thoughts - this is a nice perfume and one that is certainly unique in my stash, but it wasn't quite what I was hoping for. I was drawn in by the banana-blueberry combo, but the banana disappeared immediately and the blueberry became overshadowed by the patchouli. I'm going to try layering this with a few banana scents to see how that turns out, but I'm happy that I went with a sample instead of blind-buying a full size bottle. You can still find this scent through Ajevie if you want to try a sample vial or The Rhinestone Housewife if you're looking for a full size bottle. I'm not certain whether this is a limited edition scent (I assume that it is), so you might want to snatch this up while it's still available.

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