Friday, May 27, 2016

Solstice Scents Spring Collection

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

The Solstice Scents spring collection is coming soon and I'm always excited for this release. I believe this was my first foray into indie perfumes a few years ago, so this collection holds a special place in my heart.

Angela has confirmed that all of these scents will be returning this year along with Chrysalis, which I didn't include in this review (I'll do a separate post once I have a sample in hand). One of these scents is being discontinued so quantities will be limited, and this release will not include any bath/body products for the time being.

Blossom Jam Tea Cakes

Southern tea cakes, petit fours, floral infused jams and preserves and a delicate aroma of tea. 

This seems to be one of those "love it or hate it" scents. I've seen quite a few people mention a note in here that goes funky on the skin; I noticed that too when I bought this years ago, so it's been collecting dust ever since. But now that I've let it age, I have a better appreciation for this scent. It makes me think of what a high society Victorian woman would wear to an English tea party in a lavish garden.

In the bottle, I get a strong lavender note followed by the cake and a light touch of tea in the distance. I'm guessing it's earl grey tea since I occasionally pick up on a light citrus top note. The cake note isn't too sweet and it reminds me more of shortbread. This one is really similar to Moonalisa's Lavender Shortbread scent in the bottle. On my skin, the lavender is still dominant but that funky note begins to emerge (seriously, what is that?). It's slightly sour and plastic, and while it's unpleasant, it's far enough in the background that I can tolerate it. The lavender gradually fades and around the two hour mark, I get a sudden burst of vanilla buttercream. Sugary sweet, creamy cake frosting. This sweet note is what I continue to smell for the next six hours until the scent has faded completely. I'm still a little torn on this fragrance. I still don't love it because of that sour note, but I like it more than I did a few years ago. Would I repurchase? I would consider buying another bottle if I ever get through the one I have, but that's going to take a while.


Almond, rose, yellow cake, tonka bean, coconut, ginger and green orange. 

This is one of my all-time favorite fragrances from any perfume house. Actually, it's my number one favorite, my "if I could only wear one perfume for the rest of my life, this would be it" fragrance. So naturally, it's being discontinued due to a supplier issue. I know it's not Angela's fault when she's at the mercy of her suppliers, but it's difficult to not feel disappointed. I guess that's the downside of indie perfumes. But I'm hoping this will be reformulated in the future.

Cameo starts off as a sweet almond and rose blend with a subtle bitter green top note. It's a very sweet fragrance, and the bitter note is used with a light enough hand to temper the sweetness just enough to prevent this from becoming cloying. The rose is very delicate, similar to the one used in Rose Mallow Cream. The green note fades quickly, leaving behind the almond and rose. Eventually the ginger appears but it's very subtle, and just like the sharp green note I smelled, it helps prevent Cameo from becoming too sweet. As it dries down, I begin to detect the coconut that helps smooth everything together. Youthful, flirty,'s a very sweet and creamy blend that is predominantly floral, but foody enough for a gourmand lover to enjoy.

Cascade of Gold

Sandalwood, white sandalwood, honeysuckle, champa and white lotus. 

This is a very tranquil, meditative blend that smells of sandalwood and a gentle, clean incense. It's a little spicy and I smell a floral note that reminds me of carnation. It's aptly named - so smooth that it seems to flow, and if the scent of gold was ever captured in a fragrance, this is it. It's a warm, calming blend that feels like rays of the sun gently heating your skin. It stayed pretty consistent on my skin with the sandalwood being the dominant note and a soft spice lingering in the background. Around the 3 hour mark, all I can smell is sandalwood, and I'm having to press my nose to my wrist. Total wear time was around six hours with a moderate sillage. I can see wearing this while doing yoga or applying it before bedtime.

Chantilly Cream

Fluffy whipped cream, peach nectar, vanilla and yellow mandarin essential oil.

I know this is a well-loved scent, but there's something about that peach note in here. I think it's the same one from other peach blends like NAVA Adele and Arcana Fille de Joie. It's not a juicy, golden, sweet scent like I expected. It's sharp and almost bitter, more like an underripe peach skin rather than the flesh of the fruit. After around an hour on my skin, it begins to soften as the vanilla and whipped cream emerge, but I still don't smell any sweetness. It becomes creamier as it dries down, but that bitter peach is still present. The sillage is very low so I had to press my nose into my wrist the entire time.


Vanilla, white amber, white musk and lemon myrtle essential oil. 

The lemon myrtle is the strongest note that I can pick out. I'm not familiar with the smell, but it's similar to a fresh lemon with a subtle green undertone. A little softer and slightly sweeter than the fruit, but still very fresh and uplifting. The sharp green note disappears and is replaced with the white amber and musk, which add a delicate clean element to this blend. I expected the lemon top note to fade quickly, but I can still smell it after eight hours. The white notes in this blend give it a lightweight, breezy quality, like removing sun-dried linens from a clothes line with a lemon grove nearby.


Lavender, oakmoss, sandalwood, coriander, lime, labdanum, gardenia and more. 

In the vial, this is heavy on the lavender with a deep mossy aroma along with traces of lime that help accentuate the sharpness of the lavender. It's a fragrance that makes me think of what the forest would smell like after a heavy rainfall. The lavender and lime are initially dominant on my skin, but eventually this transforms into heavy moss-covered woods type of scent. Damp, cool, earthy, thick moss. It's a very sophisticated fragrance, and while it's a unisex blend, it leans more masculine to my nose. The sillage was pretty strong even after eight hours on my skin, which is surprising considering this is an all-natural fragrance.

Final thoughts - Cameo is the number one choice here. I look forward to this scent every year so I can stock up. Chiffon is my other must have from this collection. You can't go wrong with the variety of fragrances in this collection. Fruits, citrus, sweet gourmands, earthy, and florals...Angela really hit a home run with this collection. The release date hasn't been announced yet, but it should be coming up later this month on the website.


  1. I stumbled onto your blog and I am loving it! Thanks for these great reviews on SS. I kept eyeing Chantily and a few others but now I think I can safely pass and look more into Cascade of Gold and her darker scents. So sorry your favorite is being discontinued. But hopefully Angela will source the ingredients somewhere else and it will come back.

    1. Thank you Julie! I'm fangirling a bit because I love your blog!