Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wylde Ivy Lime Fizz

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

This was a scent of the month that was offered this past summer, and I was on one hell of a lime kick so I had to give it a try. I picked up a small body butter and this time I went with a perfume oil instead of an EdP spray.

Ashlee's product presentation is on point, and it's hard to resist the beautiful colored labels that are unique to each scent. Her perfume oils are such a breath of fresh air in terms of appearance. Instead of the ugly amber bottles that most companies use, these ones are clear with a few Swarovski crystals at the bottom. What I wasn't expecting was this....

A wand attached to the lid! OK so it's mentioned in the item description and I never noticed before. It's a nice touch so I won't have to get oil on my fingers (seriously, I've ruined so many labels this way). My only concern is that it's glass and it feels like it could snap easily.


Lime Fizz

A bright, effervescent blend of sweet lime made just a little more complex with hints of lemon zest, a drop of pineapple juice, and just a whisper of white petals. The fizz will almost tickle your nose! 

This smells like a fizzy lemon-lime soda. It's bright, cheerful and clean smelling, perfect for the warmer months. It's funny because this scent has popped up a few times lately in some of my recent hauls. I think it's the same oil used in two of the NAVAlloween scents from this year and also Arcana Ghosting from their Halloween line. All four of these scents have the same fizzy citrus opening. But back to Wylde Ivy - it's a straightforward scent that remained unchanged from the moment I put it on. However, because it's all citrus with nothing to anchor it, the wear time is very brief. I needed to reapply it after three hours.

Final thoughts - I love this one! I was hoping for a whiff of pineapple and white florals but it's still perfect. It's currently sold out but heres to hoping it will return next summer.

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