Sunday, September 11, 2016

Solstice Scents Summer Collection

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Here's the latest order from Solstice Scents. I kept it small this time and only grabbed a few bath and body items, but I've had samples of the rest of the collection from a few years ago. There's a pretty broad variety here to choose from - fruits, florals, aquatics, feminine, masculine, daytime and nighttime scents.

Ordering was a pleasure, as always. Everything was packaged well and my order arrived within the week along with a free perfume sample.


Sandalwood, orange blossom, clementine essential oil (EO), beach sand, plumeria absolute, coconut, ginger EO, and a splash of seaspray. 

This starts out heavy on the sandalwood and clementine, but I'm also getting orange blossom, ginger and sea spray. It's beachy, fresh and mellow all at once. About an hour later the sandalwood is still front and center with a subtle plumeria that begins to weave in and out. It's difficult to detect and I really have to search for it. The plumeria fades rapidly and this remains sandalwood for the duration of wear. I don't know about this one. I really had my hopes up, but Coquina let me down. Angela's sandalwood note really punches you in the nose and distracts from the other scents in this blend. I would've loved this if the other notes had a chance to really shine and the sandalwood was used sparingly.

Florida Fruit Stand

A huge pile of cool ripe watermelons next to a giant crate of banana mixed with sweet orange and blood orange essential oils, tangerine essential oil, strawberry and lemon. 

I haven't seen this one offered since 2014, and it was only available as a whipped soap at the time. It's a shame though because this is a lovely fragrance. It's heavy on the banana which is more of a realistic scent rather than a candy one. There's a bit of strawberry as well, but that's all I get. It smells exactly like a strawberry and banana smoothie. It's a simple blend, but I love it.

Heat of the Night

Vanilla, mango, coconut, orange, sandalwood, amber, orange blossom, Edge of the Night base (black vanilla, soft spices, red musk, chypre base). 

This starts out smelling like a tropical smoothie. I get the orange and mango that is rounded out by the vanilla and coconut, but there's something spicy and dark underneath that must be the Edge of the Night fragrance. Once the fruit notes disappear, I'm left with that sandalwood that just assaults my nose. Thankfully it doesn't last long and a sweet, somewhat powdery amber begins to emerge. I haven't tried the original Edge of the Night, but I did review Heart of the Night a while back and I remember not liking the drydown. Maybe my tastes have changed but I'm really liking it now. It's mysterious and a little sultry for an evening fragrance, but light enough to be worn during the day. It leans more feminine to me, but I can imagine an edgy man pulling this off nicely.

Sun-Warmed Honey

Honey, apricot, strawberry, chamomile, kunzea, ginger and orange blossom. 

This smells exactly like those lemon- and honey-flavored cough drops. After a bit of Google searching, I think it's the kunzea that I smell. It's sharp and camphorous and I even noticed a cooling sensation in my nose. I expected this to be sweet and fruity but that wasn't the case at all. It just smelled like medicine. This lasted around twelve hours on my skin and it still smelled the same at this point as it did when I first applied it.

Tenebrous Mist

Wild seas, terror-tinged skin musk, soft spices, faint wood smoke and a mocking pleasurable sweetness. 

This starts out as an aquatic green blend that smells strongly of kelp with some salty driftwood. It's one of the darker, more masculine aquatic scents that I've tried, and the opening feels treacherous. I keep getting this visual of Captain Jack Sparrow calmly staring at his broken compass while the crew is scrambling around as the ship is being thrashed by waves (or is it a sea monster?) on a dark, stormy night. Weird, right? Basically, it just reminds me of an old pirate ship that has seen its fair share of adventures. Early on, I picked up on a strong clove note with a bit of woodsmoke around the edges but that disappeared quickly. The salt and driftwood remain, but eventually this becomes less dark and murky waters and more brisk and clean ocean breeze, like the storm has finally given way to gentle seas. It dries down to a skin-hugging musk with the saltiness remaining. Moderate to strong sillage with the wear time being close to nine hours. This isn't a scent that I would wear again, but it was a fun and unpredictable journey that Angela created.

Tropical Moon

Coconut, tuberose, Tahitian gardenia, lime essential oil and pink lotus attar. 

This starts out as a lime and tuberose blend that is equal parts fruity and floral. There's a lovely contrast between the tangy lime and sweet florals that manage to keep one another in check, but this phase is short lived. These two notes fade as a silky smooth coconut emerges with what I assume to be the pink lotus trailing behind. It's slightly spicy for a moment and then transforms into a vaguely earthy scent. It's pretty subtle, and this remains a very tropical blend to my nose. Overall Tropical Moon stays close to the skin with an average wear time of four hours.

Final thoughts - this collection was just ho-hum. I love summer scents, but most of these weren't for me. The only one I'd repurchase is Tropical Moon. Florida Fruit Stand is lovely but with the bath and body products being phased out, I have a feeling I'll have to use it sparingly. Tenebrous Mist is a fascinating scent and I give Angela an A+ for it even though I wouldn't reach for it again.

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