Thursday, October 6, 2016

Lasting Scent Candles Lemon & Pink Sugar Samplers

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

It's been a long time since the last review for Lasting Scent Candles so how about another one? I picked these two samplers up a while back - the Pink Sugar was during the summer and the Lemon in the spring. I have a few more samplers and a bunch of summer scents to review, but a little at a time for now.

Coco Pink - sweet creamy coconut blended perfectly with Pink Sugar. A little bit of Pink Sugar and a lot of coconut. The coconut in this walks the line between coconut cream pie filling and a freshly cracked coconut. It's absolutely dreamy.

Fuzzy Pink Slippers - a cozy, clean scent that reminds you of your favorite fluffy pink slippers. Notes of Pink Sugar combined with comforting clean. A 50/50 blend of a starchy laundry note and Pink Sugar. There's a few different laundry-themed fragrance oils out there and I figured this was similar to Super Tarts Minerva, but they're pretty different. Minerva has a sweeter laundry note while this one is more starchy and crisp.

Pink Cloud - a fantastic blend of our popular and best selling Pink Sugar fragrance blended with pink fluffy marshmallow and sprinkled with sugar. A little bit of Pink Sugar with a strong note of buttery vanilla. It's more like cake frosting rather than marshmallow and not as sweet as I expected.

Pink Marshmallow Shortbread - our fantastic Pink Sugar fragrance mixed with sweet toasted marshmallow cream and buttery baked shortbread with a little magic added. Light on the Pink and heavy on a warm, buttery bakery tone. It's a little sweet but more bakery than anything, and it's pretty similar to Pink Sugar Buns.

Pink Ocean Air - a clean ocean breeze with Pink Sugar crystals. A tiny trace of Pink Sugar with heavy notes of ozone and a salty ocean breeze. It's like walking along the beach with the wind whipping through your hair and a whisper of cotton candy and sugar from the boardwalk swirling around you.

Pink Petit Fours - an incredible blend of buttery white cake, yummy Pink Sugar, iced with rich buttery creme. Lots of smooth, buttery frosting and Pink Sugar with a small slice of vanilla cake. It smells like a little girl's birthday party where they're all dressed as their favorite Disney princess with the smell of cake and cotton candy in the air. Similar to Pink Clouds and Pink Sugared Vanilla.

Pink Sugar Buns - this is a truly mouth-watering aroma. Our secret recipe of Pink Sugar and the delicious aroma of walking into your favorite local bakery. Lots of warm bread fresh from the oven with a hint of Pink to sweeten it up a bit. Very similar to Pink Marshmallow Shortbread but less sweet and more bakery.

Pink Sugar Melons - the awesome aroma of sweet watermelon chunks mixed with our fantastic Pink Sugar fragrance. It's very strong on the watermelon with the Pink Sugar being difficult to detect. It's a little sour, so this one is more of a candy scent rather than a fresh watermelon.

Pink Sugared Vanilla - this smells incredibly awesome and is a best seller. Our Pink Sugar fragrance blended with sugary vanilla beans and sweet butter cream. Mostly Pink Sugar with a smooth base of buttercream frosting. It's not as sweet as I expected, and I found it to be similar to Pink Clouds. The only difference I could detect is that this one is a little more buttery and heavier on the Pink Sugar than Pink Clouds.

Sweet Dreams - a sister to Pink Lullaby and a cousin to Sweet Relaxation and Lavender Confection, this beautiful scent will send you to dreamland in the sweetest of ways. Notes of Pink Sugar, lavender and sticky sweet marshmallow. This is all lavender with a touch of fluffy marshmallow. I don't smell the Pink Sugar though.

Lemon Butter Crunch Cake - moist pudding-filled lemon cake, iced with rich butter cream frosting and sprinkled with tiny bits of lemon sugar. Fluffy, buttery cake batter, sweet lemon cream and caramel. This one is delicious!

Lemon Coconut Angel Cake - airy lemon angel food cake with coconut creme filling and topped with toasted coconut creme frosting. Heavy on the tangy lemon with hints of lightly toasted coconut shavings on a subtle creamy base. The coconut smells a little plasticky though.

Lemon Cream Soda - creamy soda pop flavored with sugared lemon syrup and fizzy bubbles. Tangy lemon blended with a thick buttery vanilla syrup. It's more lemon than anything else, but the cream soda adds a little sweetness. I didn't smell the fizz, but in my experience cream soda scents aren't fizzy to begin with.

Lemon Fizz - sparkling, effervescent lemon blended with our tart Pomelo grapefruit. You can smell the fizz! I'm not smelling any fizz, but it's bright and crisp. It's heavy on the grapefruit, and there's hints of a sweet lemon that is more like candy than fresh fruit.

Lemon Love - our popular lemon fragrance blended with our signature "Love" fragrance (cookie, caramel and sweet vanilla). This smells like lemon mixed with Vanilla Bean Noel. It's equally sweet and tangy. I get a lot of vanilla and caramel, but no cookie notes.

Lemon Pop - a spin-off from a Ring Pop blend we did a few years ago (Blue Pop). This is pure sugary Lemon Candy fun! This was a free sample that came with the order, and I love it. It's equally sweet and tangy, and very effervescent. It reminds me of lemon Pop Rocks than a Ring Pop. I don't even know if lemon Pop Rocks exist but if they do, this is what it would smell like.

Lemon Shortbread Cookies - yummy shortbread cookies frosted with sweet lemon frosting. Mmm! Warm, buttery cookies with creamy frosting and garnished with lemon zest. It's a cozy kitchen scent and smells incredibly realistic.

Lemon Sorbet - a frozen treat! A crunchy waffle cone filled with two scoops of luscious, creamy lemon curd ice cream. There's a tiny hint of sweetness from the waffle cone, but it's mostly a creamy, zesty lemon curd.

Lemon Sun Tea - this smells just like my Grandma's sun tea filled to the brim with fresh lemon slices and sweetened with sugar. Bold but sweet tea, ice cubes and a few lemon slices floating in a glass. LSC really knows how to do a great tea blend. I'm looking forward to this returning.

Lemon Sweet Bread - sugared lemons and sweet buttery vanilla blended with freshly baked warm bread and drizzled with lemon cream sauce. Lots of fresh lemon zest, a little splash of vanilla and a buttery cake note. This reminds me of the box of lemon pound cake you can find in the bakery aisle of the grocery store. I think the brand is Krusteaz? Anyway, it smells like that. Lemon cake with the powdered sugar icing drizzled on top and grated lemon peel.

Lemon Wedding Cake - you all know we love lemon around here, and this one promises to be a favorite. Our signature wedding cake with layers of lemon creme filling. This one is a creamy but tart lemon curd with fluffy white cake and vanilla icing. It's rich and delectable, and the cake note that tends to be elusive to my nose is pretty strong here.

Final thoughts - both great samplers although I slightly favor the lemon one since half of the Pink scents were somewhat dupey. They're both heavy on the bakery and foody blends, so I would've preferred a bit more diversity. More florals, atmospheric and spa blends to be precise, but you really can't go wrong with LSC. The website is empty right now while they process orders, but there should be another opening in the next few weeks. You can follow them on their Facebook page and in the Facebook group for shop announcements.

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