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Moonalisa Let Them Eat Cake Collection

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

 It's time for another Moona collection, and this is the best one of all! The Let Them Eat Cake (LTEC) collection pays homage to Moona's background as a pastry chef, and if you love gourmands, these are the scents you need to check out.

I wanted to have this review completed a few months ago before the March restock, but the LTEC collection snuck up on me. The scent offering was smaller this time than it has been in previous years since the March opening also included spring and summer fragrances. But there were a few new scents that Moona came up with, so I decided to wait until I received my order so I could review everything at once.

There's a rather large selection of scents in this collection, and they aren't all offered at one time. I've included all of the scents I have in my stash but there's many more that I don't have. Most of these were offered this year, but some go all the way back to 2014.

Alice's Tea Party - a kooky concoction of gingerbread cookies, coconut macaroons and raspberry jam, with an array of tiny touches of herbal teas of spearmint & lemon, orange and clove. This one has also been called Gingerhouse Fruitcake in the past. I'm smelling a sweet raspberry with the smallest hint of warm, lightly spiced gingerbread. Then I sniff this again and I get lots of gingerbread with a tiny touch of berry. This one is a real morpher. Sometimes it's more fruity and other times it's more bakery. The tea note is hard to detect, but it's definitely present in the background.

Angelfood Cake and Coconut - sponge cake light with aromatic almond extract and toasted coconut. This smells like an almond flavored breakfast pastry. It's a sweet almond with a touch of a bakery note. Some traces of buttery coconut (not toasted but more like coconut cream pie filling) but mostly sweet almond. Very light in the bottle.

Berry Marmalade Glazed Cheesecake - berry marmalade glazed cheesecake with buttered graham crust. The berry notes are dominant, and I'm thinking it's a strawberry and raspberry blend. It's more of a jammy scent rather than fresh picked fruit. Mostly sweet but a little tart. The graham cracker crust and cheesecake notes are subtle and occasionally detectable, but this is more fruity than dessert.

Black Currant Berry Tart - dark berries mingle with delight in a crumbly crusted tart. This is a deep, bold berry scent that is mostly tart with very little sweetness compared to the other berry scents here. It's a little boozy and almost like a sweet red wine (does sweet red wine even exist?). I don't smell any bakery notes. If I wanted to wear a fruity scent for a sexy night out, this is what I would reach for.

Candied Strawberries and Liqueur Filled Dreams - scented in an irresistible medley of sweet juicy strawberries dipped in warm crystallized raw sugar then doused with a rich hazelnut and vanilla liqueur. I've yet to find another brand that can do strawberry like Moona does. Either it's too sweet or too artificial, but with Moona, it's just right - the perfect balance between tart and sweet, while still smelling like the real thing. This one is a juicy, mouthwatering strawberry that starts out tart but gradually becomes sweeter. I don't smell the hazelnut, but there are hints of vanilla in the background. It's a little boozy without screaming BOOZE! I'll still try other strawberry fragrances, but I don't think anything will ever measure up to this one.

Candied Violets - sweet sugared violets on a buttery sponge cake. This one starts out as a sweet, buttery yellow cake with a soft touch of sweet violet. As it wears on my skin, the cake fades into the distance and this is all violet. Very feminine, very sweet, maybe a touch of sugary vanilla. It smells very similar to Moona's Sweet Violet Nectar fragrance without the buttery cake to ground it.

Caramelized Orange Custard - rich and gooey caramelized succulent oranges layer with milky, creamy vanilla custard and spice. This one is tough to describe. I smell a somewhat sweet, creamy custard blended with sharp spices. Clove maybe? It's almost fizzy. There's an occasional whiff of sweet orange that I can detect, but it doesn't contribute much to this blend. So spicy/fizzy with a mildly sweet creaminess.

Chateau de Chambord - the liqueur is made from raspberries, blackberries, Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey and cognac to create an all-natural black raspberry liqueur. A dark, sweet berry blend. I mostly smell the blackberry but I also pick up on the raspberry, with the vanilla adding a creamy sweetness. I don't smell the cognac, which is nice because sometimes that note is harsh to my nose. Reminiscent of the B&BW Black Raspberry Vanilla scent but a million times better.

Confetti Cake - big white fluffy cake with mounds and mounds of freshly made buttercream icing, sprinkled with bright and cheery confetti sprinkles.  This one turned out much different than I expected. I figured this would be a sweet cake scent with a lot of buttercream, but I smell pink bubblegum instead. That must be the confetti sprinkles, but it smells like bubblegum to me. There's a buttery vanilla cake note mixed in, but the bubblegum is the strongest note.

Cotton Candy Cupcakes - OK, I said I would never but...I have these irresistible smelling cotton candy oils begging to be blended with a vanilla butter cake scent. So here she is, all fluffy and pink, so sweet she will give you a toothache when devoured. Mostly cotton candy with a touch of white cake that mellows out the sweetness a bit, but this isn't as sweet as I expected from the description. It's a very delicate, girly scent but the sillage is extremely low. I have a hard time smelling it in the perfume bottle, and the scent is virtually nonexistent in the lotion and hair conditioner.

Lavender Shortbread - shortbread cookies fragrance oil and lavender essential oil. This is an herbal lavender with an underlying buttery bakery note. It starts out with the lavender being the strongest note but as it fades, a soft, mildly sweet cookie note is left behind.

Lemon Curd and Coconut Cream - lemon curd and coconut cream with graham crust. Tart but creamy lemon curd is the strongest note I pick up on. The coconut provides a smooth base, with the scent of a graham cracker crust playfully dancing around the edges. This is mostly a citrus/fruity blend but the pie crust transforms this into a mouthwatering summertime dessert.

Lemon Sugar - pure and true zesty lemon essential oil mixed with sweet crystallized sugar. This is an equal amount of fresh squeezed lemon and sugar. I immediately notice how realistic the sugar note is, and I've never encountered anything like it in another perfume. I've tried plenty of perfumes that have "sugar dusted this or that" listed in the description, but it's always been a generic sweetness. Not like this one where it smells just like opening a bag of granulated sugar. The lemon and sugar notes continue to weave around each other on my skin, so this alternates between tart and sweet throughout the dry down.

Orange Honey Soaked Sponge Cake - I can't find a description for this, but it reminds me of Honey Cakes and Wild Flowers that I reviewed in the Spring collection post. It's like warm buttery cornbread with a touch of orange. I don't smell the honey. It's a little bright from the sweet citrus, but mostly a golden bakery scent.

Raspberry Vanilla Cream - cream doused juicy raspberries and vanilla musk. This starts out as a tart, insanely delicious raspberry. Like Moona's strawberry note, this raspberry is the most realistic one I've found so far. Juicy, tart, and just a touch of sweetness. As the vanilla pulls forward, this becomes creamier and a little sweeter but is still mostly tart.

Rosewater and Angelfood Cake - I can't find a description, but this is one of my favorite scents ever. So of course, it's discontinued due to a supplier issue. It's a delicate, soft rose on top of a fluffy white cake. Very sweet and girly, somewhat powdery. More sweet than floral.

Southern Blackberry Jam Cake - big fat, juicy blackberries smother this buttermilk rich, slightly spiced cake. An old Southern tradition. I think I reviewed this before? I've been using this one lately and it's included in this collection, so here's an updated review. It's heavy on the cake note, but not as sweet or buttery as some of the other cake scents in the collection. I can smell the buttermilk which isn't sour, but I suspect it helps tone down the sweetness from the cake and berry notes. The blackberry is sweet and jammy rather than tart, and it disappears pretty quickly on my skin.

Strawberry Sugar Shortcake - ripe juicy strawberries, crushed and rolled into sweet cane sugar, gently folded into fresh whipped cream on top of a warm buttery shortcake. This one is eerily accurate. Tart strawberries and spongey yellow cake are what I smell with a fluffy whipped cream to soften everything. The berries and cake notes are equally balanced, and I find this scent to be more tart than sweet.

Final thoughts - Moona never ceases to amaze me with her fabulous creations, but this entire collection takes the cake (pun intended). Every single scent here is something I'd consider repurchasing, so it's tough to narrow down a few favorites. Rosewater will always be number one, but Raspberry Vanilla, Chateau, Candied Strawberries and Black Currant are also my top choices. There's a handful of these scents available on Moona's website, but they are leftovers from the March sale so the selection is limited. The Let Them Eat Cake collection is offered in the early spring months, but you can always check the Moonalisa fan page on Facebook for destashes.

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