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The Bathing Garden Spring & Summer Scents

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

It's been a long time since I've done a Bathing Garden revew so kick your feet up because this is going to be a long post. There's been a handful of collections that have been released over the past few months. First there were the Marie Antoinette and In Bloom collections from spring, then the (epic!) Take Me to the Sea theme earlier this summer, and lastly we have Shannon's Summer Picks and Taste of Summer collections. There's also a new Scent of the Month category with a set of wax and bath & body products offered individually or bundled at a discounted price.

All of her collections are available for several months on a made-to-order basis so you can order whenever. The turn around time is listed as six weeks, and yes, it really takes six weeks to receive a shipping notice. Sometimes my order will ship around the five week point but six weeks is standard. Orders ship Priority Mail and everything is beautifully packaged with tons of samples included.

7 Layer Cake (previously named Hall of Mirrors) - mounds of sugared frosting, white cake and a hint of strawberries. This is a creamy, sweet blend that smells like the strawberry flavored frosting that you'd find at the grocery store. It has more than a hint of strawberry though, so I'd say this is more of a fruity blend rather than a bakery one. One cube is strong in the warmer.

Beach Bum - sand, sea and fresh air combine with hints of jasmine and mandarin. I'm pretty certain this is a Bobbi Brown Beach dupe. It's very fresh smelling and makes me think of salty wet sand. Strong throw with one cube.

Blackberry Jam and Lemon Curd - tart, ripe blackberry is layered with delicious London lemon curd. I mostly get the blackberry with a slight touch of lemon. It's a tart and juicy berry that is neither too sweet nor too synthetic. It smells light on cold sniff, but it had a moderate throw in the warmer with one cube.

Blueberry Lavender Sugar Cake - a decadent blend of sugared cake, blueberry and lavender topped with a cream cheese glaze. Predominately herbal lavender with a soft touch of blueberry. I swear I'm also smelling chamomile. It's a very soothing, meditative blend that will be nice in the evenings.

Breaking Violet - violet leaf, vetiver, and sweet candied vanilla. Smells like a sugary vanilla musk. Heavier on the musk but still a very sweet blend. I don't smell much floral in here which is a bummer because I've been hoping that Shannon would do a violet blend. This one was strong in the warmer with one cube.

Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet - whipped butter cream is blended with brown sugar and sprinkled with sugared rose petals. An equal blend of rose and brown sugar. I can't decide whether I'm smelling the Lush Rose Jam dupe in here, but it smells a bit perfumey. Two cubes have a moderate throw in the warmer.

Calypso - sea salt, vetiver, driftwood, jasmine and coconut. I can't stop smelling this scent...very fresh and clean. This is a lovely aquatic blend. There's a lot of salt and driftwood and something sort of green. Is that vetiver? Maybe some lemon as well. It's fresh like the description says, and it throws extremely well in the warmer. One of my new favorites. It blends well with coconut scents (I used The Smitten Diaries), and I'm thinking it would also pair well with lemon.

Caribbean Smoothie - vanilla ice cream, fresh pineapple and shaved coconut. Mostly fresh coconut and a smooth vanilla with some sweet pineapple thrown in.  I noticed a nutty aroma in here, although I don't know where that is coming from. Two cubes in the warmer had a strong throw that lasted all day.

Carrot Cake - moist carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting. The best carrot cake I have found! This one is pretty yummy. I can smell the nuts and spices along with the creamy frosting. It's very warm and would make a great kitchen melt. It's a bit light on cold sniff so I imagine needing two cubes in the warmer.

Cheshire Cat - we're all mad here...lemon meringue is topped with vanilla and raspberry icing. This one smells like a blend of lemon curd and fresh raspberries. I adore Shannon's raspberry scent because it's the perfect balance between tart and sweet without smelling artificial. I used two cubes in the warmer and had a moderate throw.

Chic Summer - creamy vanilla is blended with sparkling peaches and strawberries. Juicy peach resting on a bed of smooth vanilla. It's more of a fresh fruit scent rather than a peaches and cream scent. I don't get much strawberry in here. It has a pretty light throw even with two cubes.

Chocolat Fonce Framboise - dark shaved chocolate topped with a swirl of sugar dusted raspberries. I had this in a scrub a while back. I love Shannon's raspberry note, but this one smelled different. It was plasticky and synthetic. Same for the chocolate. It reminded me of a Hershey bar rather than dark chocolate.

Cleopatra's Cream Bath - butter, golden honey, clotted cream, rosewood and a hint of musk. This is heavy on the rosewood and musk with a little bit of honey and cream that adds a delicate sweetness. It's a very cozy scent with a moderate throw.

Coconut Crystal Cake - smells of nutty cake batter topped with shredded coconut. Smells like white cake and almonds with a touch of coconut. Very sweet. I love this one and was happy to see it return. It's only been offered in a sugar scrub though; I think Shannon said it's too light of a scent to offer as a wax melt.

Coffee Sprinkles -  rich dark espresso, cinnamon rolls and caramel butterscotch chips. Caramel fraps and Cinna-Bons is what this smells like. Warm gooey icing, sweet caramel, a pinch of cinnamon and a splash of coffee. It's pretty sweet for a coffee blend.

Dizzy - get dizzy with this blend of strawberry, lime, orange...and boozy daiquiri, of course! I get the lime and orange, but this lacks the zesty quality that citrus blends have.  Instead this has a sour smelling note that reminds me of Prosecco Berries (reviewed down below) with a stronger fruit note. Strong throw with one cube.

Drink Me Blue - smells of Blue Hawaiian with a kick of coconut rum cupcakes. This smells like very boozy pina colada cupcakes. There's a lot of rum and pineapple, hints of coconut and white cake, and I think there's maraschino cherries as well. It's sooo good. If this is what a Blue Hawaiian is like then I need to try one.

Easter Basket - fresh orange, cake and vanilla layered with sugar crystals. It smells just like Tang (remember that stuff?). I figured this would be a creamsicle scent, but it's not at all. The orange is the dominant note, and there's a subtle touch of vanilla that is difficult to detect at times. This one was very light in the warmer with two cubes.

Gardenia Coconut Cream - white gardenia, shredded coconut and creamy vanilla. I've had my eye on this for a long time, so I was glad to see it return. It was everything I had hoped for and more! A beautiful, heady gardenia blended with a swirl of fresh coconut. Sultry and exotic. I hope this is offered as a scrub one day.

Glitter Cream Meringue - a glittering blend of rose, jasmine and ylang ylang swirled with fluffy, sugared meringue. A white floral blend floating on a delicate cloud of sweet vanilla musk. I get a lot of jasmine and ylang ylang but no rose. It's very feminine and I'm looking forward to melting this in the spring.

Green & Sassy - lemongrass and citrus is blended with hints of sage, vanilla and musk. A lot of lemon and lemongrass with a hint of sage, so it's fresh and herbal. It's a clean, invigorating scent with a very strong throw.

Guava Berry Gelato - guava, raspberry and strawberry iced up into creamy gelato. I mostly smell the sweet guava, but the berries are definitely there too. Very creamy as well. Moderate throw with two cubes.

Honeyed Toffee - delicious baked blend of honey and soft toffee. This is a dupe for Lush Honey I Washed the Kids, although I can't say how close this is since I've never smelled the original. There's a strong tangy citrus topnote over a warm golden base. I expected this to be much sweeter based on the name and description, but it's mostly sharp citrus.

Kraken Berry - sugared pink berries, vanilla beans and light notes of citrus and flowers. This is a sugary blend that smells like cotton candy and strawberries. It's very sweet and has a girly, "pink" vibe.

Lavender Serenity - herbal lavender blended with fruity grapes...sweet and relaxing! It's definitely relaxing, but I'm going to disagree with the fruity and sweet part. This one is a medicinal lavender with a strong icy menthol type of aroma. I don't smell the grape at all. This smells different from the other lavender blends I've tried from Shannon because I've never noticed that icy note before. I got a free sample of this and it's pretty strong in the warmer.

Lavender Vanilla Custard - strong lavender blended with vanilla bean custard with hints of marshmallow and caramel. Herbal lavender resting on top of a creamy custard base. It's not as sweet as I expected given the vanilla, caramel and marshmallow notes in the description. It's a very beautiful, meditative blend.

Lemon Curd and Rose Milk - tart lemon curd is layered over fresh cut roses and blended with rich milk. This is a beautiful perfumey rose scent with a touch of tart lemon, along with a creamy note that helps blend everything together. More floral than citrus. It throws very well so I only need one cube in the warmer.

Looking Glass - a fruity floral delight with cassis, peaches, sugar and musk. A sensual, perfumey blend that is heavy on the musk. I have a hard time identifying the peach and cassis, but there is definitely fruity in here. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Marie Antoinette's Boudoir - sweet citrus, fresh air and spring melons are rounded out with lotus blossom, lily of the valley, and bamboo musk. This one is really unique and tough to describe. I guess I would call it a clean smelling floral blend, but it's sort of spa-like as well. There's a sharp ozone note and a lot of clean musk, but I also smell a good amount of lily. The melon adds a little sweetness without being too noticeable. It's strong in the warmer with one cube, and I'm starting to regret only getting one clamshell.

Marshmallow Frosted Mango Tangerine - mango and tangerine are frosted with a yummy marshmallow fluff. Fresh and very tangy from the tangerine that dominates this blend, but I also pick up a little bit of sweet mango and a delicate touch of fluffy marshmallow. It's delicious and summery, and I keep hoping to see this in a sugar scrub one day. Two cubes in the warmer gives a strong throw that lasts all day.

Merlia the Mermaid - bottom layer of pink sugar, cherry and coconut cupcake topped with a layer of pineapple buttercream. I get tangy pineapple and maraschino cherries with a light tough of pink sugar sweetness. I love the pineapple in this because it smells like the real thing instead of smelling like candy or popsicles.

Mermaid Tears - a sparkling spa-like scent of essential citrus oils, tropical greens and salty tears. A fresh, beachy scent that smells like limes and sea spray. I would call this an aquatic blend rather than spa-like. It's pretty similar to Turquoise Loves Coconut.

Message in a Bottle - tropical mandarin orange, juicy mango, tonka beans, vanilla ice cream and fresh coconut. This is so delicious that I wish I could drink it. It's mostly orange and mango that is sweetened and smoothed together with hints of vanilla and coconut. It's making me hungry for a smoothie.

Monkey Wrecked - a blast of tropical fruits, banana, vanilla bubble gum and coconut ice cream. Yum! Smells like bananas and red fruit with a splash of coconut. It's very summery and utterly delicious. It reminds me of Super Tarts Bumblebee which is another scent I love. It's pretty strong on cold sniff.

Neroli Orange Blossom - a beautiful true Mediterranean orange blossom. A full-bodied floral with none of the soapy notes I've noticed in orange blossom blends from a few other vendors. This one is really pretty. Very strong with one cube.

Pearls of the Ocean - pink sugar, suntan lotion, salty ocean, sand, fresh breezes and mandarin orange. This smells like suntan lotion and wet beach sand. I think this has the Bobbi Brown Beach dupe in it because it smells nearly identical to Beach Bum. Another great summertime scent.

Pink Candy Queen - sweet pink candies, pink cotton candy and hints of pink bubblegum. Pink cavity sweetness! This is a Lush dupe but I'm not certain which scent. It may be Candy Fluff. It's sweet and a little powdery and sort of reminds me of those old cigarrete candies. Moderate throw with two cubes.

Pink Sand - pink sugar blended with tropical suntan lotion. A sweet summery blend of pink sugar and that wet sand aroma in Beach Bum. This is pretty similar to Pearls of the Ocean. The only difference is this one is a little sweeter while PotO is more fresh and beachy. Low throw with one cube.

Pink Sugar Pie Crust - sweet pie crust and classic pink sugar. This is heavy on the pink sugar (Aquolina dupe) with a light touch of buttery pie crust in the background, so it leans more perfumey than bakery. Strong throw with two cubes.

Pirate Punch - sweet coconut and pineapple blend with tropical floral. Smells like a pina colada. I don't really get the floral notes. Maybe plumeria but it's much more of a fruity blend. Strong throw with one cube.

Pistachio Almond Pudding - a delicious blend of sharp almond, sweet pistachios and pudding cake. This smells just like the pistachio pudding mix that you can buy at the grocery store with a touch of sweet almond. Very sweet and creamy. I melted a cube of this and the throw was lighter than I prefer, so next time I'll melt two.

Pixie Dust - a clean scent with hints of aloe, spring greens, and a subtle citrus twist. This smells strongly of citrus (orange?) and aloe, but I also pick up an aquatic note. Very spa-like. It had a very strong throw with one cube in the warmer.

Pomegranate Lime Sweet Tart - tart lime wedges, piles of  sweet sugar and brilliant pomegranate layer for a tangy, sweet scent. Actually I don't smell anything sweet at all. At first I thought of Sweet Tarts, but since it almost makes my mouth pucker I'm going to say it's more like a War Head candy. Pretty strong in the warmer with two cubes.

Prosecco Berries - a sweet bubbling scent with champagne, dark red berries, cotton candy and white vanilla. Heavy on the champagne with a slight effervescence. I don't detect any candy or berry notes, and it's a little sour to my nose. Moderate throw with one cube.

Ruby Chandelier - sparkling hibiscus, mandarin, tangerine, plumeria, and brown sugar orange blossoms. This one is breathtaking. It smells like tropical florals and red fruits. I wish Shannon offered perfume oils because I would definitely wear this all summer long.

Sample tarts

Salty Siren - the saltiest lime margarita fit for a siren. Lime? Check. Salt? Check. Tequila? Check. It's all there and it smells just like the real thing.

Sea of Tears - sea salt, ocean mists and aquatic floral. This smells like salt water and crisp ocean air. It's a fresh aquatic blend that smells very clean. The throw was very mild even with two cubes.

Serendipity Cream Pie - coconut cream pie layered with Serendipity (creamy vanilla with confectioners sugar, sweet cherry, sweet orange citrus and a hint of fresh coconut). I mostly smell the Serendipity in his blend. It's a very sweet cherry scent, like the flavored syrup you drizzle on shaved ice. If you like candy scents, you'd probably enjoy this. After a few hours in the warmer, the Serendipity begins to fade and I can smell more of the coconut. It's a rich, slightly buttery coconut cream with a touch of pie crust. I use two cubes for this one.

Sleepy - pink sugar, peppermint and vanilla. The peppermint is the strongest note with the pink sugar and vanilla adding a subtle sweetness. I've always thought these pink sugar and peppermint blends were a bit overrated, but this one is really good and I can't bring myself to melt the sample just yet.

Spring Fling - a bright and sunny citrus blend with coconut frosted cupcakes. Heavy on the citrus, which smells like a blend of orange and lemon. There's an underlying smooth sweetness from the coconut and cake notes. Very bright and sunny like the description says. I love this one for the summer months. It starts out strong in the warmer but fades quickly, so I toss in a new cube halfway through the day.

Storybook Mint - peppermint candies, milk cake, cotton candy and fluffy spearmint meringue with subtle hints of apple. I smell chocolate and mint with a light tough of apple. I don't know where the chocolate is coming from, but this reminds me of another Bathing Garden scent called Death Becomes Her (I think I reviewed it last year in the Halloween post, and it's currently for sale on the website). That one smelled the same minus the apple, and neither scent has chocolate listed as a note. Weird. So yeah, chocolate and mint.

Summer in a Jar - amazingly tart and juicy citrus fruits blend with just a touch of green floral. Pineapple! This smells just like a fresh, juicy pineapple with a subtle floral undertone. Very tropical and perfect for summer. It's strong so I use one cube.

Summer Melon and Mint - a bowl of cut melon, guava, mango, papaya and strawberries garnished with freshly picked peppermint leaves. Sweet and minty with a tropical twist. The peppermint is pretty strong and I also get a lot of honeydew. There's a vague fruity background, but peppermint and honeydew are what stand out the most. It's a beautiful scent, but has a low throw with two cubes.

Take Me to the Sea - lemon, grapefruit, sea salt and windy sea air blends with beach wood and light florals. This is mostly driftwood and sea salt against a watery backdrop with some citrus mixed in to add a little brightness to this blend. It has a masculine woodsy-aquatic feel and gave moderate throw with one cube.

Sample scrubs & a soap

Tea Cake - black tea, almond cake and vanilla frosting. Heavy on the black tea with a little almond to sweeten things up. Very pretty and a strong throw with one cube.

Tea with Mango and Mint - freshly brewed white tea leaves are rounded out with mint and ripe mango. This reminds me of another Bathing Garden scent but the name escapes me. It's mostly white tea and spearmint with nuances of mango. Very crisp and refreshing for a hot day.

The Smitten Diaries - coconut flakes, golden vanilla and whipped cream is kissed with a garden of white winter flowers. This is one of my favorite summertime scents. It smells just like the old B&BW Exotic Coconut scent, which is more of a tanning oil type of coconut rather than a foody one. No vanilla or florals that I can detect. It's a warm, tropical, sultry scent that throws very well with one cube. A word of caution though - I've had this in a sugar scrub and experienced a burning sensation on my skin, especially in areas prone to razor burn. I've never experienced this with any fragrance/product and my skin isn't sensitive, so I don't know why that happened.

The Tempest - strawberry, cherry, orange, vanilla and a sugary fizz. Smells like a lightly carbonated Hawaiian Punch and a squeeze of fresh orange. If fizzy Hawaiian Punch doesn't exist, it should because it would be great. Like this scent.

Tropical Faerie Garden - guava, strawberry, mango, papaya, and raspberries drizzled with vanilla cream. This smells like something from B&BW, like one of their dozens of fruity florals.   I'm unable to pick out any particular fruit note, but it does smell tropical. Strong throw with one cube.

Turquoise Loves Coconut - tart lime, water and fresh breeze notes blend with tropical coconut. Fresh limes and a salty ocean breeze all smoothed together with coconut. I love this one. I noticed that it's nearly identical to Mermaid's Tears but with the addition of the coconut.

Venetian Spa - sparkling grapefruit, sweet olives and fresh watercress. This is an upscale spa type of blend. It's fresh and bright from the prominent grapefruit note, but there's a very tranquil and slightly earthy undertone. Moderate to strong throw with one cube.

Watermelon Strawberry Cake - white cake, strawberry, vanilla, cotton candy and pink watermelon. An equal blend of watermelon and strawberry with a soft cake undertone. It's very sweet and more like candy rather than fresh fruit. Throw is mild so I use two cubes.

Wild Pink Strawberry Cane - pink sugar, coconut ice cream, sweet vanilla cake and strawberry popsicles. Shannon has some of the best fruit blends but I'm not feeling this one. It smells like a synthetic, plasticky strawberry. All of the other notes are eluding me. It's light on cold sniff so I imagine I'll be needing two cubes in the warmer.

Final thoughts - apologies for such a long post. Next time I won't wait so long to do a review. Anyway, I'm used to great fruity and floral blends from Shannon but I'm impressed at how incredible her beach scents are. Her brand continues to amaze me and I couldn't be happier.

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