Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Haus of Gloi Eudemonia & A Place in Space

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Haus of Gloi released their spring collection a few weeks back with two new additions to this years lineup. I decided to play it safe and go with perfume samples to test these new fragrances out.

On a somewhat side note, I'm pleased to see that the Haus has been stepping up their game with the seasonal collections. I've become accustomed to a Hunger Games approach with their restocks - furiously refresh the website several minutes ahead of the scheduled launch, have a second tablet charged and ready to go in case the one I'm using takes too long to load, toss everything into the cart, freak out and grab the second tablet when the first one inevitably takes too long to load, race through the checkout process, double check my receipt to make sure I grabbed everything, then take several deep breaths when the order was successfully placed. And while that's still my approach, it hasn't been necessary these past few releases. Items are still in stock for usually an hour or more after the launch time when they would previously sell out in minutes, so there's a better chance of getting what you want. Hopefully this trend continues as they continue to grow in popularity. I imagine the true test will be when their autumn collection launches later this summer since that's the biggest hit with their customers, but I'm happy to see that they're taking steps to accomadate their growing fan base.

Anyway, enough rambling. Onto the scents!

A Place in Space - a silvery lavender, nag champa, dry amber incense and faded patchouli. In the vial I smell a soft, delicate lavender with hints of incense and patchouli. These are three notes that I generally avoid, so I'm surprised to like this blend so far. It's a very snuggly soft and very wearable for a head shop type of scent. On my skin this transforms into something entirely different. Instead of lavender, I'm getting the amber with the slightest hint of incense. At this point, I'm pretty confused over how a scent could change this dramatically on my skin. I smelled no trace of amber in the vial, but on my skin that's all I smell. In any case, it's no longer head shop-ish but still retains that cozy quality I mentioned above. It remains a very warm, smooth golden scent throughout the dry down, and I'm considering the layering possibilities. It would probably pair well with vanilla, so I'll be experimenting with that. I wore this for around seven hours before washing it off, but even at that point the sillage was moderate and I could still smell it on my wrist after I showered.

Eudemonia - warm ginger, coconut cream, Hawaiian sandalwood and a drop of blood orange. In the vial this is almost entirely ginger. There's a faint touch of smooth coconut and sandalwood, but this is in-your-face spicy ginger. And that's all I smelled on my skin. The ginger was still the dominant note, but occasionally I would get a quick whiff of sandalwood. There's an underlying smooth base, but I don't pick up on the coconut and it isn't doing much to soften the spiciness of this scent. I was hoping the coconut and sandalwood would pull through more, but that didn't happen. Personally I would've enjoyed this more if the ginger had been used with a lighter hand rather than being the strongest note. This one had moderate sillage and I wore this for around six hours before washing it off.

Final thoughts - I was expecting Eudamonia to be my favorite, but A Place in Space is the one I prefer. It's not a scent I'd repurchase, but I'll certainly use it when I'm in the mood for an amber blend. Eudamonia has a nice summery vibe to it, but the ginger was too harsh to my nose and the other notes didn't balance it out. Both of these scents are still in stock on the Haus of Gloi website in a variety of products, but they're limited edition so if you want to give these a try, you might want to grab them soon.

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