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Sixteen92 Anniversary Scents

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Last month Sixteen92 celebrated their second year in business by releasing a limited edition collection of dessert-inspired scents. Specifically, cake. Lots and lots o' cake! I'm new to the brand and still figuring out what notes work on me, but I went ahead and ordered one of each scent. Because cake.

These were available in several products, but I only have perfume samples on hand. I ordered through Ajevie, who used to run decant circles but now has her own shop. It's a great way to try out samples from a variety of brands without racking up multiple shipping charges.

The Garden Party

Meyer lemon honey cake soaked in rosewater and jasmine simple syrup, topped with a citrus glaze and candied rose petals. 

I was really excited for this one because it has so many notes that I love - rose, lemon, honey and cake. But then there's the jasmine. My fingers were crossed that it would stay far in the distance, but that wasn't the case. I get a lot of jasmine and a little bit of lemon on cold sniff. There's some honey in there too, which helps smooth these two notes together and creates a thick, syrupy blend. The lemon fades pretty quickly on my skin, leaving behind a heady jasmine for the first hour or so. The drydown is honey and yellow cake until it disappears at around four hours after application. The rose never made an appearance though.

The Luau Party

White sponge cake soaked in cold coconut milk, topped with rum-infused whipped cream and toasted coconut shavings.

In the vial, this is extremely sweet and fluffy. I had forgotten that I've tried coconut cake before until I smelled this, because it smells exactly like the real thing. There's a lot of vanilla and sugar with some fresh (not toasted) coconut. It's the same on my skin, but I also begin to smell a hint of rum that quickly emerges. The vanilla and sugar are still the heart of this fragrance while the coconut and rum play a small supporting role. It's one of the sweetest blends of the collection along with Tea Party. I did notice something plasticky that became more pronounced over time, and I suspect that is the coconut. It's the same thing I found in Snow Cone, and that is the one note they both have in common. The vanilla and sugar were all that remained during the drydown. Total wear time was around four hours and this one had low sillage.

The Tea Party

Vanilla almond birthday cake topped with Earl Grey buttercream. 

This is one of the returning scents from last year. It was a bestseller and I read some great reviews, so I was eager to try it out. I get a lot of tea and bergamot with a little bit of sweet almond and frosting on cold sniff. It's a little sharp with a sweet, creamy background. The almond note comes out strong on my skin, so it's much sweeter than it was in the vial. The bergamot never carried over though, and the tea was gone within the first twenty minutes. It became a very sweet almond and vanilla blend throughout the remainder of wear, which was just shy of three hours.

The Cocktail Party

Dark chocolate Devil's Food cake with caramelized fig compote and whiskey ganache.

Woooo this one is good on cold sniff! Like, sinfully good. I nabbed a second sample of this before I even tested it, so I hope this goes well! A thick slab of bitter chocolate nicely balanced with the aroma of warm, sweet figs and a dab of whiskey on the side. It has a very rich aroma in the vial, and the chocolate smells realistic. But this changes dramatically as soon as I put it on my skin. The chocolate begins to sweeten, the whiskey fades in the first few minutes, and something bitter begins to emerge. It smells like a Hershey chocolate bar and BO =/ Thankfully that passes quickly and I begin to smell German chocolate cake after half an hour. Nutty and sweet with the chocolate rapidly fading. That sweet note lasted through the drydown, and I needed to reapply after three hours of wear.

The Princess Party

Orange petit fours with fluffy whipped vanilla cream filling and a caramelized brown butter glaze covered with pink fondant.

This is the other returning scent from last year. On cold sniff this nearly took my breath away. This smells like vanilla cake with orange flavored frosting and grated orange zest sprinkled on top. The cake was stronger on my skin, but otherwise it smelled the same for the first 15-20 minutes. After that it was white cake that faded rapidly and had very low sillage. An hour after application, I was really struggling to smell this. Off the top of my head I have to say this is the shortest wear time I've gotten with any perfume. It started out so promising but I don't know what happened here.

There was a small offering of single note scents that were from a carnival-themed collection that came out earlier this summer. I only grabbed one so I'm including it here...

Snow Cone

Shaved ice topped with mango, peach, coconut and key lime.

This one falls somewhere between candy and fruity. It's more like a candy that is made with real fruit juice. If you've ordered from Haus of Gloi and tried the Asian candies that are tossed in with your package, it's like that. Not too sweet but definitely not fresh fruit. I mostly get lime with some juicy mango and peach on cold sniff. The lime fades within the first few minutes on my wrist and it's predominately a juicy mango throughout the remainder of wear, which was around three or four hours with moderate throw. This scent didn't morph beyond that, but I did begin to notice the same plasticky note from The Luau Party towards the very end.

And finally...

That One Time At Your Friend's Birthday That Girl Fell Into The Cake Table And There Was Frosting Everywhere

Melted vanilla ice cream sundaes drizzled with caramel, smashed birthday cake, smeared frosting, discarded wrapping paper and blown-out birthday candles. 

This was a special gift with purchase that was included in orders over $50 for one day only. I got my decants through Ajevie so I was surprised to see it included as a freebie! In the vial I smell buttercream frosting and a little wisp of smoke hovering around the edges. It's very smooth and not too sweet. That all changes once this is on my wrist because the caramel amps and sweetens this blend considerably. I can still smell the frosting and smoke in the background, but I get a lot of caramel and a strong nutty aroma. That must be from the caramel fragrance oil because I recognize this scent from a few other blends that I have from different vendors that all have caramel as a note. Over the next few hours that sweet nutty aroma fades, leaving behind a trace of frosting and smoke once again. This one had a moderate throw and lasted around five hours. It turned out pretty good with the combo of sugary sweetness and bonfire smoke. That name tho...

Final thoughts - these were all good, but I'm not kicking myself in the arse for passing on full-size bottles. I love the theme of the collection, but the wear time and sillage left a lot to be desired for most of these scents. Unfortunately these are no longer available on the Sixteen92 website but you can still grab decants through Ajevie. The autumn collection is available though, so I'll have some of those in the coming weeks along with a few whipped soaps that I grabbed recently.

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