Friday, September 2, 2016

Arcana Flowers + Stars Review

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

This collection came out eartlier this year, but I've had this review hanging out in the draft folder since then. Oops! There's a total of seven scents, and I have five of them to review today.

Decants from Ajevie


The maidens. Vanilla cream, tangerine, clementine, Nagami peel, black coconut, and a touch of sweet violet. 

It starts off as a very sharp tangerine with the lightest touch of violet far in the distance. This has to be the sharpest citrus note I've ever smelled. I'm hoping the vanilla or coconut come forward soon because the tangerine is starting to irritate my nose. After an hour, the coconut pulls through and softens this blend considerably. The citrus is still present but the bitterness has worn off. At this point, it's like a creamsicle blended with coconut cream pie filling. Eventually the citrus fades, leaving behind a coconut and vanilla blend that becomes sweeter through the dry down.


The lady warrior. Sweet, jammy fir absolute with three honeys, honeysuckle, tiny strawberries and blood orange.

This starts off as heavy on the orange and honeysuckle, although I can smell traces of fir and strawberries. It's bright, tangy and sweet all at once. The citrus fades after around 30 minutes and from that point forward, this is a lovely thick honeysuckle fragrance. I'm not sure what "jammy" fir is supposed to smell like, but I do pick up hints of fir in the background. It adds a little zing to the honeysuckle, almost like a citrus top note. I was expecting a woodsy type of blend, but that's not what Bellatrix is. It starts off as a fruity floral and ends as a floral during the dry down. This was a surprise favorite. If you like honeysuckle, be sure to check this one out.


The lost Pleiad. Pink carnation petal ice cream, Mexican bakery vanilla, eggnog, sweet cinnamon and nutmeg. 

In the vial, this is heavy on the eggnog and spices. The carnation plays a supporting role in the background enhancing the creamy and spicy notes, but Electra is much more foody than floral. My skin amps the spices and eggnog immediately upon application while the carnation continues to hang out in the distance. Over the next few hours, these notes gradually fade as a somewhat buttery vanilla begins to push forward. It becomes sweeter as it wears on my skin, but I can still detect a trace of spices that prevent this vanilla from being too sweet.

I'm pleasantly surprised by this one. Carnation isn't a floral that I gravitate towards, and eggnog is something I associate with the winter months. Truthfully, I only wanted this to compare with Solstice Scents Winter Dove. But Electra works amazingly well for the springtime. The spices are unexpected for the warmer weather, and the carnation adds a delicate feminine touch. I'm going to tuck this away until next year when I need a scent to transition between winter and spring.



The amazing. Tiare blossoms dipped in milk chocolate with coconut, sugared rum, French cocoa absolute, marshmallows and white chocolate.

This starts out as cocoa, tiare and rum in that order. The cocoa quickly fades on my skin and is replaced with coconut and white chocolate. I can still smell the floral note with a soft undertone of rum. It's a very smooth, foody blend with tropical nuances, like eating a white chocolate and coconut truffle with tiare flowers tucked behind your ear while on vacation in Hawaii. The floral gradually fades over the next few hours leaving behind a skin-hugging blend of coconut and rum.


The brilliant. Bright white grapefruit, golden amber, linden flowers, tart red currant, cassis and pomegranate.

Heavy on the grapefruit and currant/cassis notes with a soft floral undertone. It's very fresh and clean smelling, but a little bitter as well. The grapefruit hangs around for several hours before giving way to a tart red berry blend that lasts through the dry down. Overall, this is a sharp and juicy fruit blend that will work well in the summer months.

And finally, a quick comparison between Arcana Electra and Solstice Scents Winter Dove...

Winter Dove is heavier on the carnation, making this more floral than foody. It's smoother than Electra and the spices are used with a lighter hand; in fact, I can barely smell them.  Usually spice notes will amp on my skin, but not with Winter Dove. It's a haunting carnation blend against a creamy vanilla backdrop that is reminscent of eggnog. On the other hand, Electra smells exactly like eggnog (one of the better eggnog scents I've found) and is heavy on the spices. The carnation is somewhere in the distance, making this a more foody blend. Winter Dove becomes creamier during the dry down while Electra becomes sweeter.

Final thoughts - a nice variety of florals that cover all seasons. The only one I wasn't into would be Mira. Chocolate is more of a cool weather scent IMO, so the tropical vibe threw me off. Adhara was off-putting at first, but had a pleasant drydown. Between the remaining three, Bellatrix would be the one I would consider grabbing a bottle of. A few of these are still available in the Arcana EBay shop along with Pretty Indulgent (Canada) and The Rhinestone Housewife (USA), so grab them up while you still can. 

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