Sunday, August 14, 2016

Haus of Gloi Summer Reverie 2016

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Here's the latest collection I received from Haus of Gloi a few weeks ago. It's a Reverie collection, meaning this is a small batch of limited edition scents that may or may not return in the future. There are five scents total and I have four of them to review today.


Sweet summer apricots in a wooden basket. Apricot, Tahitian vanilla, sandalwood and cedar.

I figured I'd give this one a try and I'm glad I did. There's only a few apricot scents that I've tried from other vendors and with one exception I never enjoyed them. The apricot note always ended up smelling overly sweet like those sugar-coated gummy candies that come in a bag. This is now the second exception. U-Pick smells more like an overripe fruit bursting with sticky juices without the artificial sweetness that I've come to expect. In fact this smells almost peachy. The cedar is used with a light hand but still manages to add a rich, cozy depth to the apricot. Once I put this on my wrist the cedar amped considerably and almost overwhelmed the fruity note for the first two hours until it disappeared (cedar is a base note, right? I expected it to stick around longer than that). Eventually a very soft sandalwood began to emerge but this was still primarily apricot throughout the duration of wear, which was around seven hours total.

Blueberry Tart

Delicious blueberry tart! Ripe blueberries, lemon zest and a sprig of thyme heaped on a buttery crust. 

In the vial this reminds me of a lemon meringue pie with a sprinkle of fresh blueberries on top. It's mostly lemon (a good lemon, not a furniture polish one) and I get a strong whiff of flaky pie crust. The crust is not as detectable on my skin though; it's all lemon and blueberries until the lemon fades after twenty minutes or so. The thyme begins to emerge and blends nicely with the blueberry. It's a little earthy and bright but also very warm and cozy. More foody than herbal.The thyme disappears around the two hour mark, leaving behind blueberries and a very soft buttery crust. The total wear time was five hours so it doesn't last long. This one will make a good scent to transition from summer to autumn.

Honeysuckle Incense 

Heady honeysuckle incense swirling with nag champa and dragon's blood.

In the vial I get a bright and sunny honeysuckle combined with a warm earthy aroma and a light touch of smoke wafting throughout. I swear there's a bit of lemon in here but maybe I'm imaging things. I was hoping this would be more of a floral scent but it's not - the nag champa and dragon's blood dominate. The honeysuckle (and citrus?) disappears almost immediately on my skin, leaving behind a head shop aroma. Cozy and earthy, perhaps a little spicy with a moderate sillage. Unfortunately I couldn't get on board with this one so I washed it off after an hour. It has good staying power though; I scrubbed my arm a few times and applied lotion but I could still smell the nag champa and dragon's blood a few hours later.

Grapefruit Tea

Pink grapefruit, green tea, bergamot and Egyptian musk. 

The grapefruit and bergamot stand out the most, about a 50/50 blend of both notes. The green tea is trying to inch it's way forward but the citrus notes stay in the forefront. It starts out as a very invigorating blend but after around ten minutes the citrus has disappeared on my skin, leaving behind the green tea and a faint musk. Thankfully the green tea doesn't smell soapy as it tends to with my nose; this one is mellow, earthy, and a little clean smelling. It gradually fades over the next three hours until a sensual musk is left behind. The sillage on Grapefruit Tea starts out strong and then fades dramatically once the citrus notes disappear, and the total wear time was around six hours.

Final thoughts - this was a mixed bag of scents here. U-Pick and Blueberry Tart were my favorites although I'm happy with just a perfume sample of each. If I were to repurchase one, it would be Blueberry Tart. Honeysuckle Incense was all sorts of nope. The floral disappeared too quickly and it was head shop-ish from the get go; I figured that would happen but it had honeysuckle so I had to give it a try. And I think I would've enjoyed Grapefruit Tea if the grapefruit hung around longer than a few minutes and was perhaps blended with a white tea rather than green. All of these scents are still available in a variety of products (scrubs, hair oils, perfumes and pumpkin butters) over on the Haus website but they are limited edition, so grab them up while you can!

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