Monday, October 3, 2016

Arcana Porch Season

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

This is a small collection that came out back in August. It's inspired by what Julia calls "porch season" - the transition between summer and autumn when the weather begins to cool down. That's exactly what these scents remind me of. A little home in the countryside with a porch swing, the leaves beginning to change color, and the aroma of the late summer/early autumn harvests filling the air.

Arcana only sells full size bottles, so I picked up these samples through a decant circle on Facebook called bookandbroom 2.0. It's run by a lovely lady named Molly, and these were $3.75 each. You can also find her on LiveJournal under the name bookandbroom.

Apples Crave Porches

Tart green apples and ripe cherries with vanilla gelato, creamy lilac sherbert and cane sugar. 

Full disclosure - I hate the smell of lilac, but I love apples so I had to try it. And oooh this is good! I don't know what kind of magic Julia used to make me enjoy something with lilac, but I'm not complaining! It smells like a mix of sweet Mac apples, tangy green apples and a very smooth lilac. This is such a unique combo that works incredibly well. The tangy note fades within minutes, leaving behind the red apple and lilac. My skin eats up apple scents pretty quickly, so this was mostly a floral blend. It's so dreamy though, and the combo of vanilla and lilac whisks me away to springtime. The vanilla becomes more pronounced as it dries down, and this lasted around eight hours on my skin with a moderate sillage. I'm debating whether to grab a bottle or at least another decant. On one hand I have plenty of apple scents but on the other, I haven't found many apple scents that are suitable for the springtime.

Peaches Crave Porches

Cold watermelon, iced black tea, peach, fresh ginger and Hawaiian tuberose. 

The first thing that comes to mind is Solstice Scents Sun-Warmed Honey. It has that cough drop aroma, and I'm ready to nope my way out of this one. But appearances can be deceiving because it's not all bad on my skin. There's a sharp blast of ginger that lasts for a minute before this turns into a gorgeous, mouth-watering blend of peaches and iced tea. Bold, sweet and fresh is what this is. I'm not too familiar with Arcana's peach scents aside from the one used in Fille de Joie. I found it to be musty and stale and really didn't like it (blasphemy, I know...I'm in the minority), but the one in Peaches Crave Porches smells different. It's juicy and syrupy like canned peaches, and complements the tea nicely. However! All good things must come to an end because around twenty minutes later this is just watermelon. The fruit, not the candy. It's pretty realistic, but the sillage diminishes significantly at this point and the scent disappears entirely within two hours of application.

Pumpkins Crave Porches 

Wild blackberries, cassis berries, white coconut, sweet pumpkin, salt air and tiny hints of garden herbs.  

The description is all over the place but it has a lot of notes that I enjoy, so it's worth a try. It starts out heavy on the sweet berries and salt with hints of smooth coconut and sharp herbs in the background. The sweetness and saltiness are a unique combination to say the least. The berries and coconut fade after an hour, and it begins to take on an autumn feel. The salt and herbs remain with a mellow, earthy note that is hard to identify but must be the pumpkin. It's beginning to remind me of a few other dry herbal blends like Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Queen and Future Prim Owlett's End. Once the herbs and salt vanish, I'm left with the smell of warm pumpkin puree. This was another one with a surprisingly short wear time because it completely disappeared less than four hours later.

Final thoughts - Apples! I swear any apple blend made with Julia's hands turns to gold. Pumpkin just wasn't my thing this time. There was too much going on and the drydown smelled like a few other things I've tried. Peaches...the peach and tea phase was really something, but that phase was short-lived. I don't see myself buying a full bottle of any of these, but I'd certainly grab another decant of Apples if I could find it. You can find these on the Arcana Ebay store.

Just a quick note - the name of the shop has changed from Arcana to Arcana Wildcraft. There was no announcement and it took a bit of digging around to find the shop, but the link above will take you to the new store.

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