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NAVAlloween 2016

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

I sat out on the decant circle for this collection last year, so I had to give them a go this time. I grabbed these samples through Ajevie and received them earlier this month. So now that they've had time to settle, let's check them out!

Bastet Amber Pear Champagne

With notes like crisp melons and fresh pear, pear skin, white grapes, sandalwood essence, green apple and that ethereal Bastet Amber that breathes on the skin. 

It starts out as a fizzy, crisp blend with citrus topnotes but that only lasts a few minutes. There's a smooth pear note that pushes it's way forward and smells pretty realistic without any of those sweet, artificial qualities that I've noticed in most pear blends. The drydown features a prominent pear note, but it takes on a slightly masculine, almost cologne-like quality. It's smooth and fresh smelling with a strong sillage even after nine hours on my skin.

Black Crystal Candy Apple

Black vanilla and black vanilla musk dust the apples and sweet plum infuses the scent from far beneath. Black musk and black amber swirl around the apples as if magick has been cast to create a black crystal candy apple fit for a witch. 

I missed out on this one last year and it's been haunting me ever since. Now I finally have a decant smells like B&BW Winter Candy Apple. It's a sugary candy blend but not much apple in here. I can smell some of the black notes far in the background but thankfully they stay in the background the entire time. The drydown leaves behind a soft amber that hugs close to the skin.

Ghost Velvet 

Our Velvet blend with the utterly beautiful accord of our SL Crystalline. Thick, rapturous vanilla velvet blanket for a ghost to keep warm in the dead of night or as a cozy blanket of velvet scent. 

Jasmine! This is all jasmine. Heady and intoxicating. It's a very sweet blend that makes me think of candied jasmine petals. Once the floral note fades, there's a sugary vanilla left behind. It's a bit too sweet for me and I have a hardcore sweet tooth.  

Halloween Spiced Mummy

Baked apples spiked with seasonal spices and warm with soft nuances of wood and ale, apple pie spices flow through the Halloween Musk and sweet syrup and a touch of vanilla extract. 

A bold red apple blend with lots of cinnamon and hints of ale. I typically love apple scents but I'm not feeling this one. It smells more like an apple cinnamon candle or a pot of simmering potpourri. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty certain I've smelled this same apple scent in some wax blends I have. It dries down to a very sweet, sugary scent like a candy apple.


Ozymandias Crystalline Champagne

With notes like crisp melon and fresh pear, white grapes, green apple and that amber resin from Ozymandias and the vanilla depth of SL Crystalline is a Bastet decadent perfume, indeed. 

This starts out identical to Bastet Amber Pear Champagne with the effervescent citrus topnotes except I don't get any pear. It quickly morphs into a very sweet baby powder scent, which I suspect is caused by the amber and vanilla Crystalline combo. Aside from the opening, this one isn't really a fruity blend and it has a very low sillage that lasted over nine hours.

Pumpkin #1

Whipped pumpkin ice cream with vanilla bean, SL Tahitian Vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, whipped marshmallow cream and grated fresh cinnamon with a kiss of SL Crystalline Vanilla. 

The cinnamon amps pretty strongly for the first hour, and there's a fluffy blend of pumpkin puree and whipped cream floating in the background. It smells like this triple layer no-bake pumpkin pie I made last year. Basically it's pumpkin flavored instant pudding with Cool Whip folded in and a pinch of cinnamon added. Once the cinnamon fades, this is a very sweet and airy blend of pumpkin and vanilla. Love it!

Pumpkin #3

Pumpkin cappuccino laced with pumpkin sugar, freshly brewed Egyptian coffee and dusted with sweet sugar-cinnamon with an undertone of SL White Santalum Cream. 

That Egyptian coffee had me thinking this would be a dark and robust blend but it's far from that. This is more of a sweetened pumpkin spice latte. Between the cinnamon, sugar, pumpkin and coffee, it's well blended without any particular note hogging all the attention. It does hug close to the skin though. And that white santalum cream that is left behind when everything else fades? Heavenly. I'm seriously picky about sandalwood notes and this was the best part. It's soft and sweet and airy...just perfect in every way.

Pumpkin #4 

Cinnamon bun accord with macerated pumpkin flesh and a little eggnog spice, a plop of Bastet's ice cream accord and your pumpkin is ready for a hug. 

Is this mislabeled? It smells sweet and fruity, like there's a distinct cherry aroma. Eventually I begin to smell the eggnog but it still has that fruity smell with very little spice. I've tried this a few times and still haven't picked up the cinnamon bun or pumpkin. The drydown is lovely though with a soft vanilla bean ice cream that lingers for around eight hours.

Pumpkin #5 

Pumpkin puree with fresh blueberries, pumpkin cheesecake accord, Bastet Amber, Egyptian musk, white cinnamon and white sandalwood. 

It starts out with sweet blueberries for the first few moments before they quickly become engulfed in the musk. It's a very masculine but clean smelling blend with a touch of cinnamon intertwined. This one was too much like a cologne for me so I scrubbed it off after an hour.

Pumpkin #6 

That scent that hovers just over a pumpkin patch during harvest, a little hay in the air and a fresh drizzle of coconut elixir and milk and a kiss of SL Crystal cream.

This starts out as more of an earthy, warm pumpkin straight from the vine rather than a foody one, but the coconut quickly swoops in and takes over. It smells exactly like coconut water but it does veer towards being plasticky. The drydown is a soft, almost velvety vanilla cream that is not as sugary sweet as Crystalline.

Pumpkin #13

Crystalline vanilla pumpkin. Fresh pumpkin pie doused with cotton candy, soft pumpkin pie spices and Crystalline Vanilla SL. 

Heavily spiced pumpkin puree with a little cotton candy sweetness. I don't know about this one. Something smells off about it, like it's a very synthetic pumpkin candle scent. I got this in a destash almost a year ago...I didn't care for it then and I still don't. It just lacks the magic that some of these other pumpkin blends have.

Vanilla Vampire Bat

Vanilla bean fleck, Kobalt, Crystalline, Tahitian vanilla, French Vanilla and a drop of vanilla-infused studio created patchouli. 

This kinda reminds me of the Lush Lord of Misrule dupe that I've smelled before. Dank patchouli immersed in a dark, almost boozy vanilla. It's a very moody blend, and there's nothing sweet about this vanilla. The patchouli is prominent for several hours, leaving behind the vanilla in its wake.

White Zinfandel

With notes like red raspberry, rose petal, red currant and ripe strawberry, this decadent white wine is full of subtle notes that encompass the very soft pallete of the fruit in this dry White Zinfandel grape. 

I wasn't keen on this in the vial, but it really blossoms on my skin. It's a lovely rose fragrance swirled with tangy dark berries. The rose leans more perfumey than fresh, and it's the dominant note here. I'm far from a wine connoisseur so I wasn't expecting this to be so fruity and floral instead of a boozy type of scent. If I were to pick one scent here to order in a full-size bottle, it would be this one. I'll be reaching for this a lot in the springtime.

Final thoughts - a great variety of foody scents that cover all seasons. This is only a fraction of the entire collection, and there is a second collection of Halloween scents as well. I'll be reviewing a few of those once they arrive. You can still find these on the NAVA website.

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