Friday, November 11, 2016

Lasting Scent Candles Autumn 2016

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

These showed up in the mailbox a few weeks ago, and now that they've had a little time to cure, here they are! I kept it small this time because I still have a ton of scents left over from last year.

This order was from the opening back on 9/17. The turn around time seemed much shorter than previous orders. Usually it's around 5-6 weeks but this time it was closer to 4.

Apple Scotch French Toast - delicious sweet apples fried in butter, caramelized brown sugar on top of warm cinnamon French toast, drizzled with warm butterscotch sauce and maple syrup. Sweet golden apples, mounds of gooey butterscotch and a light dusting of cinnamon to cut through the sweeness. The bakery background is faint, so I'd call this more of a fruity blend.

I dug through my stash and found a couple that are similar - Apple Scotch Waffles and Fried Apple French Toast, both LSC blends. Apple Scotch Waffle is the least fruity and more bakery, heavy on the butterscotch with no spices. Fried Apple French Toast has the strongest apple scent, not as sweet as ASFT and not as bakery as ASW. It's the closest to Apple Scotch French Toast though, and between the three, I prefer Apple Scotch Waffle.

Autumn Roulade - baked Anjou pears and red delicious apple slices layered over flaky, sweet pastry crust and rolled up into a beautiful roulade. A very sweet pear scent with a soft, warm bakery note. I love this one, and it smells like a pearamel (caramel + pear) blend that I've smelled before.

Blackberry Peach Poundcake - sugared blackberries and juicy peach slices served on top of fresh baked pound cake. Thick, syrupy peach and a few tangy blackberries tossed in. If you've ever tried the peach flavored candies from Haus of Gloi, that's what this peach smells like.

Blackberry Ren Tea - deep and darkly blended plums and blackberries steeped in black tea. Fresh tea leaves surrounded by smooth, bold plum juice. I love the contrast in this one. The tea is bright and summery while the plum is dark and cozy, perfect for the colder months. This is a nice transition scent between summer and fall.

Black Linens - a sophisticated and clean aroma that consists of crisp linens, fresh ozone, ivory flowers and a touch of dark amber and musk. Clean ozone and linen notes stand out the most, but underneath that are gentle touches of creamy florals and amber. It's fresh but also has a sultry quality to it.

Black Pumpkin - a spooooky mix of patchouli and savory/sweet pumpkin. Dark patchouli with a lightly spiced pureed pumpkin underneath. Equally foody and earthy. As difficult as it is for me to enjoy patchouli scents, this one is nice.

Buttermilk and Honey - this scent is the ultimate in comfort! A sweet, rich honey, mandarin slices and soft amber blended perfectly with rich, creamy buttermilk and a touch of vanilla sugar. I love this one! Smooth golden honey resting on a bed of smooth sweet vanilla. It's a cozy, homey scent perfect for any season.

Buttery Pecan Latte - buttery, sugared pecans, creamy caramel, light roasted coffee and a dollop of whip cream. This one is almost entirely coffee and it's a little too bitter for my tastes. The caramel adds a little creaminess but very little sweetness.

Creamy Pumpkin Shake - squares of pumpkin pie and crumbled pie crust are hand-blended in a decadent vanilla bean milkshake. A rich, slightly buttery vanilla with just a pinch of sweet pumpkin. It's more of a smooth vanilla scent than a pumpkin one.

Fall Bounty Zucchini - a bountiful blend of several pumpkins baked into sweet, warm bread swirled with vanilla. A free sample with my order. I can't tell if this is zucchini bread or not. It should be obvious with the name, right? But it smells almost sweet with tons of vanilla cream and cinnamon. It's good either way.

Pumpkin Macaroons - crunchy, toasted coconut on the outside and delicious pumpkin cream on the good! This was another free sample that came with the order. Sweet coconut and a touch of almond blended into a smooth pumpkin base. No spices in this pumpkin. This is another one that would be a good scent to transition between summer and autumn.

Samhain - "All Hallows Eve, ethereal, whimsical, eerie. Walking alone on a moonlit path, a quiet breeze blows fallen leaves as a mist rolls in. Jack o lanterns are aglow as the witching hour approaches...trick or treat." This incredible scent will remind you of those crisp fall damp nights with the smell of a burning bonfire, damp leaves, crisp red apples and fall spices. This is more like an apple cider scent with a hint of fresh leaves (B&BW Leaves dupe, I think). I smell some smoky notes but it's extremely subtle. It's pretty but not unique in my stash.

Scotchie Coffee - butterscotch, fresh brewed coffee, sweet cream and drizzled with butterscotch caramel sauce makes this one delicious aroma. Very similar to Buttery Pecan Latte. It has the same roasted, slightly bitter coffee note but it's a little sweeter with a strong butterscotch aroma. Between the two I prefer Scotchie Coffee.

State Fair Sundae - a hot, deep fried cornbread fritter filled in the middle with toasted marshmallow cream with a scoop of pumpkin vanilla ice cream on top and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. So I have no idea what a cornbread fritter is but this doesn't smell like cornbread. It smells like a cinnamon-dusted funnel cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. It's nice by itself, and I'm sure it would make a nice blender.

So! Not a bad one in the bunch. I love how well Pam can do so many different types of scent blends, but her apple, pumpkin, butterscotch and peach blends are some of the best I've found. The website is closed right now while the winter orders are processed, but she usually announces an opening on the Facebook page.

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