Friday, May 6, 2016

Future Primitive Soaps Spring Review

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

A while back I received a newsletter from Tiggy of Future Primitive Soap Co announcing the spring lineup. I've been admiring the brand from a distance for the past two years or so but have balked away from ordering. The international costs are tough to swallow and I had a good feeling I'd be hooked on the brand after all the rave reviews I've heard. But when I saw that Tiggy was releasing a scent called Rose Lemon Tea, I knew I was done for. That had my name written all over it, and a few other items made their way into the cart as well.

Shipping was relatively fast considering this was an international order. I received a shipping notice approximately one week after I ordered, and the package was on my doorstep a week after that. The inside of the box was nicely wrapped with tissue paper and included a hand written thank you note along with candy and free soap samples.

I ordered a few other scents that are offered year-round but for now I'll focus on the spring scents.

Atropica - sun-drenched lime and mandarin, Hawaiian florals, basil leaf washed with torrential rains, oakmoss and white wood. I didn't know what to expect with this one. I've been craving lime blends lately so I decided to take a chance and it paid off - I'm completely obsessed with Atropica. This is a very clean smelling unisex blend with a burst of fresh citrus (the lime is the dominant note but I can also detect the mandarin). The florals, woodsy notes, oakmoss, basil - I don't pick up on any of that. It has a laundry vibe to it, like sun-dried linens with a top note of freshly squeezed limes. Very sunny and bright, crisp and clean. Perfect for summer. I bought this in the body butter and it is heavily fragranced - the scent lingers for several hours before it fades.

Green Pastures - linden blossom, fresh citrus, cool green lily and hyacinth, French verbena, gardenia petals and cedar. This was a free bar soap sample that was included with my order. I was debating back and forth whether to add this to my order but ultimately passed, so this was a pleasant surprise. This one is a unisex grassy type of fragrance with soft woodsy and floral undertones. It makes me feel like I'm laying in a meadow with the blades of grass slightly damp from the morning dew. It's clean and fresh smelling, but not sharp at all. It's very delicate and soft.

Rose Lemon Tea - vibrant rose soaked with lemon dew, tart cassis syrup, bergamot zest and amber, finished with a dusting of vanilla.  One of the most beautiful rose blends I've ever tried. It's a very delicate rose with no sharp green notes, just the velvety smooth petals. I'm picking up hints of berry from the cassis along with a barely discernible touch of lemon. The rose is the dominant note though so this blend is more floral than fruity. It's very strongly scented in the jar and I can still smell it after several hours of wear. This was only available as a body butter which might be a good thing for the wallet - I would've grabbed multiples of this scent in every single product had it been available.

I was curious to see how this one compared to the Lush Rose Jam fragrance, and while I've never tried the original, I do have the fragrance oil dupe on hand. Rose Jam is a brighter scent with a strong lemon top note. I'd say it's an equal blend of rose and lemon. Rose Lemon Tea is sweeter, softer and heavier on the rose note. The citrus notes are more subdued and the berry notes give an added complexity that Rose Jam lacks by comparison. I've always loved the Rose Jam scent since I first tried it, but Rose Lemon Tea is my preference by a landslide.

Final thoughts - this was a small order, but so far this is my favorite spring release. In fact, these are some of the best smelling scents I've found in a long time. While Green Pastures is a lovely scent, Atropica and Rose Lemon Tea have
completely taken my breath away. These two scents have caused me to fall down the Future Prim rabbit hole and I'm eagerly waiting to see what Tiggy comes up with next.

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