Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Future Primitive Soap Summer Scents

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

I had hoped to have this review up sooner but unfortunately, life throws some unexpected curve balls our way. This is the second summer in a row where I've lost someone special and it's knocked the wind out of me. But all we can do is keep moving forward and I'm hoping this will help keep my mind off things, if only for a short while.

So! Future Prim...I've gotten hooked on this brand in recent months and this was the first time I've tried Tiggy's summer offerings. I was pretty excited to see what she would come up with so I have four of the summer scents here to review.

Dusty Dogwood

Inside Dusty Dogwood's Flour Mill and Bakery, gooseberry and elderflower puddings are the order of the day with lashings of toasted coconut cream! 

Gooseberry and elderflower are two notes that I'm not familiar with, but what I'm smelling is reminiscent of a cranberry. No floral notes, just a tangy berry that makes me think of the winter months. There's an underlying smoothness that must be from the coconut, although I don't actually smell coconut. This one is more of a winter scent rather than a summer one so I'll set it aside to use when the weather changes.

Railroad Markets

Freshly cut limes and sugar rocks imported from the West Indies, mangoes from India and coconuts from Fiji - all available this Friday from your local Railroad Markets!

This one starts out with a strong burst of zesty lime that gradually fades, leaving behind a juicy mango note. Mango is one of those notes that is hit or miss for me - most of the time it smells underripe, green and slightly bitter. Not this time though. This mango is succulent and somewhat sweet with no bitterness to it. Once again, I don't smell any coconut. This is a great tropical scent that makes me think of a cocktail.

Strawberry Patch

Fresh, plump heritage strawberries, double cream, and a dribble of cocoa absolute. 

This started out as a sweet strawberry candy scent, but now that it's cured a bit, it's more tangy than sweet. There's a very subtle creaminess that I have a hard time picking up on and I don't smell any cocoa. While it's one of the better strawberry scents I've found there's something about it that still smells a bit artificial.

Wild Grass and Quince Jam

Wild prairie grass, sweet earth, a balmy summer breeze, warm sunshine, and the aroma of quince fruits gently ripening in the orchard. 

Quince is another note that I wasn't familiar with so off to Google I went. From what I discovered, the smell of quince has been described anywhere from pineapple, perfumey, tropical, to a cross between an apple and a pear. However, none of these describe what I'm smelling. What I smell in the jar is a tangy, bitter fruity aroma reminiscent of a cranberry. I know I said the same about Dusty Dogwood so I'll come back to that in a moment. There's a whisper of a sweet grass smell that disappears immediately on my skin, so tart cranberry is the dominant note. It's a unique scent, but I'll be setting this aside for the winter months when my cranberry obsession will be in high gear.

As I was saying, both Dusty Dogwood and Wild Grass & Quince Jam both remind me of cranberries. I know the notes are totally different but I couldn't help but notice the similarities between these two. These are both tangy winter berry scents with subtle differences so here's a quick comparison. Dusty Dogwood has a smoother base and hugs a little closer to my skin while Wild Grass & Quince Jam is bolder, has a stronger sillage and has the soft grassy note (although that disappears immediately on my skin). They're both nice scents although I would choose Wild Grass & Quince Jam for it's strong sillage.

Final thoughts - there's some nice scents here but overall this collection didn't excite me once I had the products in hand. Railroad Markets is a great summery scent with that whole tropical vibe going on. Strawberry Patch is OK but there's just something that I can't put my finger on...I think it smells a bit artificial and that's what is putting me off. As for Dusty Dogwood and Wild Grass & Quince Jam, neither of those make me think of summer. They both make me think of cranberries which is great for the colder months, but the fact that there are two similar scents within the same collection is a real bummer. Overall I'd say Railroad Markets is the only scent here that I'd repurchase.

After looking around on the website it appears that the entire summer collection has sold out. I apologize for not having this review up sooner when these products were still available, but I believe these are reoccurring scents that return every year. And in the meantime there are plenty of limited edition "small batch" scents that are released nearly every week or two to keep you occupied. They do sell out quickly though, so I recommend joining the Future Prim Facebook group or signing up for the newsletters to stay in the loop.

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