Saturday, November 5, 2016

Super Tarts Order

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me. 

It's been a while since the last Super Tarts review so how about a new one? There's been a few new collections added to the website over the past few months and these are the scents I picked up.

Bat Signal - iced pineapple slushie, whipped cream and cane sugar (Dark Night collection). A very sweet pineapple scent with no tangy citrus notes. It's more like a pineapple-flavored popsicle. It has a light throw and burns off quickly in the warmer even with two cubes.

Bazinga - grape soda, rainbow sherbert and bubble gum (Rock Paper Wax collection). The grape is the strongest note but I can also pick up some bubble gum. There's a slight effervescence from the soda, but the sherbert and gum notes make this more of a smooth grape blend. Think of a grape soda that was opened hours ago and has lost most of its carbonation.

Blair Witch - fall leaves, lemon, marshmallow cream and a hint of salted caramel (Fright Night collection). I get a lot of lemon in here with a touch of caramel but honestly? This smells like furniture polish. It's a very artificial lemon with a chemical undertone.

Briarcliff - Mac apple, shaving cream and sea salt (AHS collection). I get red apple and salt while the shaving cream is buried somewhere far beneath. The salt gives this blend a crisp, clean feel and the shaving cream lends a subtle masculine edge.

Boba - blending pumpkin marshmallows and our house blend Doom (Tart Wars collection). Doom is a Lush Lord of Misrule dupe, so patchouli, vanilla and black pepper. Boba is heavy on the patchouli and pepper, but I occasionally pick up something creamy underneath. It must be either the vanilla or pumpkin, but there's nothing here that says pumpkin to my nose.

Daredevil - fresh picked strawberries, Georgia peach and sweet mango (Super Universe collection). Smells like strawberry gummy bears and fresh mango. I haven't had great luck with the strawberry and peach notes this brand uses but this scent is nice, albeit a tad artificial smelling.

De Vil - 25:43 (lime, tonka bean, lemongrass, vanilla and ylang ylang) and Biolage (super fruity shampoo scent). (OUAT collection). Heavy on the 25:43 dupe which smells like limes and baby powder. There's a little Biolage that adds a clean element, but it's mostly a cloying powdery scent with a drop of tangy lime.

Dorothy - cactus and sea salt, camu camu and guava (Golden Melts collection). A clean fruity blend. I get the camu camu which smells like a blend of tangy red fruits and citrus, the sweet guava, and something that almost smells like laundry detergent. Love!

Dr Jekyl - fizzy papaya soda and lollipop (Fright Night collection). Lemon lime soda with a touch of sweet tropical fruit. It's the same effervescent note that keeps popping up in a few perfumes I've tried lately, but I'm not complaining. I love it and it's a versatile scent so it's fun to see different combos. This is more of a summery blend though, so it's an odd choice for the Fright Night collection.

Effie - grape cotton candy and sparkling ginger ale (Sniffing Games collection). Smells like an equal blend of ginger ale and grape soda, lots of fizz included. I love how refreshing and summery it is.

Gooey Gardenia Explosion - marshmallow, gardenia, fresh picked strawberries and our citrus explosion scent is the perfect combination (Classics collection). Mostly a blend of orange and lemon sweetened with the marshmallow, but there's also a touch of gardenia buried underneath. The throw was light so I used two cubes.

Govenor - iced lemonade and Yankee type Clean Cotton (Melting Dead collection). This one is lovely. An equal blend of starched, sun-dried white linens and fresh squeezed lemonade. This lemonade note smells different than the one in Mouse Ears, like Mouse Ears is a can of frozen Minute Maid and Govenor is homemade lemonade with tons of pulp.

Green Goblin - the Omen blended with key lime (Webbed Wax collection). The lime is the strongest note followed by red apple. There's a little bit of rain water in the distance, but lime and apple are what I mainly smell.

Hades - Fireside and Blue Sugar (OUAT collection). Lots of Blue Sugar with an occasional whiff of smooth campfire smoke. It's a very masculine, cologne type of blend that smells like a woodsy-musk with citrus topnotes.

Hills Have Eyes - fireside, golden amber, marshmallow and toasted hazelnut (Fright Night collection). This is a masculine-leaning blend of deep amber and a soft, smoky undertone. It's a cozy, snuggly blend that also reminds me of cologne.

Insidious - driftwood, cotton candy and vetiver (Fright Night collection). Slightly woodsy, but mostly fresh with a citrusy topnotes. It's an outdoorsy clean type of scent. I want to say this is the same as The Bathing Garden's Calypso from the summer collection, so if you missed out, this is a good substitute.

Kryptonite - key lime pie, coconut shavings and Coppertone  (SuperMelts collection). It's a beachy, tropical blend of fresh limes and sunscreen. However, there's something off about this one and I think it's the coconut. The best way I can describe it is buttery coconut cream pie filling and plastic. I waited a long time for this one to be offered in clamshells and I gotta admit, I'm disappointed. Hopefully it will be better in the warmer.

President Coin - hibiscus flower, blueberry cotton candy, cucumber and a hint of acai berry (Sniffing Games collection). Oooh, love this one! It smells like a blend of blue raspberry candies and tropical florals. I know the description says blueberry but it smells more like blue raspberry. Sweet fruity candy with a unique summery twist from the hibiscus. I really hope this is offered in bath & body sometime because I want to bathe in it!

Pumpkin Pie & Sugar Cookie Brulee - no description for this one. It was included as a free sample and is one of the scents included in the Pumpkin Pie sampler. It's mostly sugar cookie with a creamy custard note and a pinch of spice.

Merlin - silver birch, cashmere and vetiver (OUAT vollection). A brisk woodsy blend with an almost icy topnote. There's something soft and kinda sweet underneath. Amber? Love this one and I can't wait to melt it.

Penny - watermelon lemonade (Rock Paper Wax collection). Sour watermelon Jolly Ranchers with a splash of lemonade. The lemonade is closer to the one used in Govenor because I can smell something that reminds me of pulp.

Raj - frosted cinnamon rolls and pecan pie (Rock Paper Wax collection). A warm and cozy bakery blend with lots of cinnamon, a buttery pie crust and a touch of caramelized nuts.  It smells light on cold sniff so I may end up using two cubes.

Rocky Horror - white pumpkin, sea salt, teakwood and fern, lilac and agave. Twisted and beautiful! (Fright Night collection). A sharp green blend with a fresh feel to it. I pick up a hint of creamy lilac underneath, but I think it's the fern and salt I'm mostly smelling.

Spike - banana, mixed berries and Gain (Vampire Sniffer collection). Starched linens blended with sweet banana candy and red berries. It's mostly sweet and fruity, but there's a clean element to it. If you like Bumblebee from the Tot Tarts collection, you might like this. It's the same banana berry scent with a laundry note to cut through the sweetness a bit.

Torch - tonka, beachwood vetiver, pink berries and caramelized figs (Super Universe collection). This smells like a blend of Insidious and The Bathing Garden's Kraken Berry from this past summer. It's heavy on the berries which are sugary sweet and very girly. Then I smell Insidious underneath, which gives it a fresh undertone. Very unique and pretty.

Wasp - Pink Sugar and Yankee type Golden Sands (Super Universe collection). Another new favorite. It's a sweet, slightly powdery feminine blend. There's a soft beachy, golden undertone beneath the sweetness. Not a tanning lotion type of scent, but more like sensual bronzed skin. This is another one that I hope is made into bath & body products.

Final thoughts - there's too many good ones to name as favorites, so I'll narrow it down to President Coin and Wasp. And Torch, Insidious, Govenor and Effie. Oh, and Merlin. You can find the website here.

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