Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Super Tarts Twilight and Lord of the Rings Scents

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Here's the latest Super Tarts clamshell order to hit the mailbox. This opening was a combination of two themes, Lord of the Rings and Twilight. A few of these are scents that I've reviewed in the past, but most of these are new to me.

Bella's Blood - pomegranate, Mac apple and sweet lolli. It's heavy on the red apple with a sweet pomegranate note underneath. Brandy does great apple scents, and this is one of the best I've found. One cube in the warmer lasts all day.

Captain General - espresso ice cream, sea salt caramel and vanilla bourbon. Finally! A true caramel scent! I've tried a lot of caramel blends, and this is the first one that is actually sweet. Anyway, this smells like espresso ice cream that's been smothered in salted caramel. It's mostly salty and sweet with a smooth coffee undertone.

Carlisle - soothing chamomile blossoms and sweet huckleberries. I think I did this one before, but now that I'm more familiar with the smell of huckleberries, here's an updated review. It's heavy on the berry, which smells like a cross between blueberry and lemon, with herbal chamomile in the background. It's great to melt in the evenings and extremely strong in the warmer.

Charlie - cream soda, pralines, and caramel pecans. Smooth, buttery, slightly nutty. It's a warm, comforting foody type of scent but TBH, it smells like a dozen other things in my stash. I used two cubes in the warmer for an average throw.

Forks - fresh air, oak, citrus and golden amber. This one is really nice if you're looking for a clean outdoors scent. It's mainly crisp from the ozone and citrus, but also warm and cozy from the oak and amber. This will be a great one to melt in the autumn months.

Grey Havens - seaside, lemon lime and fresh cut grass. I tossed this in my order at the last minute, and I'm glad I did. I can smell all of the notes, but the citrus is the strongest. It's very bright and crisp with an aquatic undertone. The grass is subtle but adds a little sweetness to the blend. Fresh and tranquil all at once.

Half Elven - green tea, goat's milk and honey. The green tea is the strongest note on cold sniff, but the honey comes out more in the warmer. Thick, sticky sweet honey with a soothing spa undertone from the green tea. I'm going to play around with this one because I have a feeling it could be a nice blender.

Isildur's Heir - frankincense, myrrh, Green Tweed and camu camu. Heavy on what must be the Green Irish Tweed dupe (never smelled it before). It's a fresh cologne type of blend with a woodsy undertone and traces of pine to add an icy quality. Very strong so I used one cube in the warmer.

Jacob - rich plum slices, brown sugar and pumpkin milkshake. This one is heavy on the plum with a smooth undertone from the pumpkin milkshake (although I don't smell pumpkin) and a subtle brown sugar sweetness. This could almost be a comforting scent except the plum smells very bland and reminds me of plastic.

Middle Earth - Lush Dirt dupe, rosemary and fresh mint leaf. Apparently there was a little confusion over this scent. According to Brandy, it's supposed to be a Demeter Dirt dupe, not a Lush Dirty dupe. Anyway, this smells like wet dirt and an icy green mint. Cool, damp and earthy but also soothing. I imagine this would be a good melt for flu season. Even if the dirt note scares you off, give this one a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.

My Precious - blood orange, tangerine, strawberry, raspberry and a hint of bergamot. I mainly get the citrus in this one, particularly the bergamot. There's a little hint of strawberry and raspberry, but not much that I can smell. Very fresh and uplifting.

Pippin - Blue Sugar, orange marshmallow fluff and blue cotton candy. This is heavy on a fresh orange note with the woodsy-musky Blue Sugar in the background. I don't smell the marshmallow or cotton candy so this one is pretty tangy. It's strong in the warmer so I used one cube.

Saruman - sandalwood, Black Amethyst and Floating Island (Lush type, creamy vanilla sandalwood, slight lemon notes). Almost entirely sandalwood. There's a touch of the B&BW Black Amethyst dupe in here, which is a slightly dark, sensual fruity floral but it's buried under the sandalwood. Very light in the warmer so I use two cubes.

The Ring Bearer - apricot, pomegranate and kettle corn. I smell a lot of apricot and pomegranate in this one. It's on the sweet side, but the pomegranate and kettle corn help mellow it out. Mostly fruity with a gentle touch of warmth from the kettle corn.

Treebeard - cream soda, cantaloupe, and a touch of pine. This is pretty much all pine. I can smell the cantaloupe and cream soda on cold sniff, but all I really smell is icy pine when I step into the room. It's more on the light side so I used two cubes in the warmer.

Final thoughts - there's a few of these that I would repurchase again, but most of these are outside of my comfort zone and get a pass. Bella's Blood and Middle Earth are two older scents that I'll continue to repurchase, while Grey Havens and Forks are two new favorites. The website is currently closed for ordering, but you can follow the Super Tarts page on Facebook for future restock updates.

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