Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cocoa Pink 2.0

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

Here's a new batch of Cocoa Pink scents. I grabbed a random handful of scents from my stash for this review. Some are seasonal, some are year-round, and a few are only available during the Black Friday sale.

Speaking of the Black Friday sale - no date has been given yet, but there was an announcement made in this past week. Instead of the sale running for a whole weekend like it has for the past few years, they will be opening and closing for an undisclosed amount of time. The website is currently closed but when it re-opens, they will accept ~80 orders before closing again. Once those orders are filled and mailed out, they will open for another 80 orders and then close again. You can check out the announcement here. It sounds like it will be a Hunger Games-style of ordering, but I can understand they want to keep the turn around time manageable.

Black Chocolate Raspberries

Fresh, juicy raspberries coated in a layer of rich dark chocolate with a hint of seduction. (Year-round)

Format - Ends with Benefits

Tangy raspberries, an almost bitter dark chocolate and a deep amber underneath (the amber is the "seduction" note and is used in all of the Black blends). This is a sultry gourmand blend, and the chocolate smells pretty realistic.

Blueberry Salt Water Taffy

Smells just like New Jersey salt water taffy. Sweet blueberries and creamy taffy. (Black Friday only)

Format - Ends with Benefits

This is a bit different from other blueberries and cream blends that I've tried because it's not very sweet. Instead it's more tangy from the salt.

Bobbing for Apples

Orchard peaches, honey crisp apples, glowing Jack O' lanterns, pumpkin flesh, and layers of creamy vanilla with just a touch of the warm patchouli fragrance of Witch's Brew. (Fall/Winter)

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume, Soulmate Intensive Conditioning Treatment

I can't find a description for Witch's Brew, so it may have been discontinued. All I smell is patchouli in both formats. No fruit or vanilla, just dank patchouli. It's very strongly scented and hung around long after I scrubbed it off.

Fear of Halloween (Samhainophobia)

The tooth ache inducing candy at the bottom of old worn pillowcases and plastic Jack O' Lanterns! Sweet Tarts, candy corn, assorted lollipops, melting chocolate and wild raspberry chewing gum. (Fall/Winter)

Format - Argan Therapy Creme

Sweet, juicy raspberries combined with tangy candies. The sweet and tart notes balance each other nicely to prevent this from being too sweet. It's more of a spring and summer scent.

Frozen Swirls

Vanilla bean ice cream infused with luscious blackberry syrup swirls, marshmallow fluff, whipped cream then scattered with white rose petals then given a light dusting of sweet powdered sugar. (Spring/Summer)

Format - Perfume oil

Tangy blackberries and fresh rose petals served on top of vanilla yogurt. It's more tangy than I was expecting, and the fruit and floral notes are equally present. I love this one and would definitely repurchase.

Ghost in the Mirror

Three translucent vanillas pressed up against sugared tonka beans and crimson apples drizzled with a thick caramel sauce sprinkled delicately with Himalayan pink sea salt (Fall/Winter). 

Format - Voluptuous Body Butter

All I smell is salt. There's something creamy underneath but it doesn't smell like vanilla. It actually doesn't have any discernible scent but I can tell it's there, if that makes any sense. Usually apple amps on my skin, but I'm not smelling it at all.

Harlequin Mask 

Smooth shea gently sweetened with tinges of warm vanilla, yellow pear smothered within gobs of golden honeycomb. (Fall/Winter)

Format - Dry Oil Spray

This is like a sweeter, slightly fruity version of Golden Morning. I say slightly fruity because I don't get much pear in here. It's mostly sticky honey that wraps you in a cozy embrace. The ladies at Cocoa Pink know how to do a honey scent well.

Holiday Lights

The exotic blend of luscious pomegranate sorbet and delicious vanilla custard swirled together and topped with sugared plums. (Fall/Winter)

Format - Soft Bubbles Sugar Scrub

This is one of the new scents this season inspired by Stranger Things. It's a sweet blend but it smells plasticky. Maybe it's from the sugar scrub because I've noticed a distinct base smell in them. This one kinda makes me think of a generic cherry pipe tobacco.

Ibiza Trance

Coconut milk, sugared coconut flakes, Madagascar vanilla, sparkling white sugar crystals, citrus fruits, lemon meringue pie and subtle notes of tropical tuberose. (Spring/Summer)

Format - Voluptuous Body Butter

Creamy lemon meringue pie filling garnished with a little bit of coconut flake. It has a plasticky undertone which is probably from the coconut.

Peaches & Cream

Fresh ripened peaches, buttercream, and a creamy vanilla. (Black Friday only)

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

A light and airy blend that is mostly fruity. It's more of an artificial peach though, similar to the peach flavored instant oatmeal, and it turns plasticky as it dries down. It kinda reminds me of Solstice Scents Chantilly Cream but sweeter.

Peppermint Hot Cocoa

A steaming mug of creamy hot chocolate infused with a peppermint stick. (Fall/Winter)

Format - Ends with Benefits

A strong blast of peppermint followed by a sweet, Hershey milk chocolate bar. The chocolate is really nice, but this scent disappears on my skin very quickly.

Rock Candy

Juicy ripe cherries, strawberries and raspberries with hints of tangy citrus, icy peppermint and sugary hard rock candy. (Black Friday only)

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

It kinda smells like grape bubblegum. Kinda. There's a touch of peppermint that fades quickly along with a bunch of fruits, but I'm not able to make out any of the ones in the description.  Overall it has a grape feel to it, but it smells very artificial.

She's a Peach!

Fresh Georgia peaches, coconut milk and blackberries blended with a little vanilla cream and a tiny splash of bergamot (Spring/Summer). 

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

This starts out with a sharp burst of bergamot for the first few minutes followed by a sweet, creamy peach. Aside from the citrus opening, this ends up smelling exactly like Peaches & Cream.

Tres Leches Cake

Farm fresh milk, scalded to culinary perfection, and rich cream cheese icing. A deep, comforting milky scent. Not too sweet (Year-round). 

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

I actually find this to be cavity-inducing sweet. I get coconut and sugary vanilla frosting, and it smells just like a coconut cake. This would make a nice blender but IMO it's way too sweet by itself.

Final thoughts - the only ones in this round that I'd repurchase are Frozen Swirls and Harlequin Mask. Maybe Black Chocolate Raspberries if I ever wanted a nice chocolate blend. You can check out the website here but they're not accepting orders at this time. Also! I still have a bunch of scents to review so if you're looking for a review of a certain scent, just lemme know.


  1. Out of all the indies I've tried, I find Cocoa Pink to be one of the most frustrating. The scent catalog is so overwhelming and it seems to take me forever to try a few of them to see if that's what I am looking for. I do love several of their formulas but it's like I go through a lot of duds to find a favorite. That being said, I have found a few favorites and I'll be trying my luck at placing an order. I just saw the Black Friday scent list came out so I can start planning. There are too many scents to ask you about but what do you think of the Ends with Benefits/Argan Benefits?

    1. Agreed. I've tried a lot but would only repurchase a few. Which ones did you like?

      I love the Ends with Benefits! I spray it in my damp hair and usually can smell it 24 hours later, sometimes after I wash it out. The Argan one is nice as a detangler but the scent seems to fade after a few hours. And it feels redundant to use when the Argan conditioner is what I normally reach for in the shower (plus it can be used as a leave in conditioner). But they're both great products and you can't go wrong either way.

      If there's any scents you'd like to know about, I'm happy to help =)

    2. Welp, I other an order in and I got an Ends with Benefits in Black Cherry Upside Down Cake! Im also trying my hand at customs too so hopefully I will like them!