Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wylde Ivy Aroma Melts

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

I picked these up in a recent Wylde Ivy order. They were on clearance, and since I haven't seen any reviews for the wax I figured I'd grab a couple to test out.

These are made from palm wax which is different from the usual paraffin and soy blends that I've become accustomed to. The first thing I noticed was how beautiful this type of wax is. I tried to capture it in a pic, but it has the appearance of shimmery ice with these mesmorizing starburst patterns throughout.

Another thing I noticed is how quickly this wax hardens. There's a few ways to change out the scent when it's done, and I prefer to pour the hot wax into some cold water and wipe out the bowl with a napkin. Within ten seconds of removing the bowl from the warmer, the wax began to harden around the edges and it took some elbow grease to scrape it off. Next time I'll try tossing a few cotton balls in to soak up the wax while it's on the warmer or letting it completely harden to see if it pops out easily.

There were a couple scents that were originally available but only a few left in stock at the time I ordered. They come in a standard clamshell weighing approximately three ounces and were on sale for $2 each (originally $4.50).

Golden Rum Cake

Syrupy, spicy and delicious. Warm vanilla pound cake laced with allspice and topped with buttered rum and pecans. 

I'm starting to wonder if this is mislabeled somehow. The spices are certainly there, but not the other notes. Instead of smelling like cake, this smells like a spicy carnation. It's not at all like I expected but still nice. It's very strong on cold sniff, and one cube in the warmer had a strong throw that lasted over twelve hours.

Wood Apple

Fresh pressed apples, cider spices, aged oak, dry amber, rustic wildflower honey and whips of late autumn blooms. 

Clean white oak, red apples and a touch of spice. It's more of a woody blend, and I love this one. It's moderately strong on cold sniff although the throw was light in the warmer. I used one cube to test it out but next time I'll use two.


Final thoughts - these worked out pretty well, and I'll be looking out for more in the future. I don't know why Golden Rum Cake smelled like carnations, but it still smelled good. There's still a few scents left in stock over on the Wylde Ivy website so check them out before they're all gone!

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