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Wylde Ivy Summer Scents

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Summer is almost over, can you believe that? Pumpkin season is rapidly approaching so before that happens, I wanted to share a few more summer scents.

It's been a while since I ordered from Wylde Ivy and these summer scents have been tempting me for some time now. There was a scent of the month that prompted me to order and I threw in the ten-pack perfume sampler for good measure. A few were from the general catalog offering that is available year-round, but with summer coming to an end, I'll review those a little later.

It was about a week before I got a shipping notice, and the package arrived in two days. Everything was packaged securely and Ashlee even included two free perfume samples!


Juicy mandarin oranges, sweet apples, and tropical coconut blended to sheer tropical perfection with just a hint of strawberry puree to sweeten the deal. This scent is so fruity and fresh that you'll be sure you are sitting under a stripped cabana on white sands and sipping tropical drinks. 

This starts out as a very crisp blend that is heavy on the sweet apple with a little bit of creamy coconut lingering around the edges. For some reason though, my nose is smelling pear. A fresh pear too, not the overly sweet kind that I've smelled in other scents. It fades pretty quickly on my skin, leaving behind a sultry coconut throughout the drydown. I wasn't sure about this one at first because apples and pears aren't what I consider to be tropical, but the drydown is lovely. Cabana was a scent of the month earlier this summer so it is no longer listed on the website.

Citrus Spritzer

Fresh is what Citrus Spritzer is all about! Crisp and bursting lemons, fresh greens, a touch of orange zest, all bubbling and effervescent. Simply a must for the summer months or for anyone who loves bright, fresh scents. 

This one was much different than I expected from the description. No lemon, orange, greens or effervescence. I just smell bergamot. Sometimes bergamot can smell citrusy and similar to an orange to my nose, and other times it smells sort of herbal and peppery. In this case it's the latter. It reminds me of some of the Earl Grey fragrances I've tried. I wore this for around five hours before washing it off and it didn't morph from what I initially smelled.

Coconut Island Castaway

A fresh, beachy, suntan lotion inspired coconut scent. Pull up a chair, sink your feet into white sands, and soak in the sun. Notes of coconut, vanilla, suntan lotion, sun warmed sand, and salt spray. 

This is the quintessential summer scent with the prominent notes being coconut and sea salt. It's neither a fresh nor milky coconut, but rather a sultry tanning oil type of coconut. My initial impression was that it reminds me of the old Bath & Body Works Exotic Coconut scent. It's along those lines. Also, this is what I wanted Sixteen92 Boardwalk to be. As it dries down, the vanilla pushes forward and adds a sweetness that softens the sea salt. It's a beautiful scent and I'll certainly wear it, but I don't think it's necessarily unique.

Dreaming of Violets

A haunting blend of violets, summer blackberries, juicy clementines and white lilies all wrapped up in a base of soft musk and sweet delicate woods. 

It's very sharp and fresh from the clementines with a strong aroma of tangy blackberries. There's a little sweetness from the violets, but this is predominately a fruity blend. On my skin this took on a chemical aroma that reminded me of hairspray. I wore this for around nine hours before washing it off, and it hadn't morphed from when I initially applied it. It's the clementine that I was smelling, but I couldn't get past the impression of hairspray. I was impressed by the longevity of the citrus note though since that is usually the first thing to disappear on my skin.

Electric Berry

Absolutely mouth-watering blend of juicy ripe wild blackberries, sparkling lemon juice, mandarin peel, with a hint of sweet sugar. This is a delicious and refreshing summer scent!

Mouth-watering is right! I get a tangy blackberry and zesty lemon with just enough sweetness to prevent this one from being bitter. Some blackberry scents I've tried have either been too sweet or too fake smelling, but this one is perfect. I haven't seen this one offered since 2014, but since it was offered during the summer I'm including it here.

Island Beauty

A graceful, soft blend of island florals, creamy coconut milk, and sweet sugar cane. This is a light and beautiful scent for when you are looking for a sheer fragrance. Fresh petals and soft musk blend into a creamy milky coconut finish. 

This starts out as a very heady floral blend. It's very sweet smelling, and I get a white vibe. I'm still learning the different white florals, but I wonder if this is ylang ylang? Whatever it is, it's very tropical and sort of creamy. The drydown is the most beautiful blend of creamy coconut and white musk. It's like being enveloped in a fluffy, tropical white cloud. Sweet and innocent, and very feminine.

Lost Island

The water laps gently at the sun scorched sand. Palm fronds sway lazily in the hot breeze. Spent coconut shells dry in the sun. They may never find the island. They may never find you, but for today at least, you decide not to care. Notes of dry coconut, palm leaves, a hint of island fruits, and deep golden amber. 

This opens with fresh coconut (not coconut milk or a tanning lotion coconut) and a rich, slightly sweet amber. The coconut disappears almost immediately, leaving behind the amber that  becomes sweeter over time. Almost cloying and very powdery.  I don't think I've ever had that happen before, so I'm not sure what's going on. Amber doesn't tend to go powdery on my skin, and coconut notes usually last for a few hours. I was looking forward to this one, but it just didn't work out.

Peach Mango

Soft, ripe mango infused with sweet peach syrup. Simple, sweet and fresh. Nothing but fruit and perfect for summer. 

I took one sniff of this scent and promptly placed an order for more. It's insanely good! It's a little more tangy than sweet, and it seems like there is a touch of orange in here. The peach is the strongest note for the first hour or so, and it's more of a fresh peach rather than sugary peach syrup from a can. The mango hangs around for the duration of wear, and it's very succulent rather than being too sweet or too bitter. This was another scent of the month and unfortunately is no longer available.

Pearl Dust

Pearl Dust is sweet, summery, and shimmering. A tropical scent like no other, island fruits mingle with cocoa butter and a cool wash of heliotrope and light musk.

This was offered as a "scent of the month" earlier this summer, so it's no longer on the website. It starts out as a fruity blend with this unusual fuzzy quality. It's shimmering like the description says without being effervescent. If you're familiar with the pearl musk note that Arcana uses, it's like that. I smell a strong aroma of sweet apples and fuzzy musk on cold sniff. There are other fruit notes mixed in, but I'm having a hard time telling what they are. The apple fades rapidly on my skin, leaving behind the pearl musk and cocoa butter in the drydown. Not an overly chocolatey cocoa butter though. It reminds me of Palmer's cocoa butter with a smooth, slightly sweet smell. It's giving me a cozy vibe at this point, like a clean skin type of fragrance. It's very understated and neutral, and I see this as a year-round scent that can be worn for all occasions.

Pink Willow 

Demure, innocent and sweet. The scent of cool spring dew clinging to delicate flowers wrapped in a blanket of white musk with a slight blush of pink. Notes of white musk, lily of the valley, spring rain, water lily, willow and bamboo leaves with a hint of strawberry, apricot nectar, and vanilla orchid. 

This is a tranquil blend that works well in the springtime. Lily makes up the heart of this fragrance, but I also pick up on aquatic notes, fresh green leaves and a faint touch of musk. Very delicate and soft, maybe even a little mysterious. I don't smell any fruit or vanilla orchid though.

Sea Diamonds

Sparkling and bright, white sands and azure waters the sea offers up her treasures. Feminine and effervescent, a fragrance sure to give you a lift. Notes of lemon, white jasmine petals, sea glass, musk, apple, coconut skin, dry tonka bean, and sun bleached driftwood. 

I get a fresh burst of lemon in the opening with a clean, powdery undertone. Bright but also soft and sweet. It becomes sweeter over time as the lemon fades and as the musk enters the picture, this becomes a sensual, white feminine blend. Further into the drydown this becomes more clean and crisp, reminding me of a linen type of scent.

Sea Glass & Linen

Like the cool blue and green hues of tumbled sea glass and the sweet softness of line-dried linen, an ethereal blend of white musk, ocean mist, bergamot, rain-drenched orchids, night blooming jasmine, sweet cotton and ozone. Sea Glass & Linen is delicate, sweet, fresh, powdery and oh so feminine. 

The opening of this scent is very crisp and starchy like freshly laundered linens with a heavy aquatic note mixed in. It's neither sweet nor powdery, but rather a clean aquatic blend. I'd consider this more unisex than feminine. The heavy aquatic note fades, leaving behind the aroma of starched linens. Over the next several hours the bergamot emerges and remains throughout the drydown.

She Sells Sea Shells

Reminiscent of Wylde Summer, another "summer in a bottle" scent. The smell of beach towels dried in the salty ocean air, six layers of suntan lotion on your skin, coconut scented after sun lotion, and the way all the scents linger so closely to your skin in the heavy humid summer air. Notes of coconut, crushed vanilla beans, coconut milk, orange blossom, tuberose, aloe vera and white musk. 

This is a very summery blend that reminds me of a cross between Island Beauty, Coconut Island Castaway and Wylde Summer (I'll review Wylde Summer in a future post...for now I'm just focusing on the seasonal scents that come down in a few weeks). It starts out heavy on the tuberose which is a little sweet and very heady. The background is a salty ocean breeze mixed with a soft coconut. It's predominately floral but with a fresh, beachy twist. The tuberose fades after several hours, leaving behind a sweet but fresh aroma as the vanilla emerges and blends with the sea salt.

Final thoughts - this order was a huge success. There were a few that didn't work out like Dreaming of Violets, Citrus Spritzer and Lost Island, but that's OK. There were plenty of scents to make up for that. Peach Mango was the one I knew I'd love, and I've been waiting for Electric Berry to return so I can stop hoarding the bottle. Fingers crossed that it will come back next summer. Island Beauty was the one that surprised me though, and I'll be looking forward to its return next year. A few of these are no longer on the website, but most of them are still available for a few more weeks.

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