Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cocoa Pink 3.0

Disclaimer - all products were purchased by me.

Round 3! Let's do this!

Black Voodoo

Black, spiritueuse double vanilla, butterscotch, bourbon vanilla, hot butter rum & coconut creme (Year-round). 

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume, Ends with Benefits

This one is kinda hard to describe. I get the butterscotch and some coconut along with a chocolatey note, but there's also something sharp and peppery in here. I'm guessing that is the "black" note because I've noticed the same thing in the other black blends I've tried. It's a sexy blend and I like it, but that peppery note is a little distracting.

Champagne Sugar

Sweet fruity notes of white berries and fruits, spun sugar, hints of ginger and bubbly champagne (Year-round). 

Format - Soft Bubbles Sugar Scrub

Soap. Like laundry soap. Starchy, clean soap. This description is confusing because I literally smell none of the notes listed. It just smells like soap.

Faded Memories 

A blend of delicate vanillas, soft osmanthus, autumn hay bales, golden amber and copal (Fall/Winter).

Format - Perfume oil

This is a soft, golden blend of hay and mostly amber. I was hoping to pick up on the osmanthus because I'm not familiar with that note (apparently it smells like apricot), but I don't smell anything fruity here. It's a smooth, unisex blend that has a comforting, cozy quality.

Frosted Eyelet

Buttercream, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream. This is our best selling Ivory Eyelet without the lemon. Delicious! (Year-round)

Format - ShamPink Conditioning Shampoo

Smells like buttercream frosting. It's not as sweet as I had expected and it smells a bit plasticky, although that may be from the shampoo base. It's just buttery and smooth.

Halloween Night

Honeycrisp apples coated in buttery melted caramel, bourbon vanilla, crumbles of muscovado sugar, white sugar and candy corn (Fall/Winter). 

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

This is a sticky "brown" scent along the lines of Solstice Scents Owl Creek Aleworks. It smells like a blend of brown sugar, creamy custard and a sweet but somewhat perfumey apple note. Mouthwatering goodness right here.

Jean's Ghost

Blood red rose petals, Madagascar vanilla, expensive sparkling champagne overflowing her glass, vanilla ice cream flecked with aromatic beans, bright plum and maraschino cherries for Jean Harlow's ghost (Fall/Winter).

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

I'm just going to say it - this is my least favorite scent from Cocoa Pink. It has this sour, musty note in the opening and I can only guess it's from the champagne. No bubbly effervescence, just sour. Eventually a dark, velvety, romantic rose comes forward but I still smell something sour just under the surface. I've had this for two years now, hoping it will improve with age and the fruits and vanilla will help sweeten everything, but it's not happening.

Jingle Berry

Bayberry bushes in a lush forest mingling with a tart and perfectly spiced pomegranate cider (Fall/Winter). 

Format - Perfume oil

There's a strong note of red fruit followed by an icy pine in the background. I've smelled this pomegranate note before (pretty certain this is the one Super Tarts uses) and TBH, it doesn't remind me of pomegranate. It's "red" and "fruity" but has a plasticky, synthetic smell.

Masquerade Ball 

Black currant mingles playfully with melodic nuances of wild fig, cassis, black oak, maple leaf and sheathed violet (Fall/Winter).

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

The opening is a very woodsy, masculine blend that reminds me of an expensive cologne until the fig finally emerges, adding a sweet, earthy quality. It becomes sweeter the longer it's on my skin, eventually taking on a creamy "brown" aroma similar to maple syrup that is grounded by delicate oak in the distance.


Sun warmed rose petals gently spiced with the sensual addition of sweet bergamot, hot sand, tobacco and pink peppercorn (Spring/Summer). 

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

This is all rose on my skin. A very perfumey, velvety red rose. It's nice, but I was hoping to pick up the other notes.

Pink Indulgence

A layered strawberry parfait cupcake filled with pluot jam gorgeously frosted with delicate, pink fondant surrounded by fresh blackberries, wild raspberries and strawberries (Spring/Summer).

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

Sugared raspberries and strawberries. It's a beautiful girly pink blend for a while but then it begins to turn into a plasticky fruit scent. It has to be the plum (pluot = plum + apricot) because it's the same thing I smelled in Holiday Lights and it's the only note these two scents have in common. I'd def repurchase this one again, but only as a wash-off product.

Rainbow Candy Canes 

Rows of shimmering candy canes swirled with rainbow stripes and flavored with plump juicy blackberries, succulent raspberries, sugared lemons and limes, Satsuma oranges, marshmallow fluff, ribbons of vanilla bean noel and peppermint infused sugar cane (Fall/Winter).

Format - Perfume oil

There's a short blast of peppermint that quickly unfolds into a blend of oranges and lemons. More like Sweet Tart candies rather than a true citrus scent. It becomes a little sweeter over time, presumably from the marshmallow and vanilla.

Ruby Sand Beach

One of Maui's most unique beaches lined with bright ruby sand. Pomegranate, wild raspberries, black cherry, Brazilian acai berry and soft hints of red clover tea (Spring/Summer). 

Format - Silky Free Hair Conditioner

Like the most delicious red berry smoothie. The raspberry and cherry stand out the most, and they're nicely balanced between sweet and tangy. No synthetic fruity notes and the cherry manages to smell like the actual fruit instead of cough syrup. This one is really good.

Signature White 

A blend of delicate shea blossoms, rice flowers, vanilla cream, sweet sugar and heliotrope with delicate undertones of amber and sandalwood (Year-round).

Format - EdP (alcohol-based) perfume

I saw the description and immediately thought of one of my all-time favorite fragrances ever, B&BW Rice Flower & Shea. It took a while for this scent to grow on me because it smelled sour for the longest time, but it's finally blossomed into the scent I love so much. A sweet and creamy blend with a delicate floral undertone and soft white musk. I occasionally get traces of that sour note and I have no idea what's causing it, but it's subtle enough to ignore. This is like a "second skin" type of scent and I love it dearly. Not as much as the original, but it is a nice alternative.

Winter's Night

Woodsy smell of a winter's night in the country. Blended with tangy fruits, pine and a warm, smoky scent (Fall/Winter)

Format - Perfume oil

This starts out with a lovely icy pine note with just a touch of smoke lurking around the edges. The pine gradually fades as the smokey note edges forward and takes over, but it ends up smelling more like sooty gunpowder than campfire smoke. I was hoping to smell the berries but they never came through. It turned out different than I expected but I still like this one a lot.

So! Lots of good ones here. Signature White is the one I'll certainly reorder in the future. Halloween Night, Ruby Sand Beach and Pink Indulgence are likely reorders. I still have around 70 more scents to go over so if there's something you'd like to see, just lemme know and I'll review it if I have it.

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