Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Haus of Gloi Autumn Part I

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

It's slowly beginning to cool down here, so I'm rolling out the arsenal of autumn scents. First up is Haus of Gloi. I grabbed these three samples since two were new to me and one was discontinued. It was a small order since I've already tried everything else and reviewed it all last year.

I got a shipping notice the day after the order was placed and it arrived a week later. It would've been sooner except USPS felt the package needed to make an unnecessary trip halfway across the country. I love the little paper bats that were included in the box along with a free sample of Ghost Puffs perfume oil.


You've been bewitched! Brackish amber, aged vanilla bean and three dark fruits, veiled in darkness and otherworldly secrecy. 

At first I thought this was like a blend between Persephone's Descent and Haus Amber, dark but sweet fruits and a rich amber. Now that it has settled for the past week it's lost that sweetness. It's still dark but now it's more bitter, and it's giving me red wine vibes. The fruit notes hang around for a few hours before letting the amber come through. It's a nice, unisex note - not too dark, not too sweet and powdery. Very rich and sultry. It's a nice blend but I prefer Persephone's Decent for a dark fruity scent in colder months.

Samhain II

Freshly turned earth, wet leaves and a cool spectre-ridden wind. 

This was a pretty popular scent that was discontinued due to a component issue a few years ago, so this is the reformulated version. On cold sniff this is dirt. Cool, damp dirt. It transforms on my wrist into a blend of crunchy leaves and a sharp green note. Whatever it is smells dry and herbal, like sage perhaps. I don't know the difference between all those herbs, but it smells like something in the spice rack. It sort of reminds me of Pumpkin Queen at this stage, but further into the drydown it begins to smell like Pumpkin Patch. It retains that sharp green note, but now it begins to smell more like vines. It's a very earthy and atmospheric unisex-leaning-masculine blend, and if you like those two scents I mentioned above this one might interest you.

The Horseman

Autumnal forest and wood, distant fire, smooth saddle leather, brown musk and the lingering scent of a dark gentleman's cologne on a black woolen coat. 

This is one of the recurring scents that is offered every year in the autumn collection, but it's being discontinued. There was enough left over to make a few bottles of perfume oil, so I went ahead and grabbed a sample. I've always passed this one up because I figured I wouldn't like it, but when you see the word "discontinued" funny things can happen. So, Horseman. Where do I begin? In the vial this almost makes my eyes water. It's extremely potent with the smell of leather, but there's a distinct chemical aroma that sort of burns my eyes and nose. I really don't want to put this on, but I'll give it a go. There's a lot of woodsmoke and leather on my skin, and it's slightly more tolerable than it was in the vial. But then that chemical smell sneaks back in and everything takes a turn for the worse. It makes me think of something you'd find in your garage, like WD-40. I'm thinking it might be the cologne note? Further into the drydown the leather and that "other" note disappear, leaving behind the smell of burning wood. It's more tolerable at this point, but it's safe to say that I won't be reaching for this again.

Final thoughts - I liked Hex and Samhain 2.0 but I don't plan on ordering anything else aside from the samples. The Horseman = nope. NOPE! I would've liked to have seen a little more diversity in this collection though. They already have a dark fruit blend and a dry herbal blend so Hex and Samhain seem a bit redundant. Something with pear would be nice, or a dark moody vanilla. Or cranberries...autumn isn't complete without cranberries. Anyway, these scents and more can be found here. There will probably be a restock in the coming weeks along with their part 2 release that will include whipped soaps, butter bombs and lip butters.

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