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The Bathing Garden Circus Collection

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Here's my latest order from The Bathing Garden's Circus restock that was released earlier this year. It's always a great day when I get a package from Shannon, and I was especially excited for this one to arrive. She did a circus-themed collection two years ago that I loved, so I was happy to see this theme again with new scents.

This review will be a combination of the circus scents currently listed on the website along with the scents offered two years ago. I'm slowly working through my entire Bathing Garden stash to review, so I figured I'd combine the two collections into one post. Even though some of these are not available on the website, Shannon is great at adding your scent requests to future restocks. If you see something here that you'd like to try, just send her an email or message her on her Facebook page. 

Free samples

Blushing Lemonade - lemonade, strawberry, lime, orange, watermelon and vanilla (2014). This is predominantely a citrus blend with a touch of strawberry. In the warmer I also get a touch of vanilla that adds a mellow smoothness. It's a bright, summery blend that I love. It's strong in the warmer so I use one cube.

Bohemian Rhapsody - strawberry, lime, orange and raspberry. I mostly get the raspberry and strawberry with a light touch of citrus. It reminds me of rainbow sherbert in a way. The pink, orange and green kind. It's strong in the warmer so I use one cube.

Candy Carousel - the sweet and sugar-y scents of the midway. Smells like rainbow cotton candy with hints of apples and cakes. I received a wax sample of this in a previous order, although it's only available as a sugar scrub on the website. It's a very nutty scent, not sweet at all, and I don't smell any apple or cake. It reminds me of the caramel pecan fragrance that I've smelled from a couple other wax vendors.

Circus Cake - blue raspberry shaved ice, powdered sugar and white vanilla velvet cake. This is a popular blend that shows up in restocks every few months. It's a sweet, candy-like blend rather than a fruity or foody one. I smell a lot of blue raspberry syrup with a touch of fluffy powdered sugar. It's very strong in the warmer so I only use 1 cube.

Clowning Around - salty and sweet popcorn, buttercream and candy corn with blue cotton candy and toffee dipped apples. This is buttered popcorn and rich caramel apples. I don't smell  the other notes in here. It's a bit light in the warmer, so I use two cubes.

Creme Filled Circus Bread - rich vanilla cream, mounds of sugar and yeasty fresh baked bread (2014). Lots of warm yeasty bread. I pick up on a touch of the vanilla cream and a buttery note as well. I don't usually gravitate towards bread scents, but I've been hanging onto this one for a while now because I really like it.

Dancing Elephants - blue cotton candy cake pops are topped with a raspberry rose sugar glaze (2014). This is mostly raspberry and rose with a very light touch of cake. Shannon's raspberry and rose notes are the best I've found. The raspberry is the perfect balance between tart and sweet without that plastic-synthetic aroma that I find with other brands. The rose is delicate and perfumey without any sharp green notes. I love this scent and was hoping to see it return this year, but I have a couple of rose-raspberry blends from Shannon that are just as nice.

Freakshow - butterscotch, funnel cake and vanilla ice cream are topped with a cinnamon sugar crumble (2014). I get a lot of butterscotch with a touch of funnel cake. It's very warm, smooth and buttery with the faintest touch of cinnamon. It makes a great kitchen scent.

Fried Candy Donut - berry donuts rolled in fluffy pink cotton candy. This smells just like a jelly donut. It's a strawberry jam type of scent with a sweet fried dough to add a bit of warmth. The bakery note doesn't last long, and all I could smell was the strawberry after a few hours. I melted one cube in the warmer and it lasted all day with a good throw.

Golden Trapeze - lemon meringue is layered with white cake and drizzled with a sweet gardenia icing (2014). Love this one! It's an equal blend of lemon and gardenia with a light touch of cake. The lemon is more of a lemon curd rather than a fresh fruit scent. It's smooth, fresh, tropical. I melted this once when I first got it and have been hanging onto it ever since. Hopefully it will return this year so I can finally melt this clamshell and stock up on more.

Magician's Bonfire - bonfire wisps, lavender and chamomile sugar crystals. Ugh, why did I only buy one? This is too good. It's the same bonfire scent used in Faerie Bonfire from the Halloween collection (I'm almost certain it's also the one in Moonalisa's Halloween Hayride). It's a dry, herbal type of scent with a smoky undertone and a touch of lavender with the chamomile being the dominant note. Excellent throw with two cubes in the warmer so next time I'll try one cube.

Midway Bites - sugar dusted funnel cake, strawberry cotton candy and sweet caramel apple cake. Heavy on the caramel apple and fried dough with a light touch of strawberry. I'm pretty sure this is the same apple note in Toffee Candy Apple and Clowning Around. This one is great in the cooler months, and I only need one cube in the warmer.

Peppermint Bubbles - marshmallow, whipped cream, creme de menthe, meringue and peppermint (2014). Smells like peppermint and vanilla with a touch of creme de menthe. It's not as sweet as I expected from the description. It's light in the warmer so I use two cubes.

Poppet's Coaster Ride - strawberry peach jam, tart lemon curd  and raspberry cake bites. I smell a lot of lemon and juicy peach in here with an occasional whiff of raspberry. I don't think I've ever tried a lemon-peach blend, so this is unique in my stash. This is a heavy on the lemon so it's a fresh, uplifting scent but also very summery.

Ringmasters Paramour - sugar crystals, rock candy, ripe berries and a hint of effervescent bubbles. One of my all time favorite scents from any wax vendor. If you like fizzy scents, then you need this. I know the description says a "hint" of effervescent bubbles, but I find that completely inaccurate. This is ALL bubbles and effervescense. It smells like lemon-lime soda with a touch of berries. Very bright and summery. This one was pretty light in the warmer even with two cubes, but it's still worth stocking up on.

Root Beer Funnel Cake - strong root beer, vanilla cream powdered sugar and funnel cake. Heavy on the root beer, but there's a fried dough note from the funnel cake in the background. There's a nice contrast between the cold root beer and the warm dough. I'm looking forward to using this in the summer months. 

Starlight Soda Pop - a bubbling citrus-y soda pop with vanilla and light woods. This one is hard to describe. I smell effervescent cola, citrus, and soap. I reviewed the sample of this I had received with my holiday order, and I think I mentioned before that I smelled something soapy in here. A while back I melted a sample of TBG's Sparkle and Spice scent, which is a dupe for Lush Porridge. It reminds me of the soapy note, and I'd venture to say it's the same scent used in Starlight. Anyway, I'm not sure about this one. The notes don't really complement each other, and the soapy note doesn't get along well with my nose.

The Contortionist - a bottom layer of green tea and ginger crystals topped with cherry blossom clotted cream. I'm not familiar with the scent of green tea, but the bottom layer smells green and soapy. The top layer is the cherry blossom and it's very fresh and clean smelling with a delicate floral undertone. I haven't melted this one yet but it smells strong in the clamshell.

The Fortune Teller - cola drenched funnel cake topped with butterscotch cream soda. This one is interesting. I get a lot of cola and smooth butterscotch with a touch of warm fried dough from the funnel cake. It's a warm bakery type of blend with a sweet effervescent twist. It's a unique combo that works surprisingly well.

The Illusionist - neroli orange blossoms, mandarin, red grapefruit, swirled with mango and red berries. This is another one that I reviewed before when I got it as a free sample. I smelled orange blossom and citrus, and it turns out that's what it is. I don't smell berries or mango though. Just an equal blend of orange blossom, mandarin and grapefruit. I love the orange blossom note that Shannon uses. It doesn't smell soapy or artificial like some scents I've tried from other wax vendors. It's more of a citrus blend with a beautiful floral undertone.

The Menagerie - a garden of fresh picked greens with rosemary, thyme, lavender and spicy basil (2014). I'm not too familiar with the smell of different herbs, but I think I'm getting the rosemary and basil in this. I don't pick up on any lavender. It's a fresh green blend with a strong spiciness to it. It smells strong in the clamshell so I'll start with one cube when I melt it.

Toffee Candy Apple - candied apple drizzled with gooey caramel and rolled in toffee (2014). Rich and creamy caramel with a touch of red apple. I'm pretty sure this is the same scent used in Clowning Around and Midway Bites. It's a great scent for fall and strong in the warmer so I only need one cube. 

Tunnel of Love - red velvet raspberry cheesecake with a rose glace pudding. I'm mostly getting a blend of raspberry and rose with a soft touch of red velvet cake. It's very similar to Dancing Elephants with the addition of a chocolate note. In my experience, red velvet cake is a note that seems to burn off quickly in the warmer. I haven't used this one yet but I imagine it will be mostly raspberry and rose once it melts, and I'll most likely start with one cube since it smells strong on cold sniff.

Vanilla Cherry Cola - effervescent cola, vanilla cream and a cherry splash (2014). This smells just like cherry cola. I don't pick up on the vanilla. Cherry scents can be hit or miss because a lot of times they end up smelling like children's cough syrup, but not this one. It's fizzy, fruity and very summery. It's light in the warmer so I use two cubes.

Vanilla Layered Root Beer Float - creamy vanilla ice cream is layered over bubbly root beer (2014). This was offered as a sugar scrub in the last circus restock two year ago. It smells just like a root beer float. The top layer is a smooth vanilla (not too sweet) and the bottom layer is effervescent root beer. I wasn't sure how I'd like a root beer scented scrub, but it's very cool and refreshing in the summer time. 

Victorian Carousel - blue raspberry is topped with a layer of sweet blackberry candy and grape sugar (2014). I think this is where my love of grape scented wax began. It smells like grape bubblegum and blue slushies. It's been a while since this was offered so I'm hoping it will return this year.

Victorian Midway - spiced apple funnel cake, pumpkin frosting  and cinnamon brown sugar. Lots of spices and warm bakery notes with a touch of apple. This will make a great kitchen melt in the cooler months. It's only available as a 2 ounce chunk rather than a clamshell. I got this as a sample with a previous order, so I'm happy to see it available on the website.

Vintage Circus - blue cotton candy layered over crisp candied apples. I believe this has the B&BW Winter Candy Apple in it. That's what it smells like to my nose. It's more of a perfumey scent rather than a true candied apple scent. It's extremely strong in the warmer so I only use one cube.

Widget's Circus Cocoa - hot milk chocolate cocoa ganache with dark chocolate chips and sugar crystals. This is a sweet, warm milk chocolate with a smoothness that smells just like a cup of hot cocoa rather than a chocolate candy bar. I don't reach for chocolate scents very often, but this is one I'd consider getting a backup of. The throw with one cube was a little lighter than I'd like so I went with two cubes.

Final thoughts - I love almost every one of these scents (aside from Starlight Soda Pop), but I'm going to stick with the scents currently available for my top picks. Ringmaster's Paramour and Magician's Bonfire are the two I can't get enough of, along with The Illusionist, Victorian Midway and Victorian Carousel. The Circus collection is currently available on the website through the end of the month. Again, some of these scents are not currently available since they were released two years ago, but they may return in the future. 

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