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Moonalisa Summer Scent Reviews

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Earlier this summer Moonalisa celebrated her 20th anniversary(!!!) as a business owner and what better way to celebrate than with a humongous restock! In the two years since I discovered Moona I've never seen such a large offering of scents all at one time, so it was quite a treat.

The summer restock is divided up into smaller themed collections like Rockabilly, Sci Fi and Drive-Thru Moo. This time there were older "classic" scents along with another offering of the Let Them Eat Cake collection. A few of the scents I have today were offered in a spring/early summer release towards the beginning of this year; since I already did a spring review before they arrived, I'm including them here. Also, some of these scents were offered in the summer collections from previous years so I'm lumping everything together in one post.

These soaps are HUGE!


Banana, rum, coconut and cream.

Smells just like banana cream pie with a strong rum note. I can smell both the filling and flaky buttery crust with the boozy note adding a nice tropical twist. This is like a combination of two other scents I'll review down below, Copa Banana and Rum & Coconuts.

Blueberry Black Tea

If you love Blueberry Hill try this number with black tea.

An equal blend of blueberries and black tea. It's bright and fresh from the tea while also being relaxing from the berries. I wouldn't have thought these two scents would go well together but they do.

Blue Milk

Our version is a fruity type of milk drink ~ slightly spiced rice milk with various juicy dark berries.

This one is pretty unique. There's a strong spice note on top of what smells like blueberries and cream. It has a mellow, comforting type of quality to it. Maybe it's the name, but this does have a "blue" feel to it.

Bongo Poppy Cake

Delicious lemon poppy seed cake, drowned in an unhealthy dose of lightly spiced cream cheese frosting dripping all over it. Does contain real essential and fragrance oils. 

Moist yellow cake with cream cheese frosting and freshly-grated lemon zest sprinkled on top. Sometimes the lemon comes through really strong, but mostly I get the cake.

Candied Lime and Cardamom

A sweet and delectable lime essential oil blends with a titch of cardamom essential oil which gives it a fresh, spicy, sweet woody undertone. 

Tangy, fresh-squeezed limes with tiny amount of sweetness. I barely notice the cardamom unless I search for it. This is a really good option if you're looking for a great lime scent.

Caribbean Coconut Cake

A tropical paradise of sun-kissed mangos and pineapple, soaking into decadent rum-spiced coconut cakes.

I smell mango, buttery yellow cake and rum in that order. This is what I consider to be a "good" mango scent - juicy and sweet without any bitter green notes. It's a little more fruity than gourmand and smells (almost!) good enough to eat.

Copa Banana

Creamy rich banana and toasted coconut with rich vanilla sugar.

Smells just like the filling in a banana cream pie. It's buttery and rich with ripened banana slices and just a little bit of pie crust thrown in. This is incredibly realistic and is making me hungry!

Good Morning Sunshine

I can't find a description but I know it has orange blossom in it which was the reason I bought it lol! I believe it was a blend of orange and orange blossom. It smells just like a glass of orange juice and I barely pick up on the floral note.

Grape Gush

Super juiced grape soda pop effervescent goodness. 

This one is really good! It does smell a little closer to cough syrup rather than soda though, but that's OK since grape scents seem hard to come by and I've been craving them lately. It's a little fizzy from the effervescence but not overly so.

Guava Guava Goddess Nectar

Juicy, ripe and delicious with just a little bit of tartness. 

I haven't tried the fruit before, but I have had guava juice. It's very very sweet with a "pink" flavor that reminds me of a watermelon. This perfume is different from what I was expecting though. It's very bitter like a citrus with a leafy green undertone. The closest thing I can compare this scent to is a grapefruit.

Island Pineapple

Sweet pineapple and fresh coconut meat.

This one reminds me of a pineapple-flavored shaved ice. I figured this would be more like a pina colada with the coconut but I only smell a sweet pineapple. It's delicious and I got several compliments when I wore it.

Jello Shots

Strawberry, rhubarb, tangerine essential oil, passion fruit and guava.

I smell a lot of guava in here, that bitter green note that I mentioned above. And tangerine so this is very tangy. There's some strawberry but it's buried underneath the citrus.

Lemon Lime and Ginger Soda Water

Bubble up with an energizing refreshing blend of all essential oils of lemon, lime and fresh ginger with a splash of refreshing soda water fragrance oil. 

This one! It's so good! It smells exactly like a can of ginger ale right down to the fizzy goodness. It's very fresh and perfect for summer.

Midnight Margarita

Zesty, salty and delicious. A realistic mouth puckering rendition of a real margarita, real essential oils and absolutes are used in unison with fragrance oils to give it the nuances of alcohol and citrus and that salty rim we all love.

This is pretty close to the real thing. I can smell the salt and alcohol, but mostly I smell a ton of fresh limes.

Monoi Vanilla and Coconut

Another one I can't find a description for. It's a tropical vanilla blend with a strong floral undertone and a little bit of coconut. The vanilla is just right, not too sweet and not too foody. For some reason this turns a little sharp and peppery on my skin, and I suspect that's the floral note.

Peach Paradise

Sweet peaches in syrup doused with creamy coconut milk.

I just love Moona's peach scent. It's sweet and thick like canned peaches with the syrup. However, peach and coconut blends always end up smelling plasticky to me and that's what I get here. It's still a nice scent, but I think I'll stick with Peches Melba for my Moona peach fix.

Raspberry Essence

A pure natural raspberry essence, juicy and sweet. 

This one is hard to comment on because I only have this in a Cocoa Creme, which is a cocoa butter-based moisturizer. The cocoa butter has a very strong aroma that causes this to smell like chocolate-covered raspberries. It's a realistic scent and it's pretty good for what it is, but I didn't realize how strong the smell of the cocoa butter would be and I'm a little disappointed.


The redfruit tree is a tree that bears a delicious fruit that is good for quenching thirst. It likes a tropical climate so it can be found in abundance in the Southern continent. In the North it is limited to the few tropical regions such as Nerat. Red papaya, passion fruit, pomegranate and acai berries.

This is a very sweet blend and I'm mostly getting the passion fruit. It smells like some kind of tropical smoothie. I haven't seen this one talked about much, but it's really good. I believe this is only offered as a perfume.

Rum and Coconuts

I can't find a description for this either. It's a very buttery coconut with hints of rum, but all I could think of when wearing this was butter pecan ice cream.

Snozzberry Fizzy Lifter

A juicy red and purple berry blend with effervescence and a teeny touch of a secret floral, just a tad to give it enough freshness, but barely detectable.

I don't know about berries because this is bright and acidic like citrus. Tangerine? Citrus and a slight fizz is what I smell. It's pretty similar to Jello Shots minus the sour guava note.

Watermelon Kisses

A bouquet of fresh melons, sugar and sweet juicy watermelon. 

This leans a little more towards a sour watermelon rather than a sweet one. There's something about this that makes me think of a Jolly Rancher candy, but it's not quite sour enough. I'm guessing this is a blend of two or more different watermelon scents, one being sweet and one being a sour candy.

Final thoughts - a lot of awesome scents here, and this is only a small portion of her summer offering. The ones I would definitely repurchase are Copa Banana, Lemon Lime & Ginger, Candied Lime & Cardamom and Caribbean Coconut Cake. Add Island Pineapple and Redfruit to the list if I ever finish the perfumes. These scents won't be back until next year, but there are plenty of great Halloween scents on Moona's website right now that you don't want to miss out on.

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