Sunday, August 7, 2016

Super Tarts Once Upon a Time Scents

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

I'm slowly working through my Super Tarts stash to review and I've had these scents hanging around for a few months. This was a collection I was really excited for since I started watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix earlier this year, and I was looking forward to seeing how the characters would be translated into scents. So far this is one of my favorite collections that Super Tarts has done!

There's been some changes to the ordering process in the last few months so if you're new to the brand, here's how it works. Super Tarts has gone ready to ship unlike before when the website was only open for a few days every 4-6 weeks. Now you can order whenever you like instead of watching the Facebook group for details of the next opening. There's a large selection of scents that are available with new scents being added every week, although the restock days are random. Turn around time is approximately a week-ish. There's no limit for how much you can order, but once a scent sells out you'll have to wait for it to return as Brandy cycles through her scent list (I've had items sitting in my cart for a few weeks and not sell out so you can take your time with placing an order). One thing to keep in mind is that multiple orders are not combined and additional shipping charges are not refunded. So it's pretty simple - you can order any time you'd like and new scents are added every week!

This collection was the last one offered before Super Tarts went ready to ship so these are no longer available on the website. But since the new season begins next month, I have a feeling we will be seeing these scents again soon.

Brave - sugar dusted ginger root, sweet cakes and a slight note of earl grey tea. Heavy on the spicy ginger with a slightly sweet cake note underneath. More fresh smelling than bakery. It has a mild throw in the warmer so I used two cubes.

Dark Swan - dark chocolate cocoa, whipped cream dusted with cinnamon. Smells just like hot cocoa with a sprinkle of freshly grated cinnamon. I hesitate to call this dark chocolate since it's a little sweet, and there's a plasticy note here that may be from the whipped cream. Chocolate scents are difficult to get right but this one is nice.

Mr. Gold - suntan lotion and Golden Sands (Yankee dupe). OMG! I can't get enough of this one! It's a very warm, beachy type of scent and "gold" is the best way to describe it. The suntan lotion note is very strong and has a soft coconutty undertone. I don't really smell the Golden Sands dupe in here which is a sweet floral scent, so this one mainly smells like tanning oil.

Mulan - cherry blossoms, orange mandarin cream and fresh eucalyptus sprigs. The eucalyptus and orange are the strongest notes so this is very fresh smelling and a little icy, but I also pick up on a soft feminine undertone from the cherry blossoms. This one is extremely strong in the warmer.

Neal - Fireside, green ivy, fresh mint leaf and Neverland driftwood. This one is heavy on the green ivy note with a soft smoky undertone. I don't pick up on the mint or driftwood. It has an earthy, soothing spa-like vibe and leans a bit masculine.

Queen Regina - Lady Catrina and You Snap the Whip (Lush dupes). This one smells like a cross between orange and lime blended with sweet berries. The citrus notes are dominant so it's a bright and tangy scent. I haven't smelled the You Snap the Whip fragrance before but the Lady Catrina dupe is very strong and really stands out to my nose.

Ruby - Biolage, blackberry jam and cotton candy frosting. These Biolage blends have been growing on me and this is my favorite so far. This is a tangy berry blend with fresh green leafy undertones. I'm used to the blackberry scent that Super Tarts uses as being sweet or perfumey, but this one is tart and so realistic. The berry note is dominant and this one is strong with one cube in the warmer.

Snow - spearmint and Mac apple. This one is a 50/50 blend of both notes so it's pretty straightforward. It's a calming blend that works well in the evenings when you want to unwind.

Thief - fall leaves, Mac apple, sandalwood and Blue Sugar. The quintessential autumn scent, this reminds me of sipping warm apple cider outside on a cool October day. It's heavy on the apple and leaves notes so it's equally fruity and outdoorsy, but with soft undertones of spices and woods. This is one to check out if you're looking for a great autumn scent.

Zelena - green apple, coconuts and Baby Magic type. This was my wild card pick and I'm glad I grabbed it because it's really good. Tangy green apples combined with the sweet, delicate aroma of Baby Magic (which is somewhat similar to baby powder). The apple is the strongest note but the Baby Magic helps soften everything and adds a nice sweetness.

Final thoughts - I loved all of these scents (with the exception of Brave and Mulan) but Mr. Gold is my number one favorite, and if you're looking for something really unique give Zelena a try. This collection is currently unavailable on the Super Tarts website but Brandy is cycling through her scent list pretty quickly so I imagine we won't have to wait long for these scents to reappear. In the meantime there are tons of great scents to choose from!

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